Top 20 Most Popular Singers in the World 2022 - Utah Pulse (2022)

Top 20 Most Popular Singers in the World 2022 - Utah Pulse (2)

The music business is one of the most competitive markets in the world. Falling from the sky-high stardom is as common here as going viral within hours. But some musicians have successfully managed to stay under the spotlight for years, some even decades. Obviously, they are great singers, but is that all? Maybe no. The ability to maintain a positive attitude and consistently making good music is what it takes to be famous.

In this list of the top 20 most popular singers in the world 2022, you’ll see some rising stars and some veterans but all of them have what it takes to keep making it to these kinds of lists for years.

1. The Weeknd

In 2022, The Weeknd won the foremost 10 Billboard Music Awards, and 5 iHeartRadio Music Awards, including Top Artist of the Year, making him the most popular singer in the world. The 31-year-old is known for his works in the R&B and pop genres. Starting his career with some mixtapes, he soon achieved the highest order of fame in the commercial platforms. His albums touch the heart of millions of people, his dark and romantic touch brings out the most vulnerable of us in no time. Some of Weeknd’s most successful albums are Beauty Behind the Madness, Starboy, etc. One of the highest record-selling musicians of all time is devoted to making good music and spreading the message of love.

2. Justin Beiber

Justin Biber is probably the youngest singer to become famous in every corner of the world thanks to his manager Scooter Braun. The 16-year old singer’s debut album My Life 2.0 made him the youngest to get on top of the Billboard 200. His success only got piled up over time. Some of the most popular pop songs like”Cold Water”, “Let Me Love You”, “I’m the One” belongs to him. The winner of two Grammys, a record of 21 MTV Europe Music Awards, 20 Billboard Music Awards, 18 American Music Awards, has released 6 albums so far and with the last one Justice released in 2021. Besides being one of the most famous singers in the world, Justin is also a prominent fashion figure with an appreciation for tattoos.

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3. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is the latest addition to the list of prominent celebrities in the music industry. The blasting 2001-born newcomer has released singles like “Everything I Wanted”, “Therefore I Am” accumulating billions of views. She is one of the very few singers of her generation with near 100 million Insta followers. People first discovered Billie on Soundcloud and once she signed up with Interscope Records, songs like “Bad Guy” received millions and billions of views and streaming all over the world. The singer who has received 7 Grammys before touching 20, surely has what it takes to become a legendary musician.

4. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is the most followed female on Instagram and the third most followed person in the world with 239 million followers. Every song is a hit song when you have millions of followers on Instagram, or so they say. Starting her career around 2013, the singer has so far released 6 albums with the latest one Positions being released in 2022. Grande well known for her steadfast stand in social issues is often included in the most influential person list of magazines like Time and Forbes. Billboard named Ariana Woman of the Year in 2018.

5. Ed Sheeran

The mesmerizing British truly transcends every border with his magical voice. Ed is actually one of those artists who doesn’t need luxurious show-offs, exotics destinations, hot girls in his videos. Keeping it simple is his mantra. Listening to any of his songs like “Castle on the Hill”, “Thinking Out Loud”, “Perfect” — he makes this very clear that storytelling through a song is still the most important part of his artistry. Ed has so far released four albums, the last one being No.6 Collaborations Project. His long list of awards includes four Grammy, an MBE from the British Royal Family, and the second in the list of most-streamed singers on Spotify.

6. Taylor Swift

We like to call Taylor Swift the princess of pop music. She is an absolute delight to listen to and her performance, if needed to summarise in one word, is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Taylor started her career experimenting with country songs in her album of 2006. Since then the experiment process has been pretty consistent in the albums like Fearless, Red, Reputation with 9 in total. The 11-times Grammy winner’s playfield includes pop, electropop, alternative pop, etc. The musical powerhouse released two albums in 2022, Folklore and Evermore. The tremendously successful album duo brought Taylor a Grammy and Real Estate on top of the Billboard 200 chart. The legendary singer never ceases to surprise her fans.

7. Selena Gomez

The heartthrob of pop Selena has redefined herself time and again. The girl from Texas started her career in a TV show, The Wizards of the Waverly Place. Besides producing great music and performing in TV shows, Selena has worked in several movies including “Another Cinderella Story”, “Monte Carlo”, and “A Rainy Day in New York”. Out of her three solo albums, Stars Dance, Revival, Rare, each of them has taken her to another level making her one of the most popular female singers of our generation. The singer was named Billboard Women of the Year in 2017.

