The Complete Airtel DTH Channel Llist (2023)

Airtel is India’s leading network provider of prepaid and postpaid mobile connection, broadband services, 4G and DTH services across India. Airtel digital TV provides over 500 channels giving excellent quality and also sounds clarity.

Airtel DTH additionally allows its users to set up up to 15 Airtel DTH channel lists as favourites for all family members. Due to the plethora of options, picking the proper channels for your subscription can be a hassle.

Hence, in this article, we have covered Airtel’s DTH HD/SD channel list. As this list is extensive, we have classified it into English movies and entertainment, Hindi movies and entertainment, lifestyle channels, devotional channels, sports channels and music. Airtel also has many regional channels in languages such as Marathi, Gujarathi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Oriya, Bengali, Urdu, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, and Assamese.

English Movies Channels

With these English movies channel list you are sure to have access to the best International movies at your fingertips!

Airtel DTH English Movies Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&flix255SD₹ 17.70
&flix HD256HD₹ 22.42
Disney International HD177HD₹ 14.16
HBO HD246HD₹ 17.70
MN+ HD252HD₹ 11.80
MNX261SD₹ 7.08
MNX HD262HD₹ 10.62
Movies Now HD201HD₹ 14.16
Romedy Now253SD₹ 7.08
Romedy Now HD254HD₹ 10.62
Sony Pix247SD₹ 11.80
Sony Pix HD248HD₹ 17.70
Star Movies243SD₹ 14.16
Star Movies HD244HD₹ 22.42
Star Movies Select HD251HD₹ 11.80
Star World Premiere HD164HD₹ 10.62
WB257SD₹ 1.18

Hindi Movies Channels

Airtel DTH Hindi movies channel list will keep you entertained with the best of hindi cinema our country has to offer!

Airtel DTH Hindi Movies Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&pictures211SD₹ 7.08
&pictures HD212HD₹ 22.42
&prive HD265HD₹ 22.42
&Xplor HD235HD₹ 4.72
B4U Kadak231SDFree
B4U Movies226SDFree
Box Cinema234SDFree
Cinema TV India220SDFree
Colors Cineplex219SD₹ 3.54
Colors Cineplex HD229HD₹ 5.90
Maha Movie228SDFree
Manoranjan TV662SDFree
Sony Max201SD₹ 17.70
Sony Max 2209SD₹ 1.18
Sony Max HD202HD₹ 20.06
Sony Wah224SD₹ 1.18
Star Gold205SD₹ 9.44
Star Gold 2207SD₹ 1.18
Star Gold HD206HD₹ 11.80
Star Gold Select233SD₹ 8.26
Star Gold Select HD208HD₹ 11.80
Star Utsav Movies225SD₹ 1.18
UTV Action217SD₹ 2.36
UTV HD214HD₹ 9.44
UTV Movies213SD₹ 2.36
Wow Cinema One221SDFree
Zee Action216SD₹ 1.18
Zee Anmol Cinema228SD₹ 0.12
Zee Bollywood215SD₹ 2.36
Zee Cinema203SD₹ 17.70
Zee Cinema HD204HD₹ 22.42
Zee Classic215SD₹ 0.59

Free Movie Channels

Here are some of the movie channels from Airtel DTH that are absolutely free!

Airtel DTH Movies Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Public Movies973SDFree
Surya Cinema230SDFree
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Hindi Entertainment Channels

Hindi Entertainment channel lists composites of hindi comedy to drama channels and are perfect for everyday family entertainment.

Airtel DTH Hindi Entertainment Channel list
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&TV119SD₹ 14.16
&TV HD120HD₹ 22.42
Big Magic124SD₹ 0.12
Colors116SD₹ 22.42
Colors HD117HD₹ 22.42
Colors Rishtey129SD₹ 1.18
DD Kisan152SDFree
Epic138SD₹ 2.36
Investigation Discovery135SD₹ 1.18
Investigation Discovery HD136HD₹ 2.36
SET111SD₹ 22.42
SET HD112HD₹ 22.42
Shemaroo TV132SDFree
Sony Pal132SD₹ 1.18
Sony SAB126SD₹ 22.42
Sony SAB HD127HD₹ 22.42
Star Bharat114SD₹ 11.80
Star Bharat HD114HD₹ 22.42
Star Plus105SD₹ 22.42
Star Plus HD106HD₹ 22.42
STAR Utsav131SD₹ 1.18
The Q137SDFree
UTV Bindass134SD₹ 1.18
Zee Anmol140SD₹ 0.12
Zee TV108SD₹ 22.42
Zee TV HD109HD₹ 22.42

English Entertainment Channels

Airtel DTH has some amazing choices of English Entertainment channels which always play the most critically acclaimed and award winning shows and will never leave you bored at home.

Airtel DTH English Entertainment Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Colors Infinity HD174HD₹ 10.62
Comedy Central HD176HD₹ 10.62
Star World HD166HD₹ 10.62
Zee Cafe168SD₹ 17.70
Zee Cafe HD169HD₹ 22.42

Hindi News Channels

Airtel DTH has all HD/SD Hindi news channels in one place. Some of these channels are absolutely free and the others all for less than ₹2!

