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Recently my niece wanted to watch the latest season of ‘Riverdale’, and she asked me to switch to The CW Channel on Dish Network.

I did not know much about CW, but I did some research to get her the channel so that she could watch the latest episode of the show when it aired.

While researching, I found The CW Channel had some entertaining shows on the line. I felt this channel would get more popular with time, so I decided to write an article about the channel’s availability.

The CW Channel is a local station, so the channel number varies depending on your location and TV provider. CW is available on channel 33 in Dallas, TX (ZIP code 75215) and channel 43 in Cleveland, OH (ZIP code 44102) on Dish Network. To know the CW station for your area, visit the Dish Network website.

I will further discuss the Dish Network plans to get The CW Channel, its availability on smartphones, whether it’s free, and other alternative ways to watch it.

CW on Dish Network

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Since The CW Channel is categorized as a local station, its channel number depends on your geographic location and television service provider.

Here are the Dish channel numbers for CW in some major cities.

CityDish Channel Number
Los Angeles5
San Diego6
New York11
San Antonio36

To find the channel number of CW or any other local station on Dish Network, enter your ZIP code in the local TV section on the Dish webpage.

You could alternatively go to the Menu through your television and search for the channel or the titles to find CW in it.

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Plans on Dish Network that Include CW

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The CW Channel is currently available on all Dish Network packages. There are four major packages offered by Dish Network, ranging from $69.99 to $104.99 a month.

Top 120

Dish’s cheapest plan for $69.99 per month offers 190 Channels, including Discovery Channel, ESPN, Fox News, History, Lifetime Network, and Nat Geo.

It includes 60+ HD channels, local channels, and over 28,000 free on-demand titles. The plan also comes with free digital video recording (DVR) and a Google voice remote.

Top 120+

Dish’s next plan, offered at $84.99 a month, includes 190+ channels. It comes with all features of the Top 120 plan plus regional sports networks like Longhorn Network, NFL Network, and more.

110+ HD channels, local channels, and over 28,000 free on-demand titles are also available with this plan.

Top 200

The second costliest plan is the Best value plan, which costs $94.99 monthly. The plan comprises 240+ channels, including 125+ HD channels and local channels. It also covers the benefits of the Top 120+ plan.

Channels like Animal Planet, CBS Sports, DIY Network, Disney XD, A&E, Sundance Golf Channel, Hallmark, and many more are available with this plan.

Over 35,000 free on-demand titles are also made available.

Top 250

Dish’s top plan costs $104.99 monthly, with 290+ Channels, including 140+ HD channels and local channels.

It includes the Top 200 plan and 17 movie channels, including STARZ Encore channels, Turner Classic Movies, The Movie Channel, and more.

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Over 36,000 free on-demand titles are available with this plan.

Watch CW on the go on your Smartphone

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You can watch The CW Channel live on your smartphone with streaming services like Hulu+ Live TV, fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, and YouTube TV. You can install apps on these platforms on your smartphone to watch CW live.

CW also allows delayed viewing of full episodes of the network’s programming through its app, The CW App. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Can you Watch CW for Free?

Yes, you can watch CW shows for free the day after they air on TV. You just have to install the CW app, which is available on iOS’s Appstore and Android’s Playstore.

You can also watch CW shows on its website. Here, you can watch complete episodes and seasons of CW shows without entering your credit card details, but with advertisements.

Advertisements are scattered around episodes, and you can expect at least 5-8 commercials on the stream before a single episode concludes.

However, the CW app just carries the current series and full seasons of only a few shows.

To watch the older shows from The CW Channel for free, you should install the CW Seed App or use the website.

Alternate Ways to Watch CW

The CW Channel has been broadcasting since 2006, and it is carried by over 200 local stations in the country.

If there is a local station that carries CW in your area, it’s more likely that you would have CW on the lineups of your cable/satellite provider.

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The Cable providers with The CW Channel include Xfinity, Cox, Optimum, and Spectrum. Apart from these platforms, you can also watch CW on DirecTV.

All Other Streaming Platforms that Offer CW in their Packages

You can stream The CW Channel live through streaming platforms like YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live TV, and DirecTV Stream.

They all have CW either through local TV channels or next-day video-on-demand (VOD) from CW itself.

The VOD approach enables you to add CW shows to your DVR list so that episodes appear in your Library within 24 hours or less after airing.

You can find the latest seasons of CW shows on-demand on HBO Max and Netflix.

HBO Max offers many older CW shows like Everwood (4 seasons) and the original Gossip Girl (6 seasons). It also has shows like Stargirl, Batwoman, and Katy Keene.

Netflix carries a few CW shows like Riverdale, Black Lightning, and Supergirl.

How to Stream CW Without Cable

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Without cable, you can watch The CW Channel through YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live TV, and DirecTV Stream.

You can also watch current seasons of shows through their in-house CW App. You can watch older seasons through the CW Seed App.

The CW app is also available on Roku, VIZIO, LG, Apple TV, Xbox, Fire TV, and Android TV, which help you stream shows on your TV without cable.

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Some CW Shows are also available on streaming giants like Netflix and HBO Max.

Final Thoughts

Free content without a subscription is rare in today’s world, and CW offers it through their two apps.

CW is a joint venture by CBS and Warner Media targeting an audience below 35.