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8. Zayn Malik

Some people love Zayn for his music, some are just flat for his looks. It’s still a mystery to us how someone can look so hot and cool at the same time. However, keeping the controversial issues aside, let’s focus on the musician who has gathered a fan following of millions through his music. The former member of One Direction has released three albums so far. He has won American Music Award and an MTV Video Music Award for his song. Zayn’s solo career started in 2015 when he left the boy band and joined the RCA records. Since then it has always been an upward curve.

9. Dua Lipa

Dua’s career hasn’t even touched the five-year mark yet but that doesn’t mean she can’t be the UK’s one of the most popular singers. Her first album, Dua Lipa, came out in 2017. It was a success by all means. Got to number three on the UK albums chart, topped the UK singles chart, even won a couple of Brit Awards. Having successfully established her name in the industry, Dua has so far released only two albums. Second, Future Nostalgia became an international success in 15 countries. Dua won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album for the album. The rising star released several hits in 2022.

10. Adam Levine

The lead singer of the band Maroon 5, is one of the most popular pop stars of our time. Maroon 5 has been on the top of pop bands since they started in the early 2000s. Songs like “Girls Like You”, “Payphone”, and “Memories” are crushing it even today, and to speak of the man behind the voice, his talents are too many to describe. Besides being a singer, Adam is also a successful entrepreneur running a music instrument brand and some other businesses.

11. Miley Cyrus

Like most of our entries, Miley deserves a separate article on her because of the number of contributions she has made. The famous actress from “Hannah Montana” literally shocked the audience by retaining her success as a child actress. So far, she has released seven albums, almost all of them ranked on the Billboard 200 top five list. Time 100 listed her on seven consecutive issues from ‘08 to ’14. Billboard also placed the star of the Cyrus family on their Greatest of All-Time Artists chart. So, if you didn’t believe in Miley, it’s about time you give her a chance.

12. Shawn Mendes

The Canadian music prodigy brings a different kind of vibe to the table. His masterful ability to express very different stories by words and tune is just unmatchable. You may love him for his mavericks in the song “There Is Nothing Holding Me Back”, you may love him for his flamboyance in “Senorita”, or maybe his take on domestic violence in “Treat You Better” melted your heart. Shawn has a wide range and unmeasurable depth when it comes to music. He has so far released four albums and carries the badge for being the youngest male artist ever to have four number Billboard 200 albums.

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13. Post Malone

The reason Post Malone is the only rapper in this list says a lot about his success history and popularity. Post started his singing career officially in 2016 and within a couple of years, he had two albums on top of the Billboard 200. His early singles were also frequently finding themselves in the R&B and Hip Hop list. Post is undoubtedly an authority figure on rap sharing a seat with singers like Drake and others. The leading tattooed rapper’s most significant achievements include six Grammy awards nominations, a record for being the first solo artist ever to rank simultaneously on both Billboard Rap Airplay and Adult Contemporary.

14. Khalid

Khalid made his entry into this massively competitive industry with a double-platinum album American Teen at the age of 19. The rest is history. His next project was with Logic in the single “1-800-273-8255” that received a Grammy in the same year. Within one year of being in the industry, he started collabing with musicians like Halsey, Benny Blanco, Normani, etc. He worked with Shawn Mendes in a single “Youth” depicting the turbulent socio-political situations of some of the hotspots. Khalid, who has two albums yet. Free Spirit, his second album released atop the Billboard 200.

15. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato started their career with acting. After appearing in a couple of TV shows and films, it was time to consider music seriously. Their first song wasn’t a single or an EP but actually a movie playback, which Demi recorded for the movie “Camp Rock”. It peaked on Billboard Hot 100 at number nine, consequently, they signed with Hollywood Records and released the first album in 2008 named Don’t Forget. It gained instant popularity and went up to number two on Billboard 200. Since then, the two-times Grammy-nominated artist has released seven albums with the latest one being Dancing with the Devil… the Art of Starting Over.