Airtel DTH Hindi News Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
A1 TV349SDFree
Aaj Tak313SD₹ 0.89
Aaj Tak HD314HD₹ 1.77
Aaj Tak Tez326SD₹ 0.30
ABP Ganga359SDFree
ABP News328SDFree
ANB News356SDFree
Bansal News365SDFree
CNBC Awaaz329SD₹ 1.18
DD Bharati151SDFree
DD Bihar669SDFree
DD India150SDFree
DD Madhya Pradesh350SDFree
DD National148SDFree
DD News345SDFree
DD Rajasthan348SDFree
DD Shimla406SDFree
DD Uttar Pradesh349SDFree
IBC 24342SDFree
India News322SDFree
INH 24X7366SDFree
Janta TV363SDFree
Jantantra TV338SDFree
JK 24×7 News362SDFree
K News334SDFree
Khabrain Abhi Tak354SDFree
NDTV India317SD₹ 1.18
News 1 India350SDFree
News 24323SDFree
News Nation321SDFree
News State MP CG360SDFree
News State UP Uttarakhand358SDFree
News18 Bihar Jharkhand660SD₹ 0.12
News18 India319SD₹ 0.12
News18 Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh341SD₹ 0.12
News18 Punjab Haryana Himachal566SD₹ 0.12
News18 Rajasthan335SD₹ 0.12
News18 Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand337SD₹ 0.12
R Bharat316SDFree
Sudarshan News364SDFree
TV9 Bharatvarsh320SDFree
Zee Business331SD₹ 0.12
Zee Hindustan319SD₹ 0.12
Zee Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh343SD₹ 0.12
Zee News311SD₹ 0.12
Zee Rajasthan News336SD₹ 0.12
Zee Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand351SD₹ 0.12

World News

This list has some of the best International news channels like Wion, Al Jazeera that offer some of the best unbiased news reports on what’s happening around the world.

Airtel DTH World News Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Al Jazeera395SDFree
BBC World News391SD₹ 1.18
CNBC TV18379SD₹ 4.72
CNN International393SD₹ 0.59
CNN News18371SD₹ 0.59
Dw TV397SDFree
ET Now381SD₹ 3.54
India Today372SD₹ 1.18
Jan TV355SDFree
Khabar Fast347SDFree
Mirror Now377SD₹ 0.59
Mk News345SDFree
NDTV 24×7369SD₹ 3.54
NDTV Profit Prime382SD₹ 1.18
Nepal 1642SDFree
Network 10353SDFree
NK Tv 24×7642SD₹ 1.00
Republic TV376SDFree
Times Now367SD₹ 3.54
WION378SD₹ 1.18


Nothing screams the power of true teamspirit like Sports. With Airtel DTH Sports channels you can view Live international and regional sports events everyday.

Airtel DTH Sports Channel list
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
1Sports307SD₹ 4.72
DD Sports298SDFree
Eurosport HD305HD₹ 7.08
Sony Six291SD₹ 17.70
Sony Six HD292HD₹ 22.42
Sony Ten 1285SD₹ 22.42
Sony Ten 1 HD286HD₹ 22.42
Sony Ten 2287SD₹ 17.70
Sony Ten 2 HD288HD₹ 20.06
Sony Ten 3289SD₹ 20.06
Sony Ten 3 HD290HD₹ 20.06
Star Sports 1277SD₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1 Bangla738SD₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1 HD278HD₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1 Hindi281SD₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD282HD₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1 Kannada974SD₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1 Telugu928SD₹ 22.42
Star Sports 2279SD₹ 7.08
Star Sports 2 HD280HD₹ 22.42
Star Sports 3306SD₹ 4.72
Star Sports First303SD₹ 1.18
Star Sports Select 1283SD₹ 22.42
Star Sports Select 1 HD300HD₹ 22.42
Star Sports Select 2284SD₹ 8.26
Star Sports Select 2 HD301HD₹ 11.80

Kids Channels

This Airtel DTH Kids channel list includes 15 HD/SD channels ranging from cartoon network to Disney Channel for minimal price curated just to keep the kids quietly entertained in one place. Need we say more?

Airtel DTH Kids Channel list
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Baby TV HD676HD₹ 1.18
Cartoon Network666SD₹ 5.02
Cbeebies464SD₹ 5.90
Discovery Kids672SD₹ 3.54
Disney Channel659SD₹ 9.44
Disney Junior681SD₹ 4.72
Hungama TV655SD₹ 7.08
Marvel HQ457SD₹ 4.72
Nick663SD₹ 7.08
Nick HD+662HD₹ 11.80
Nick Jr680SD₹ 1.18
Pogo670SD₹ 5.02
Sonic Nickelodeon674SD₹ 2.36
Sony Yay471SD₹ 2.36
Topper469SD₹ 69.62

Music Channels

Music is the greatest companion of life and with Airtel DTH’s selective music channel that includes channels like 9XM, MTV, VH1etc., you are sure to have a song for every mood and situation.

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Airtel DTH Music Channels
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
7S Music821SDFree
9X Jalwa492SDFree
B4U Music486SDFree
Gemini Music HD931HD₹ 22.42
MTV480SD₹ 3.54
MTV Beats482SD₹ 0.12
MTV Beats HD482HD₹ 1.18
Star Maa Music932SD₹ 1.18
Vh1507SD₹ 1.18
Zing501SD₹ 0.12
Zoom496SD₹ 0.59

Info-Tainment Channels

Airtel DTHs Infotainment channel list is about getting some great information from and around the world while being entertained. These channels are great for any individual who thrives on knowledge and even better for the rest, as one should never stop learning in life. Infotainment offers great channels like Discovery, Nat Geo, and BBC Earth for minimal prices.

