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If you are planning a trip to Africa, it is recommended that read our article about the top most dangerous countries in Africa. In reality, it depends on which countries from Africa you decide to visit. If you want to visit African countries that attract many tourists, you may have little to worry about.

But if you want to visit every African country or visit the ones that are most dangerous, then this article is for you. We will talk about certain countries that may put your life at risk and how to prepare for such a trip.


  • Countries in Africa that aren't safe to visit:
    • Somalia
    • Nigeria
    • Libya
    • Sudan
    • Central African Republic
    • Democratic Republic of Congo
    • How to prepare for a trip to Africa
    • Conclusion

Countries in Africa that aren't safe to visit:

  • Somalia

This country has been regarded as one if not, the most dangerous country in Africa. Some consider that this country is the most dangerous one in the world, but that depends on a lot of factors. Government and militia have little to no control there, and most of the country is full of tribal clans who fight to gain power.

There are a lot of violent confrontations, confrontations that made the president move to Kenya and ruled Somalia from there. Violence among tribes, hostage-taking, and murders are on a daily basis. Somalia is a war zone, and there is an Anti-American sentiment going around there.

Any American tourist or soldier that is kidnapped in Somalia is guaranteed to die. Of course, these tribes have little to no sympathy for their people so expect the same faith even if you are not American.

Journalists and aid workers have been killed in the past for no reason because extremists or criminals know that they won’t face judgment for their crimes. This country is also plagued with famine, piracy, and other despicable things. So expect the worst if you are brave enough to even plan a trip to Somalia.

  • Nigeria

Nigeria is a country is full of thieves, con-artists, criminals and they made quite an impact on Nigerian society. This country is so corrupt that by just calling the police you could end up in more trouble. The rural areas are controlled by rebels and militia forces that are fighting government forces. These groups also kidnap people.

This country is divided into two main parts; one part is dominated by Christian beliefs while the other is dominated by the Muslim one. It’s a common thing to see people raiding other people, killing for their religious beliefs. The results from this religious cleansing are in hundreds of deaths.

Also, you should be on the lookout for pirates that lurk in the waters. Nigeria is dangerous on the mainland and also on the waters. Ever heard of Boko Haram? It’s an Islamic terrorist group that terrorizes civilians. The group bombs government buildings deploy suicide bombers and also target foreigners.

They killed hundreds of villagers and abducted over 200 schoolgirls. So, you should be extremely careful when visiting this country.

  • Libya

After Gaddafi’s fall, the Libyans plus the political parties tried to organize a new way of ruling the country. However, due to the inability to tolerate each other’s ideas in forming a new government, tensions started to rise among the people. Political groups turned into vicious enemies, and civil war was inevitable.

Every city became self-ruling so that you might be safe in a town or village, but not in the other. Bombings and conflicts between armed groups are a common thing, especially in the capital where every party fights for power. Because of the chaos, terrorist groups have an easy time attacking the government forces.

With the mass atrocities, violence, and chaos that this country filled, even when NATO intervened, Libya couldn’t be controlled or at least have its crime rate diminished. This country is dangerous for foreigners as well, so do your homework before visiting Libya.

  • Sudan

All you need to do is search for the conflict in Darfur. Over 300.000 people have died in that conflict. Some of them died from famine or disease. Sudan became so dangerous that even the United States Department of State warned its U.S. citizens not to travel to Sudan.

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They explained that Sudan is full of terrorist acts, violent crimes, and armed conflict. Also, the United States Embassy has its services limited outside Khartoum. There are a lot of terrorist groups that harm Westerners and everything that has to do with Western interests.

Sudan has its fair share of bombings, shootings, armed robberies, home invasions, kidnappings, suicide operations, and carjacking. These events happen mostly in Darfur.

The United States Embassy even requires that the U.S. government personnel should travel to Sudan in armored vehicles. That’s how dangerous this place is.

  • Central African Republic

After a couple of military coups, this country remains in an unstable situation. Most of the country is lawless and because of that most rebels use ruthless tactics. They burn villages, use violent methods, steal and engage in armed conflicts.

This country is so dangerous, that it is better to travel without security. A group of Westerners traveled with a military convoy and that attracted rebels. They were shot along with their military escorts. The country is a no man’s land and the chances of getting out of that country are little to none.

Rebels have also been successful in taking over the capital thus the country is even more destabilized. Again, the Department of State warns U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the Central African Republic because of the terrorist groups, violent crimes, and unpredictable security situation.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Due to numerous conflicts that happened in Congo, over 5.4 million people died since 1998. Demonstrations or public gatherings that happen because of political reasons can turn violent quickly. Kinshasa is a no-travel zone if protests are planned there. This also applies if you want to travel to N’Djili airport.

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Protests take place in political headquarters, universities, or other government places. Those places should be avoided at all costs when a protest is happening. Also, commercial flights may be suspended if serious unrest occurs. This also can happen to roads and borders can be closed.

Telephone or internet connection can be closed as well as some schools. The country is going through a deterioration process due to the influx of refugees from neighboring countries and an increase in armed groups. Kidnappings, robbery, and other types of crimes are common things and happen on a daily basis.

Also, be careful of some individuals who are disguised as police officers. You may be just talking to a criminal.

How to prepare for a trip to Africa

One of the best top tips for visiting Africa is to always be in touch with someone that can help you. You can do this by using the internet or your phone. The trick is not to travel with an expensive phone on you. Try getting one or two cheap mobile phones, so in case you get mugged at least you won’t lose an expensive phone.

Try not to travel while wearing jewelry or expensive gadgets. Fail to do so will result in you being targeted by muggers and it may even endanger your life. So try to travel in public equipped with items that are necessary.

If you see children or people begging, do not give them money or food. This will make them rely on tourists. This can make them depend on tourists and they would prefer to be living on the streets than attending a school or looking for a job.

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Watch out for where you eat or drink water. Not every restaurant serves the best food. Some staff members don’t even bother cooking the ingredients properly. You can get sick from eating even simple meals. Avoid eating raw meat. Also, avoid drinking water from rivers.

Buy bottled water or if you have no other choice, boil the water for thirty minutes before consuming it.

Do a copy of every document. That way, if some of your documents get stolen, you still have the physical or digital copy. Also, when traveling in public, don’t go with all your money. If it gets stolen you will be limited on what you can do and leaving the country can be a burden.

If you want to take some pictures of the locals, ask them first. You can also give them some money or food stamps. No one likes a stranger getting a picture of them without their consent.

So, is Africa safe to visit? Depends mostly on what country you decide to travel to. The countries presented above are some of the countries that you should avoid. But if you are courageous and know what you are doing, then more power to you. It’s always good to be read upon news regarding these dangerous countries so you know what to expect.

We also recommend getting a guide that can help you and also offer some protection.


We hope that you learned something about the most dangerous countries in Africa. Terrorism and criminal activities should be enough to make any traveler stay home but if you are the adventurous type then pack your bags and get a Kevlar vest.

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