16. Sam Smith

Sam’s first album got out in 2014. In the Lonely Hour — their first album was a massive success. A bunch of singles like “Money on My Mind”, “Stay With Me” made it to both national and international level charts. In total the album received four Grammy awards. They also won the Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award for his single “Writing’s on the Wall”. Sam’s three albums are all huge hits in their own rights. Sam is undoubtedly one of the most talented singers of our time and they will continue to mesmerize us with such music.

17. Doja Cat

Doja Cat is one of the rising stars of modern music. She released her debut single in 2014 but took a few years off from music due to personal reasons. Once Doja made her comeback in 2018, her first album Amala got released. The internet was kind to her as she went viral for the Mooo! Meme and the songs started getting tons of attention. But that wasn’t all, soon Doja collaborated with singers like Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Megan Thee Stallion. Each of her singles started getting into the Billboard charts. The singer has so far released two albums, with a few multi-platinum singles.

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18. Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is a huge youngster in the hip-hop genre. He entered the market in 2018-19 with his debut single “Old Town Road”. The song was a diamond-certified single and stayed on top of the Billboard Hot 100 with a record-breaking duration of 19 weeks. Following his success on the single, he released his first EP named 7. He has received two Grammy awards for Best Music Video and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Forbes included him in their 30 under 30 lists, while Time named him under 25 of the most influential people on the internet. The rising figure of Country rap and hip has released his first album in 2022, Montero.

19. Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been in the industry for the past two decades or so and still getting more and more desirable like a bottle of fine old wine. His first album was released in 2004. Chris’ first single “Run It” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. With a grand total of nine albums, his consistency has made him shine more than most of his contemporaries. However controversial his personal life is when it comes to music the Grammy-winning singer is most sincere and dedicated.

20. Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo came in the limelight for her fantastic performance in Bizaardvark, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. But that’s not her only identity. She released her first single in 2022. The song “Drivers License” became so popular that an 18-year old singer became the first to touch 1 billion in streams in 2022. Following up on Olivia’s success, she released another single “Deja Vu”. Though the second one didn’t do as well yet it was a success too. If she continues this way, within a very brief time Olivia is going to be the next Billie Eilish in pop.

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Who is the most popular singer right now 2022? ›

So, here is a list of the Top 10 most popular singers of 2022.
  1. Ed Sheeran. With more than 52 million subscribers on YouTube, Ed Sheeran stands the number one in the list of most popular singers worldwide.
  2. Billie Eilish. ...
  3. Ariana Grande. ...
  4. Taylor Swift. ...
  5. Adele. ...
  6. Lady Gaga. ...
  7. Justin Bieber. ...
  8. Shawn Mendes. ...

Who is famous singer in 2022? ›

01 – Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh is renowned as the “King of Playback Singing” and is well-known for his “love ballads.” He has received numerous awards including the Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer, the IIFA Award for Best Male Playback, the Mirchi Music Awards, and many more.

Who is No 1 singer in world? ›

Top 10 Best Singers of All Time
1Michael JacksonPop, Soul, Funk, R&B, Rock, Disco, & Dance
2Stevie WonderSoul, Pop, R&B, Funk, & Jazz
3Marvin GayeSoul, R&B, Funk, Pop, & Jazz
4Freddie MercuryHard Rock, Music Hall, Glitter, & Prog Rock
6 more rows
31 May 2022

Who are the top 10 female singers? ›

Best Female Singers Of All Time: 20 Trailblazing Music Icons
  • 8: Dionne Warwick. ...
  • 7: Adele. ...
  • 6: Madonna. ...
  • 5: Billie Holiday. ...
  • 4: Kate Bush. ...
  • 3: Ella Fitzgerald. ...
  • 2: Amy Winehouse. ...
  • 1: Aretha Franklin. Topping our list of the best female singers of all time, Aretha Franklin also stands as the most-charting female singer in history.
12 Jan 2022

Who is the biggest pop star? ›

1 Michael Jackson Michael Jackson (Michael Joseph Jackson; August 29, 1958 –– June 25, 2009) was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter.

Who is the #1 artist on Spotify right now? ›

Ed Sheeran

Who are the top 10 male singers? ›

25 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Male Singers Of All Time
  • Michael Jackson.
  • Freddie Mercury.
  • Mick Jagger.
  • John Lennon.
  • Stevie Wonder.
  • Elvis Presley.
  • Frank Sinatra.
  • Kurt Cobain.