Airtel DTH Infotainment Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Animal Planet426SD₹ 2.36
Animal Planet HD World427HD₹ 3.54
DD Arunprabha649SDFree
DD Gyan Darshan442SDFree
DD Retro154SDFree
Discovery Channel420SD₹ 4.72
Discovery HD World421HD₹ 7.08
Discovery Science430SD₹ 1.18
Discovery Turbo431SD₹ 1.18
Fox Life424SD₹ 1.18
Fox Life HD425HD₹ 1.18
History TV18428SD₹ 3.54
History TV18 HD433HD₹ 8.26
Nat Geo Wild434SD₹ 1.18
Nat Geo Wild HD435HD₹ 5.90
Sony BBC Earth438SD₹ 4.72
Sony BBC Earth HD439HD₹ 11.80

Lifestyle Entertainment

Airtel DTH Lifestyle Channels range from fashion to food to travel and include the top most channels for lifestyle entertainment that are perfect to binge watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Airtel DTH Lifestyle Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Fashion TV416SDFree
Food Food412SDFree
Good Times410SD₹ 1.77
TLC408SD₹ 2.36
TLC HD409HD₹ 3.54
TravelXP414SD₹ 3.54
Zee Zest413SD₹ 1.18

Devotional Channels

Airtel has a variety of Devotional channels that lets you see the beauty and power of all religions right at your home for free.

Airtel DTH Devotional Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Arihant TV687SDFree
Bhakti TV942SDFree
Divya TV688SDFree
God TV684SDFree
Goodnews TV695SDFree
Grace TV696SDFree
Harvest TV872SDFree
Ishwar TV689SDFree
Jinvani Channel676SDFree
MH One Shraddha683SDFree
Paras TV685SDFree
Peace of Mind678SDFree
PTC Simran574SDFree
Sadhna TV677SDFree
Sarv Dharam Sangam690SDFree
Satsang TV701SDFree
Shubh TV692SDFree
Shubhsandesh TV694SDFree
Subharti TV698SDFree

Indian Regional Languages Channels

Airtel DTH has HD and SD channels in up to 12 languages. Below we have mentioned all the channels airtel has to offer in their respective languages. The languages include- Marathi, Bengali, Oriya, Punjabi, Gujarathi, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Telugu, Assamese, Malayalam, Urdu, and Kannada