Pumping more free content to the audience is to get you hooked, and chances are that the revenue model, which relies on ads alone, would change.

The CW Channel has many shows, some of which are really good. Some popular shows I found on Netflix were actually from the CW, which I could have watched for free from the source site.

Advertisements are a downside, but the zero cost makes it tolerable for now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is The CW on Dish Network in Texas?

CW is a local channel, and its channel number on Dish Network depends on your geographical location.

You could enter your ZIP code on the Dish webpage to find The CW Channel number in your location.

How can I watch The CW for free?

You can watch current seasons of CW shows for free through The CW App, available on both iOS and Android.

To watch previous seasons and older shows for free, use The CW Seed App.


Is CW on Amazon Prime?

No, The CW Channel is not available on Amazon Prime.

Can I watch CW on Hulu?

Yes, the CW channel is available on Hulu+ Live TV.


Is The CW channel on DISH? ›

CW Is Available in the Following DISH Packages

Hopper, Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 $5/mo.

What is The CW TV channel? ›

The CW Television Network (commonly referred to as just The CW) is an American English-language commercial broadcast television network that is controlled, through The CW Network, LLC, by Nexstar Media Group with a 75% ownership interest.
The CW.
15 more rows

What is channel 186 on DISH? ›

Hallmark Drama on DISH Network - Channel 186.

What is channel 241 on DISH? ›

Paramount Network is available on DISH on channel 241. Paramount Network (formerly Spike) knows pushes the limits of storytelling with both scripted and non-scripted shows inspired by over a century of cinema.

What channel is CW 26 DISH? ›

CW26 is seen on WCIU, Channel 26.1, XFINITY 183|1026, RCN 6/606, WOW 10/207, Dish 26, Direct TV 26, Spectrum Charter 22/616 and U-Verse 10/1010.

Is The CW a free channel? ›

The CW app on your Apple TV, Roku, or other devices will allow you to watch CW shows on-demand for free. he CW App is supported on most devices.

Is CW a free network? ›

The CW app and streaming service allow anyone to watch the most recent episodes of the network's currently running shows for free, with ads. In addition, the service also has a number of older and more recent shows that are available to stream and watch, again for free with ads.

Is The CW all free? ›

The only way to watch new episodes from The CW, free with no login. Keep up with the latest from favorites like All American and The Flash, or watch full seasons of new hits like Superman & Lois, The Winchesters and Walker.

What channel is 374 on DISH Network? ›

BYUtv is available on Dish Network channel 9403, DirecTV channels 374 and 68 and is also carried by nearly 600 cable TV providers nationwide.

What channel is 237 on DISH? ›

LAFF TV on DISH Network - Channel 237

LAFF offers Comedy and Sitcom programming.

What channel is 273 on DISH? ›

Galavision on DISH Network - Channel 273

With everything from the broadcast of soccer games to news and cooking shows, Galavision seeks to provide a variety of options to appeal to an all encompassing demographic.

What channel is 373 on DISH? ›

getTV is on DISH channel 373.

Vintage television fans will enjoy getTV's extended lineup of classic presentations including series such as Married with Children, Good Times, and Shane. getTV's lineup carries series from both the far past and recent periods.

What is channel 344 on DISH Network? ›

STARZ ENCORE SUSPENSE on DISH Network - Channel 344

STARZ ENCORE SUSPENSE, available on DISH TV, offers Horror, Suspense and Drama programming.

What is DISH channel 387? ›

FMC (Family Movie Classics) is available nationwide through Dish Network (channel 387), Frndly TV, Evoca, and altafiber.

Is The CW channel local? ›

A joint venture of Viacom and Warner Media back in 2006, the CW Network (aka The CW) is a local free-to-air network that has evolved over the years.

Can you get CW on a smart TV? ›

All About The CW App

The new CW app is available for free on pretty much any platform you have at home, including Android and iOS, Roku, Fire TV, tvOS, Android TV, LG Smart TV, Vizio, Xbox One, and lots more. You can check all the available platforms on the CW website.

What TVs have The CW app? ›

The new CW App is now available on Roku, Fire TV, LG Smart TVs, iOS platforms, tvOS for Apple TV and Google Play among others.

What channel is CW on DISH Montana? ›

The easiest way to watch the channel is over the air on Channel 8.2 in Missoula and Channel 18.2 in Kalispell, and it's completely free.

What TV channel is DISH on? ›

If TV2: Tune your TV to channel 60 or 73 using the buttons on your TV remote or the TV itself. b. Once your TV picture is restored, press and release the SAT mode button on your DISH remote to ensure you're in the proper mode for controlling your receiver. a.

Is CW on local TV? ›

As far as satellite TV goes, the CW is available on all packages with both DIRECTV and DISH. In fact, since it's free via local over-the-air, all you really need is an antenna; if interested, head over to antennaweb.org and check if you're close enought to a tower to get it.

How can I watch The CW Live for free? ›

Stream Live on The CW App

The LIV Golf live stream will be available on The CW App, free, with no login, on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, LG TV, iOS, Android, UWP/Xbox, and web.

How much does CW cost a month? ›

The CW is free and doesn't require you to sign in with a cable account—or any other account for that matter. Its library includes full seasons of shows such as Batwoman, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, and Walker, and other current titles.


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