Which singer has most fans in world? ›

Popularity rankingArtistFans tracking
01RihannaFans tracking: 4,673,387
02DrakeFans tracking: 4,672,148
03ColdplayFans tracking: 4,631,680
04EminemFans tracking: 4,585,895
92 more rows

Who are the 3 biggest female artist? ›

Multiple nominations
1.Taylor Swift2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021
2.Rihanna2006, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017
3.Ariana Grande2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021
4.Adele2011, 2012, 2016 and 2017
2 more rows

Who is the most famous singer girl? ›

Madonna is recognized by Guinness World Records as the "Best-selling female recording artist of all time".

Who has the most beautiful voice? ›

The greatest singing voices of all time
  • 1 of 31. Barbra Streisand. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for BSB. ...
  • 2 of 31. Etta James. Charles Paul Harris/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images. ...
  • 3 of 31. Aretha Franklin. ...
  • 4 of 31. Whitney Houston. ...
  • 5 of 31. Mariah Carey. ...
  • 6 of 31. Elton John. ...
  • 7 of 31. Freddie Mercury. ...
  • 8 of 31. Adele.
4 days ago

Who are the top 5 pop stars of all time? ›

Top 10 Highest-Selling Pop Stars Of All Time
  • 6/10 Rihanna (Around 200 Million Units)
  • 5/10 Madonna (275-300 Million Units)
  • 4/10 Elton John (250-300 Million Units)
  • 3/10 Michael Jackson (300-350 Million Units)
  • 2/10 Elvis Presley (Around 600 Million Units)
  • 1/10 The Beatles (Around 600 Million Units)
9 Feb 2021

Who was the first pop star? ›

The first major pop stars as such were the crooners of the 1930s and '40s. Bing Crosby sold millions of records, as did Frank Sinatra (arguably the first modern pop star, with screaming teenage female fans - the bobbysoxers), and in Britain, Al Bowly.

Who is best singer? ›

10 Best Singers of All Time That You'll Never Forget
  • Lata Mangeshkar. Source: Times of India. ...
  • Mohammad Rafi. ...
  • Kishore Kumar. ...
  • Asha Bhosle. ...
  • Mukesh. ...
  • Jagjit Singh. ...
  • Manna Dey. ...
  • Usha Uthup.

Who is #2 on Spotify? ›

Artist Ranking on Spotify

With Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake, and Justin Beiber in 2nd to 5th position, respectively.

Who has the most 1 billion streams on Spotify? ›

The platform's most streamed song ever is Ed Sheeran's pop-hit Shape Of You, at 3.23 billion plays and the oldest song on the countdown of tracks older than 30 is also the one with the most streams – Queen's iconic 1975 hit Bohemian Rhapsody, which has amassed a total of 1.97 billion plays so far.

Who is number one in the pop charts? ›

The current number one pop song on iTunes right now is Unholy by Sam Smith & Kim Petras. Related Charts: Top new pop songs, iTunes top pop albums, and iTunes top 100 songs.

Who is the most successful singer? ›

Top-selling artists worldwide as of 2022. Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock band The Beatles are top of the list for best-selling artists worldwide, with 183 million units certified sales. Second is Garth Brooks with over 157 million units sales, followed by Elvis Presley with 139 million units.

Who is the most popular pop singer? ›

fame is defined by the % of people who have heard of a pop music artist. Find out more
  • 1 Michael Jackson98%
  • 2 Britney Spears98%
  • 3 Beyoncé98%
  • 4 Madonna97%
  • 5 Lady Gaga97%
  • 6 Prince97%
  • 7 Jennifer Lopez97%
  • 8 Elton John97%

Who is the No 1 singer in Hollywood? ›

Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina but people know her as the stage name Lady Gaga. She is the richest singer and person in Hollywood and her net worth is almost 275 million dollars.