Airtel DTH Marathi Channel list
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
9X Jhakaas544SDFree
ABP Majha534SDFree
Colors Marathi518SD₹ 11.80
Colors Marathi HD519HD₹ 20.06
DD Sahyadri548SDFree
Fakt Marathi530SDFree
News18 Lokmat537SD₹ 0.12
Saam TV535SDFree
Sangeet Marathi545SDFree
Shemaroo Marathibana531SDFree
Sony Marathi524SD₹ 4.72
Star Pravah520SD₹ 10.62
Star Pravah HD521HD₹ 17.70
TV9 Marathi539SDFree
Zee 24 Taas538SD₹ 0.12
Zee Marathi516SD₹ 22.42
Zee Marathi HD517HD₹ 22.42
Zee Talkies527SD₹ 2.36
Zee Talkies HD528HD₹ 22.42
Zee Yuva522SD₹ 1.18
Airtel DTH Bengali Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Aakash aath712SDFree
ABP Ananda724SDFree
Colors Bangla705SD₹ 8.26
Colors Bangla Cinema721SD₹ 1.18
Colors Bangla HD706HD₹ 16.52
CTVN AKD Plus714SDFree
DD Bangla739SDFree
Enterr10 Bangla715SDFree
Jalsha Movies719SD₹ 7.08
Jalsha Movies HD720HD₹ 22.42
Kolkata TV726SDFree
News Time Bangla727SDFree
News18 Bangla725SD₹ 0.12
Ruposhi Bangla709SDFree
Sangeet Bangla736SDFree
Sony Aath711SD₹ 4.72
Star Jalsha707SD₹ 22.42
Star Jalsha HD708HD₹ 22.42
Sun Bangla711SDFree
TV9 Bangla729SDFree
Zee 24 Ghanta723SD₹ 0.12
Zee Bangla703SD₹ 22.42
Zee Bangla Cinema717SD₹ 2.36
Zee Bangla HD704HD₹ 22.42
Airtel DTH Oriya Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Alankar601SD₹ 4.72
Colors Odia593SD₹ 7.08
DD Odia617SDFree
Kalinga TV605SDFree
Kanak News604SDFree
Manjari TV600SDFree
Nandighosha TV611SDFree
News18 Odia603SD₹ 0.12
Prameya News7610SDFree
Prarthana TV595SD₹ 2.36
Tarang Music614SD₹ 2.36
Tarang TV594SD₹ 11.80
Zee Odisha608SD₹ 0.12
Zee Sarthak596SD₹ 22.42
Airtel DTH Punjabi Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
9X Tashan569SDFree
Balle Balle570SDFree
Chardikla Time TV557SDFree
DD Punjabi572SDFree
Maha Punjabi559SDFree
Manoranjan Movies560SDFree
MH One566SDFree
Pitaara TV561SDFree
PTC Chak De568SDFree
PTC Music573SDFree
PTC News563SDFree
PTC Punjabi555SDFree
Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh562SD₹ 0.12
Zee Punjabi556SD₹ 3.54
Airtel DTH Gujarati Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
ABP Asmita588SDFree
CNBC Bajar584SD₹ 1.18
Colors Gujarati578SD₹ 5.90
Colors Gujarati Cinema580SD₹ 1.18
DD Girnar589SDFree
News18 Gujarati582SD₹ 0.12
Sandesh News586SDFree
TV9 Gujarati583SDFree
Zee 24 Kalak587SD₹ 0.12
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Airtel DTH Tamil Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Aaseervatham TV814SDFree
Adithya TV769SD₹ 10.62
Angel TV815SDFree
Asianet Plus835SD₹ 5.90
Chutti TV801SD₹ 7.08
Colors Tamil778SD₹ 3.54
Colors Tamil HD764HD₹ 8.26
D Tamil798SD₹ 4.72
DD Podhigai820SDFree
J Movies780SD₹ 2.66
Jaya Max811SD₹ 2.66
Jaya Plus790SD₹ 0.59
Jaya TV762SD₹ 7.08
Kalaignar TV760SDFree
KTV756SD₹ 22.42
KTV HD757HD₹ 22.42
Madha TV816SDFree
Makkal TV768SDFree
Mega 24750SD₹ 1.18
Mega TV750SD₹ 3.54
Murasu TV791SDFree
Music Zone773SDFree
Nambikkai TV817SDFree
News 7 Tamil783SDFree
News J791SDFree
News18 Tamil Nadu793SD₹ 0.12
Polimer News786SDFree
Polimer TV766SDFree
Puthiya Thalaimurai784SDFree
Puthuyugam TV753SDFree
Raj Digital Plus748SD₹ 1.77
Raj Musix Tamil813SD₹ 1.18
Raj News Tamil794SD₹ 0.30
Raj TV764SD₹ 3.54
Sathiyam TV792SDFree
Sri Sankara TV679SDFree
Star Sports 1 Tamil803SD₹ 20.06
Star Vijay758SD₹ 20.06
Star Vijay HD759HD₹ 22.42
Star Vijay Super772SD₹ 2.36
Sun Life806SD₹ 10.62
Sun Music809SD₹ 7.08
Sun Music HD810HD₹ 22.42
Sun News789SD₹ 1.18
Sun TV754SD₹ 22.42
Sun TV HD755HD₹ 22.42
Tamil Naaptol773SDFree
Thanthi TV787SDFree
Vasanth TV771SDFree
Vendhar TV770SDFree
Zee Tamil751SD₹ 14.16
Zee Tamil HD752HD₹ 22.42
Zee Thirai775SD₹ 5.90
Airtel DTH Bhojpuri Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Anjan TV658SDFree
B4U Bhojpuri662SDFree
Bhojpuri Cinema661SDFree
Big Ganga653SD₹ 0.59
Enterr10 Rangeela654SDFree
Filamchi665SD₹ 0.30
Sangeet Bhojpuri667SDFree
Zee Bihar Jharkhand659SD₹ 0.12
Zee Biskope663SD₹ 0.11
Airtel DTH Telugu Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
ABN Andhra Jyothi909SDFree
Aradana TV944SDFree
DD Saptagiri947SDFree
DD Yadagiri946SDFree
Divyavani TV943SDFree
ETV Abhiruchi939SD₹ 2.36
ETV Andhra Pradesh904SD₹ 1.18
ETV Cinema899SD₹ 7.08
ETV HD880HD₹ 22.42
ETV Life938SD₹ 1.18
ETV Plus889SD₹ 8.26
ETV Telangana916SD₹ 1.18
ETV Telugu879SD₹ 20.06
Gemini Comedy885SD₹ 5.90
Gemini Life933SD₹ 5.90
Gemini Movies895SD₹ 20.06
Gemini Movies HD896HD₹ 22.42
Gemini Music930SD₹ 4.72
Gemini TV877SD₹ 22.42
Gemini TV HD878HD₹ 22.42
Kushi TV926SD₹ 4.72
NTV Telugu906SDFree
Raj Musix Telugu935SDFree
Raj News Telugu920SDFree
Sakshi TV907SDFree
Star Maa881SD₹ 22.42
Star Maa Gold887SD₹ 2.36
Star Maa HD882HD₹ 22.42
Star Maa Movies897SD₹ 11.80
Star Maa Movies HD898HD₹ 22.42
Studio One+945SDFree
Subhavaartha TV941SDFree
T News914SDFree
Telugu Naaptol890SDFree
TV5 News910SDFree
TV9 Telugu905SDFree
V6 News912SDFree
Zee Cinemalu900SD₹ 11.80
Zee Cinemalu HD901HD₹ 18.88
Zee Telugu882SD₹ 22.42
Zee Telugu HD884HD₹ 22.42
Airtel DTH Assamese Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Assam Talks640SDFree
DD Imphal648SDFree
DD North East647SDFree
News Live641SDFree
News18 Assam North East644SD₹ 0.12
North East Live645SDFree
Prag News638SDFree
Pratidin Time639SDFree
Airtel DTH Urdu Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Channel WIN795SDFree
DD Kashir627SDFree
DD Urdu626SDFree
Gulistan News629SDFree
News18 Urdu625SD₹ 0.12
Tehzeeb TV624SDFree
Zee Salaam622SD₹ 0.12
Airtel DTH Malayalam Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Amrita TV836SDFree
Asianet826SD₹ 22.42
Asianet HD827HD₹ 22.42
Asianet Movies843SD₹ 17.70
Asianet News852SDFree
Darshana TV866SDFree
DD Malayalam871SDFree
Flowers832SD₹ 11.80
JaiHind Tv849SDFree
Janam TV838SDFree
Kairali News854SDFree
Kairali TV834SDFree
Kairali We837SDFree
Kappa TV864SDFree
Kaumudy TV839SDFree
Kochu TV861SD₹ 5.90
Malayalam Naaptol842SDFree
Manorama News851SDFree
Mathrubhumi News853SDFree
Mazhavil Manorama830SDFree
Mazhavil Manorama HD831HDFree
Media One TV850SDFree
News18 Kerala855SD₹ 0.12
Powervision Tv873SDFree
Raj Musix Malayalam865SDFree
Raj News Malayalam856SDFree
Safari TV868SDFree
Surya Comedy846SD₹ 4.72
Surya Movies845SD₹ 12.98
Surya Music863SD₹ 4.72
Surya TV828SD₹ 14.16
Surya TV HD829HD₹ 22.42
Zee Keralam832SD₹ 0.12
Zee Keralam HD833HD₹ 9.44
Airtel DTH Kannada Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Asianet Suvarna News979SDFree
Chintu TV988SD₹ 7.08
Colors Kannada955SD₹ 22.42
Colors Kannada Cinema972SD₹ 2.36
Colors Kannada HD956HD₹ 22.42
Colors Super965SD₹ 3.54
DD Chandana995SDFree
Dighvijay 24×7 News985SDFree
Kannada Naaptol966SDFree
News 1st982SDFree
News18 Kannada978SD₹ 0.12
Public TV981SDFree
Raj Musix Kannada991SDFree
Raj News Kannada983SDFree
Star Suvarna959SD₹ 22.42
Star Suvarna HD960HD₹ 22.42
Star Suvarna Plus972SD₹ 5.90
TV9 Kannada976SDFree
Udaya Comedy962SD₹ 7.08
Udaya Movies970SD₹ 18.88
Udaya Music990SD₹ 7.08
Udaya TV953SD₹ 20.06
Udaya TV HD954HD₹ 22.42
Zee Kannada957SD₹ 22.42
Zee Kannada HD958HD₹ 22.42
Zee Picchar975SD₹ 3.54

