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This article is going to show you our selection of the top 10 best websites download music Uganda.

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Ugandan music has had its grip on the minds and souls of Ugandans and the world over. Uganda is currently ranked among the top 5 African countries that have good and entertaining music.

Music is one of the many arts that has attracted people to visit Uganda and attend events just to enjoy Uganda’s music. The youth, old, elite, broke etc. all have got something to enjoy out of the musical diversity Ugandan artists have to offer, and indeed it is a well-endowed community of artists in Uganda.

With a lot of musicians in Uganda, different people all over the world have enjoyed it and the artists too are on the search for online platforms that may help promote and advance their music on digital platforms, that is why there is currently a lot of music download sites for Ugandan music.

Cutting across music as old as Madoxx Sematimba’s “Namagembe”, to new and current music like Bobi wine’s “Kyarenga”, people in East-Africa and overseas have appreciated the creative industry of entertainment, particularly music by Ugandans and this has created a desire to have some of this music in their handsets (phones).

With a lot of spammy music download websites on the internet that claim to have Ugandan music, some require access to your emails and Facebook logins to just spam your emails with adverts, and it is stressing, right?

In this blog post we have decided to compile for you the Top 10 best music download websites to get authentic Ugandan music, that is easy to download and most of all, takes limited space on your phone.


  • 1 Best websites to download music Uganda
  • 2 1. Howwe Biz
  • 3 2. DJ Erycom– Source of Ugandan Music
  • 4 3.MP3Jaja
  • 5 4. UGZiki
  • 6 5. UGMusic
  • 7 6.UG Extra– Explore gospel music
  • 8 7.GMP Music
  • 9 8.UGBliz
  • 10 9. UrbanHype
  • 11 10. UG sound
  • 12 Other best Music download websites Uganda
  • 13 Music download websites Outside Uganda
  • 14 Conclusion
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Best websites to download music Uganda

Who is your favorite Ugandan Artist? Is it Bobi-wine, Fik Fameica, Vinka, Levixone, Navio, Irene Ntale, Exodus, Ruyonga, Chameleone, Eddy Kenzo, Weasel, Canaan Gents, Maurice Kirya, Kenneth Mugabi etc, you are in the right place for the top 10 download sites with all your music genre’s FREE of charge.

All these sites can be accessible on your windows, android or apple device, so don’t worry about your operating system.

1. Howwe Biz

Top 10 best websites download music Uganda - Ug Tech Mag (2)

Howwe Biz. is one of the top music download websites in Uganda and also ranks among one of the best in East Africa.

However much it runs on different themes such as Showbiz trends and artists news, music stands out to be one of its major traffic attraction points.

Howwee biz is very easy to navigate, clicking on the song directs you exactly to the download button and this is one of the many reasons its visitors enjoy sticking around.

Howwe Biz always has the latestjams and music that is released from your favorite Ugandan artists.

One of Howwe Biz’s latest developments include a videos option an easy way to catch up on your music. The videos don’t take a lot of data usage costs to watch because they pick from the YouTube feed.

One of the many advantages Howee biz has over its many competitors is a phone application (for android users), so frequent visitors to the site can have easy access to all their music quickly and fast on their handsets.

You can decide to stream the music from the application, or better still retain the music on your phone by downloading. Rumors have it that an application for I.O.S is cooking, so Y’all shouldn’t feel left out.

2. DJ Erycom– Source of Ugandan Music

Top 10 best websites download music Uganda - Ug Tech Mag (3)

This site was started by DJ Erycom with an aim to promote and boost local Ugandan music on the international scenes, even with his career mostly based in Sweden.

Currently, DJErycom is among the top 10 best websites from which you can download on spot, vibrant, authentic Ugandan music.

All the artists alongside their music are organized and it is very accessible anytime you are on the internet.

DJ Erycom runs most of his latest music downloads on twitter, so you can also follow him on Twitter @DJErycom to get the latest music updates.

He also has his WhatsApp number on the website for queries and requisitions for music or your favorite albums.

Apart from Ugandan music, DJErycom also promotes a lot of African music, especially Nigerian and South African music which has also helped it gain a lot of online visitors from music lovers allover Africa.

The site has a mobile application, which one of our operatives tried to access but it, unfortunately, failed to load after many attempts.


Top 10 best websites download music Uganda - Ug Tech Mag (4)

This is one of the grand websites we have in Uganda.

It is a uniformly spaced website, with all your latest downloads of Ugandan music. It is very easy to locate your artist and download music on your handset.

4. UGZiki

Top 10 best websites download music Uganda - Ug Tech Mag (5)

It has an easy to navigate online platform, which is almost similar to that of Howwe Biz.

You can share your reactions to the music you’ve heard, and the online experience which enables the site manager to offer you a better experience in navigating the website on your next visit.

5. UGMusic

Top 10 best websites download music Uganda - Ug Tech Mag (6)

UGMusic is also among those top 10 music download websites that offer a diversity of music.

UG Music is unique in such a way that it offers an option where you can sign in as a member (as a listener or musician) and get personalized logins to your account.

When you get a personalized account, you can

– Create Playlists and share them with your friends and family.

– Create, share and listen to streaming music playlists for free.

– Add your favorite songs to your playlist and listen anywhere online.

Without any limit, you can listen to Ugandan music, discover new Ugandan Artists and follow them.

If you don’t prefer subscribing as a member (or musician), you have the option of only downloading the music but not streaming it.

6.UG Extra– Explore gospel music

Top 10 best websites download music Uganda - Ug Tech Mag (7)

Among all the many music download sites, UG Extra particularly promotes and contains Gospel music ONLY. If you need only GOSPEL Ugandan music, this is your go-to music site.

It is easy to navigate, and if you want to stream or download music, you need to log in as a fan, and no logins or emails shall be requested from you.

Some of Uganda’s best gospel artists such as Levixone, Holy Kaene, Zabuli, Dreign, Price Love, Wilson Bugembe, Canaan Gents all have their latest and old music on UG Extra, so ensure to visit it and get your self-hooked with some gospel vibes.

7.GMP Music

GMP music also contains all your best GOSPEL music, for both downloading and streaming.


Top 10 best websites download music Uganda - Ug Tech Mag (8)

UGBLIZ is one of those music download sites you’d want to visit again and again.

It offers majorly Ugandan music, which is one of its top traffic online traction mediums.

Beyond Ugandan music, it also offers a diversity of Tanzanian, Rwandan and Nigerian music. It also goes ahead to offer you lyrics to your favorite music.

9. UrbanHype

Top 10 best websites download music Uganda - Ug Tech Mag (9)

Urban Hype promotes mostly rap music, from not just notable Ugandan rappers but also other hip-hop jams.

10. UG sound

Top 10 best websites download music Uganda - Ug Tech Mag (10)

Ug sound is a Uganda based website with all the local hits from Ugandan artists of your choice.

Either gospel, Islamic or Secular music, you can access it from the well-organized segments of the website, and rock your day with good vibes.

Other best Music download websites Uganda


Music download websites Outside Uganda

  • Mp3naija
  • Tubidy
  • Too Xclusive
  • Waptrick
  • Musicgoo
  • Notjustok


Hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 best websites to download music in Uganda. You can suggest more music sites in the comment section below.

Otherwise feel free to share this amazing piece with your friends all over social media.

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