Which song is best in the world? ›

51 Best Songs Of All Time (Famous & Iconic Songs)
  • “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana. ...
  • “Billie Jean” – Michael Jackson. ...
  • “Stayin' Alive” – Bee Gees. ...
  • “I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor. ...
  • “Whole Lotta Love” – Led Zeppelin. ...
  • “Sweet Child O'Mine” – Guns N' Roses. ...
  • “Scream and Shout” – Will.I.Am & Brittney Spears. ...
  • “Santeria” – Sublime.
11 Oct 2022

Who is the best singer in America? ›

25 Of The Greatest And Most Famous American Singers Of All Time
  • Aretha Franklin.
  • Elvis Presley.
  • Whitney Houston.
  • Madonna.
  • Bruce Springsteen.
  • Stevie Wonder.
  • Tina Turner.
  • Patsy Cline.
19 May 2022

Who has the best male voice? ›

Check out this list of ten of the greatest male vocalists of our time!
  • David Bowie. ...
  • John Lennon. ...
  • Freddie Mercury. ...
  • Prince. ...
  • Axl Rose. ...
  • Frank Sinatra. ...
  • Marvin Gaye. ...
  • Elvis Presley. Sometimes being cited as one of the world's first famous rock artists, Elvis was no stranger to exploring different genres.
4 Feb 2016

Who is the best artist 2022? ›

  • AJ TRACEY. Tracey (born Ché Wolton Grant) is a highly regarded rapper, songwriter and producer, rising first to popularity in 2016, when he was listed by The Guardian as one of the best new acts of the year. ...
  • CELESTE. ...
  • CHARLI XCX. ...
  • DAVE. ...
  • LITTLE SIMZ. ...

Who is the biggest pop star 2022? ›

Bad Bunny's “Un Verano Sin Ti” Keeps Him the Biggest Pop Star of 2022.

Who's first in the world on Spotify 2022? ›

Currently, Ed Sheeran is the most-streamed artist on Spotify with over 84.31 million monthly listeners (As of May 2022).

Who is the most popular band in the world 2022? ›

Fontaines D.C. have bagged the award for Best Band In The World at the BandLab NME Awards 2022.

Who won the most Grammys? ›

Sir Georg Solti, an orchestral and operatic conductor, is the most Grammy Award-winning individual of all time with a total of 31 Grammy Awards won for recordings of works as diverse as Bach, Bartók, and Wagner.

Who has the most fans in the world singer? ›

Beyoncé It's never too late to turn over a new leaf and bow down to the queen. If there was ever one group of the most dedicated superfans, Beyoncé's BeyHive would be at the top of the list.

Who is the biggest band in the world? ›

The 10 Best-Selling Bands in History
  1. THE BEATLES. ~ 290 million record sales worldwide.
  2. EAGLES. ~ 160 million record sales worldwide.
  3. QUEEN. ~ 150 million record sales worldwide.
  4. LED ZEPPELIN. ~ 140 million record sales worldwide.
  5. PINK FLOYD. ~ 130 million record sales worldwide.
  6. AC/DC. ...
  7. MAROON 5. ...
  8. U2.
12 Oct 2022

Who is the best singer now? ›

Here are the 30 most popular singers in the world right now.
  • Ed Sheeran.
  • Billie Eilish.
  • Ariana Grande.
  • The Weeknd.
  • Taylor Swift.
  • Adele.
  • Justin Bieber.
  • Dua Lipa.
14 Apr 2022

Who has the most 1 billion streams on Spotify? ›

The platform's most streamed song ever is Ed Sheeran's pop-hit Shape Of You, at 3.23 billion plays and the oldest song on the countdown of tracks older than 30 is also the one with the most streams – Queen's iconic 1975 hit Bohemian Rhapsody, which has amassed a total of 1.97 billion plays so far.

What is the number one song on Spotify? ›

100 most-streamed songs
1"Shape of You"Ed Sheeran
2"Blinding Lights"The Weeknd
3"Dance Monkey"Tones And I
4"Rockstar"Post Malone featuring 21 Savage
86 more rows

Who is the most viewed artist on YouTube? ›

Blackpink is the most-subscribed act on YouTube Music. BTS is the most-subscribed male act on YouTube Music.


K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has topped the list of 'Best K-Pop Singers of 2022' and has surpassed the popular K-pop boy band BTS, who previously owned the first position.

Who is the biggest girl band in the world? ›

Groups with claimed total record sales of more than 20 million:
ArtistCountry of originClaimed sales
Girls' GenerationSouth Korea34.4 million
Fifth HarmonyUnited States33 million
The NolansUnited Kingdom30 million
SWVUnited Statesover 25 million
14 more rows

Is BTS the biggest band in the world? ›

But none of these bare facts completely explains the intense passion of the BTS fandom. BTS is arguably the most popular band ever, with the most dedicated following.


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