Other Channels

Below are some other engaging channels that belong in the list of their own.

Airtel DTH Engagement Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Colors Infinity173SD₹ 5.90
Comedy Central175SD₹ 5.90
Star World165SD₹ 9.44
Airtel DTH Shop Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Airtel DTH Punjabi News Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Living India News565SDFree
Airtel DTH English News Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Times Now World HD368HD₹ 5.90
Airtel DTH International Channel List
Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
TV5 Monde178SDFree

How To Upgrade Your Airtel DTH Plan

If you’re looking to upgrade your Airtel DTH plan you can make the change easily through the official website or application. We’ve listed a comprehensive step-by-step guide to follow on both the platforms.

Upgrade Through Airtel DTH Website

Follow the steps mentioned below after visiting the official Airtel website:

  1. Log in to the Subscriber Corner using your service ID or phone number, following which you will be redirected to a page where your existing channel package is displayed
  2. Under your current package, you need to click on the ‘Edit’ button
  3. You’ll be redirected to a page that allows you to select a new package from the vast variety of various plans available, with their price and channel count
  4. Once you choose the plan you want, click on ‘Select’
  5. After this, you need to select the channels you want in your package.
  6. Once you’re selected the channels, scroll to the bottom of the page, wherein you need to click on the ‘Go To Summary’ button
  7. Check the summary to ensure you’re happy with the channels selected and the price that you’ll be charged. Once you’re happy, click on the ‘Confirm & Change’ button, where you’ll need to pay for the selected package.

Upgrade Through Airtel Mobile App

You can also use the Airtel mobile application to change your existing Airtel DTH package by following the steps given below:

  1. Open the Airtel app and click on the ‘DTH Connection’ button located in the scroll menu
  2. Click on ‘My Account’ to view your current package
  3. Click on ‘Edit’ under the current package, and then select the package you’re looking for
  4. Select the channels you like and click on ‘Go To Summary’
  5. Review the summary of the channels you’ve chosen and the price you’ll have to pay and then click on ‘Confirm & Change’
  6. Once done, you’ll Airtel DTH package will be upgraded

Besides these options, you can even change your DTH package by contacting customer care or emailing your request to [emailprotected].

(Video) Airtel Black Plan 699 में कोन कोन से TV Channel मिल रहे हैं देखिए ये TV Channel List?


There’s no doubt that Airtel DTH offers multiple channels ranging from entertainment and movies, to news and sports. So, if you’re confused about which channels to select, don’t fret! Choose what looks appealing now, and you can always change it later if you change your mind!


Which is the cheapest plan in Airtel DTH? ›

Latest Airtel Digital TV Recharge Plans And Offers
Airtel Digital Tv Recharge Plans ListAirtel DTH Monthly Recharge PriceBenefits Of The Pack
My Plan 99Rs. 99216 Channels
My Plan 199Rs. 199248 Channels
Value Prime KidsRs. 309169 Channels
My SportsRs. 399181 Channels
6 more rows

Which package is best in Airtel DTH? ›

Best Airtel Dth SD Plans 2022
Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Hindi Value Lite HD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New_N31189
Guj Dabang Sports 1 M pack29990
AP Value Lite SD Pack_New30478
MAH Value Lite SD Pack_New32294
27 more rows
22 Aug 2022

Which plan is best for Airtel DTH 6 months? ›

Complete list of Airtel DTH 6 months plan
Package NameValidity (in days)Total price (INR)
Hindi Entertainment 6M1801399
Gujarati Entertainment 6M1801398
AP Value Lite HD 6M pack1801861
WB Value Sports lite 6M pack1801866
130 more rows
20 Oct 2022

Which DTH is best for home? ›

Best Rated DTH
DTHPriceAvailable From
Dish TV SD Box₹1,249Oct, 2019
DishTV Nxt HD+ Recorder Set Top Box₹1,115Sep, 2019
Airtel HD Recording Set Top Box₹1,115Sep, 2019
Tata Sky SD Box₹1,000Sep, 2019
6 more rows

Is Airtel DTH expensive? ›

Top 3 Most Expensive DTH are as follows: Airtel Xstream Box: Language : All India, More Specification, Type : 4K HD, Duration : 1 Month.
Most Expensive DTH.
DTHPriceAvailable From
Airtel HD Recording Set Top Box₹1,441Sep, 2019
DishTV HD Box₹1,370Sep, 2019
Airtel SD Set Top Box₹1,318Sep, 2019
Tata Sky HD Box₹1,299Sep, 2019
6 more rows

Which DTH has cheapest plan? ›

Cheapest DTH
DTHPriceAvailable From
Videocon D2H SD Set Top Box₹1,115Dec, 2019
Airtel DigitalTV HD Set top Box₹1,115Sep, 2019
Airtel HD Recording Set Top Box₹1,115Sep, 2019
DishTV Nxt HD+ Recorder Set Top Box₹1,115Sep, 2019
6 more rows

Is DTH cheaper than cable? ›

Cable TV connection is much cheaper when compared with the DTH. Because with DTH, there is a need for Set-Top Box (STB) and then there are other ancillary charges included as well. But with cable TV, there is no need for a Set-Top Box and the other charges are also almost not there.

Is Netflix free with Airtel DTH? ›

Only Airtel Postpaid customers who subscribe to the Rs 1199 and Rs 1599 plans will be eligible to enjoy the free Netflix subscription benefits. . A Customer will get to enjoy the Netflix benefits until the postpaid plan is active.

Does Airtel have any 4K channels? ›

Airtel's 4K UHD channel provides the best of picture quality which is 4 times superior to regular HD channels and will customers to engage in a theatre like experience in the comfort of their home. Bajrangi Bhaijan is the first movie to premiere on Airtel's 4K UHD channel.

Which app contains all TV channels? ›

JioTV. In India, JioTV is the finest Free lite tv apps for Android TV. It offers over 600 TV channels from India and the rest of the world and 100 HD channels.

Can one Airtel TV have 2 tvs? ›

With a few simple steps, you can get not 1 or 2, but up to 3 secondary DTH connections at home, apart from your primary DTH. Airtel not only offers the secondary set-top box at a discounted rate of Rs 1350, but also charges a much lesser monthly rent from its users starting at Rs 94 per month.

Which Airtel plan is best for 365 days? ›

Airtel new prepaid plans with 365 days validity
Airtel recharge plansBenefitsValidity
Rs 2,999 Airtel Prepaid planUnlimited calls, 2GB/ data, 100 SMS/ day, Wynk Music, Apollo 24×7 Circle, FASTag, free Hellotunes365 days
1 more row

Which is better Tata Sky or Airtel DTH? ›

It is important to know that both the companies offer excellent services. At the end of the day, it is about a few extra rupees with Tata Sky. If you want to spend less, Airtel Digital TV is your best bet. Even then, the price difference is not of a big margin.

Which Airtel plan is best for family? ›

The number of free connections are dependent on the family plan you choose:
  • 399 and 499: There are no free connections. ...
  • 749: There is one free connection and one data add on available in this plan.
  • 999: There are 3 free connections and one data add on available.
  • 1599: There is one free connection.

Which DTH has 4K channels? ›

Ultra Hd 4k DTH
  • Tata Play HD Box with One Month Hindi Lite Pack. 4.5. (1,172) ₹1,728. ...
  • Airtel Digital TV HD Set Top Box With 1 month Telugu Ba... 4.2. (161) ₹852. ...
  • Bestseller. Airtel Digital TV HD Set Top Box With 1 Month FTA Pack ... 4.1. (1,230) ...
  • Dish TV HD DTH, Hindi 1 Month budget Pack,HD Set Top Bo... 4.2. (1,110) ₹1,115.

Which DTH is best 2022? ›

Take a look at this comprehensive guide before you make your decision.
  • TATA SKY HD Connection. First on our list is a bestseller and a reliable option when it comes to the best set top boxes. ...
  • Airtel Digital TV HD. ...
  • d2h HD Set Top Box. ...
  • DishTV HD Set Top Box. ...
  • Tata Play HD Box. ...
  • Catvision FreeDish Set Top Box. ...
  • Airtel Xstream.
7 Nov 2022

Which is the No 1 DTH in India? ›

DD Free Dish

Does Airtel DTH work without Internet? ›

It works purely on an internet basis; hence it requires a WiFi connection or mobile internet (hotspot) to function. It is advised to use the Airtel Fibre internet connection for smooth speed and high-quality video streaming.

Is DTH better than cable? ›

Conclusion. From the above comparison of whether to choose DTH or Cable set-top boxes, DTH services emerge as a clear winner. Not only does it offer exceptionally great packages, but the services offered along with it are also unparalleled.

Which DTH is best for LED TV? ›

  • Dish TV High Definition Set top box with one month Budg... 4.2. (457) ₹1,115. ₹2,118. ...
  • Airtel Xstream Multi TV With 1 Month Dabang Sports HD P... (18) ₹1,567. ₹3,999.
  • Airtel Digital TV HD Set Top Box With 12 Month FTA Pack... 4.1. (406) ₹1,698. ₹3,999. ...
  • Airtel Digital TV HD Set top Box - Unlimited Entertainm... 4.2. (662) ₹1,000.

Which DTH has best picture quality? ›

Reliance Digital TV HD leads the race, offering 250 HD-like channels, though Videocon offers the most 'real HD' channels (12 channels). Reliance's box has the ability to upgrade content to 1080 p (a higher resolution ), higher than competitors' 1080 i functionality.

Is it compulsory to recharge Airtel DTH every month? ›

In case you don't subscribe and remain inactive for more than 720 days then your account will be deemed inactive and any of the remaining balance or credits in your account will be expired. To reactivate the services, customers need at least Rs 150 on their balance.

Which TV cable is best? ›

The best coaxial cable for HDTV is RG-11. This type of cable offers a higher gauge than others, which provides more space for signals to transfer. This makes RG-11 cable adept at transferring strong HD signals at speed.

Is Internet TV better than satellite? ›

While streaming is generally a better deal than satellite, you'll usually get more channels at a better price if you go with cable TV. With all that said, part of the appeal of streaming is that you don't have to pay for a bunch of channels you never watch.

Is Airtel TV premium free? ›

All of this content is available exclusively to Airtel customers at an attractive price of just Rs. 149*per month. For the content developers, this provides an opportunity to build distribution into the emerging market with Airtel's scale and digital distribution capabilities.

Is Amazon Prime free with Airtel DTH? ›

Amazon Prime at no extra cost for select Airtel Broadband and Postpaid Plans. Airtel Broadband customers on INR 999 or higher rental plans are eligible for 1 year of Amazon Prime at no extra cost. Airtel Postpaid customers on INR 499 or higher rental plans are eligible for 6 months of Amazon Prime at no extra cost.

Is Airtel TV free of cost? ›

Airtel TV is a FREE to download app. While watching or downloading a video, you get charged for data according to your data pack. Also, you have to pay extra to play or download premium content.

Is Airtel Xstream better than DTH? ›

Which one to choose? While the differences between the Xstream box and the DTH HD connection are pretty clear, it makes more sense to get the Airtel Xstream box, primarily, since it provides you with the very best of both worlds – you get regular TV channels as well as experience the world of smart TVs.

Is Tata Sky in 4K? ›

Tata Sky 4K is a new generation set top box with the capability of delivering Ultra High Definition picture quality and Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound.

Which 4K quality is best? ›

The 6 Best 4k TVs - Fall 2022 Reviews
  • Best 4k TV. Samsung S95B OLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Upper Mid-Range 4k TV. Samsung QN90B QLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Mid-Range 4k TV. LG C2 OLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Lower Mid-Range 4k TV. Hisense U8H. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Budget 4k TV. Hisense U6H. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Cheap 4k TV. Insignia F50 QLED. SEE PRICE.
2 Dec 2022

Is JioTV free? ›

All types of channels such as comedy, drama, sports, movies, kids, etc are available on the app which you can watch with just a single tap on your phone irrespective of where you are. It is free for Reliance Jio customers. However, there is no official app to play Jio TV on a desktop or PC.

How do I get all TV channels for free? ›

All you have to do is connect a suitable TV antenna, and you can receive broadcasts to your screen. If your TV doesn't have a digital tuner, you can always buy a digital receiver box to convert the signal into HDMI and use it with any compatible TV. The antennas aren't too expensive and represent a once-off cost.

How can I watch TV for free? ›

Best Free TV Streaming Services: Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi, Roku and More
  1. Peacock. See at Peacock.
  2. Roku Channel. See at Roku.
  3. Pluto TV. See at Pluto TV.
  4. Tubi TV. See at Tubi TV.
  5. Freevee. See at Freevee.
19 Nov 2022

Which DTH is best for multiple TV? ›

Dish TV Multi TV Connection. Videocon d2h Multi TV Connection.
Sun Direct Multi TV Benefits
  • A single set-up box for every television.
  • One common dish for all multiple connections.
  • Watch different channels anytime on different televisions.
  • The recording facility available free of cost, for all set-up boxes.
30 Nov 2022

Can we recharge Airtel DTH only one channel? ›

If you are an Airtel Digital TV or Airtel Internet TV subscriber, you have the option of selecting only the channels you want, which is called a la carte .

Can we add single channel in Airtel DTH? ›

3) How to add or remove channel from your DTH connection? With just few clicks smartphone user can add or remove channels through Airtel Thanks App click here. Send an SMS with ADD to 54325 from your registered mobile number. Please keep your DTH setbox ON while sending sms.

What is the cost of Airtel 84 days? ›

Airtel 4G Plan 84 Days List
Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)
1.5 GB / Day Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack84 days719
1.5 GB / Day Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack90 days779
2.5 GB / Day Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack84 days999
2 GB / Day Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack84 days839
4 more rows

How can I get Airtel 1 year validity? ›

  1. 24 GB Combo Data Pack: 3G/4G. Valid for: 1 year. ₹ 1799. See recharge offers. ...
  2. 2 GB / Day Combo Data Pack: 3G/4G. Valid for: 1 year. ₹ 2999. See recharge offers. ...
  3. 2.5 GB / Day Combo Data Pack: 3G/4G. Valid for: 1 year. ₹ 3359. See recharge offers.

What is 1499 Airtel plan? ›

₹1,499 Airtel Xstream Fiber Plan

The broadband plan that Airtel offers with a price tag of ₹1,499 per month provides unlimited data, and unlimited local and STD calls. The internet speed the pack assures is up to 300Mbps.

Which is best DTH in rainy season? ›

Yes, rain affects the DTH service in India and in my opinion Tata Sky is the best DTH service in India during rain rather than Sun direct or Videocon as they have good signal strength one can trust their signal strength.

Which Dish TV is best plans? ›

Dish TV Recharge Plans List
Dish TV Plans & PacksBenefit of the PlanDish TV Recharge Price
Dish TV Super Family HSM201 Channels₹145
Dish TV Super Family HSM HD205 Channels₹216
Dish TV Super Sports HSM231 Channels₹233
Dish TV Classic Hindi156 Channels₹16
6 more rows

Which DTH provider is best in India? ›

Top 8 Best DTH Service Providers in India
  1. Airtel Digital TV. Launched in the year 2008 by Bharti Airtel, it is one of the best DTH service providers in India. ...
  2. Dish TV. ...
  3. Reliance Digital TV. ...
  4. Tata Play (Formerly Tata Sky) ...
  5. Videocon D2H. ...
  6. Sun Direct. ...
  7. DD Direct Plus. ...
  8. Zing Digital.
16 Aug 2022

What is the minimum recharge for Airtel 2022? ›

"The earlier ₹99 recharge had ₹99 talk-time value and very limited data of 200 MB valid for 28 days. In contrast, the now-adopted ₹155 minimum recharge gives unlimited voice, 1GB data allowance and 300 SMSes.

What is minimum recharge for Airtel? ›

Best Validity Extension (Minimum) Recharge Plan Details
Name of the PackPlan Validity
Airtel Rs 109 Recharge Pack30 Days
Airtel Rs 111 Recharge Plan30 Days
Vodafone Idea Rs 99 Recharge Pack28 Days
Vodafone Idea Rs 107 Recharge Pack30 Days
4 more rows
8 Dec 2022

Is Airtel 499 family plan? ›

The next plan offered by the company is Infinity Family Plan 499 which happens to be the bestseller as well. At a price tag of Rs 499, Airtel offers 75GB monthly data with rollover up to 200GB along with unlimited calls including local, STD and roaming.

Which DTH is low price? ›

Cheap DishTV Set Top Boxes in India
Set Top Boxes Price ListPrice
Dish TV DishTV HD (1080 i) Set Top Box | Secondary Connection for existing Dishtv users with 1 Month Subscription of HD Pack & InstallationRs.1,290
Dish TV SD Box with 1 Month Super Family MarathiRs.1,390
5 more rows

What is the minimum plan for Airtel? ›

The Rs 155 plan comes with unlimited calling, 1GB of data and 300 SMS and is valid for 24 days. With the new minimum plan set to be in effect in more regions, here's a look at all the monthly plans that will be available for Airtel prepaid users, if all plans below Rs 155 are cancelled.

What is the basic plan for Airtel DTH? ›

Airtel DTH Recharge Plan for Karnataka
Karnataka Airtel DTH Recharge PlansPricesNo. of Channels
Karnataka plus 6M pack1111/- for 180 days68
Karnataka Value Lite 6M pack1582/- for 180 days80
Karnataka Value Plus HD 3M pack1172/- for 90 days93
Karnataka HD 6M pack1647/- for 180 days64
37 more rows
8 Oct 2022

Which is better Airtel or Tata play? ›

There aren't too big differences between the STBs. However, Tata Play Binge+ STB owners will get one month of Binge subscription for free. It is a bundled OTT offering which is very different from what Airtel offers through its Xstream service.

Which DTH is best for 4K TV? ›

Experiencing 4k dth service in India
  • Tata sky takes the TV experience to a completely fabulous level with its future-ready Ultra HD 4K. The picture details have never been seen like this till now. ...
  • Videocon d2h is another winner in the 4K race. ...
  • Airtel DTH offers Airtel X-stream to subscribers with 4K picture quality.
14 Nov 2022

Which DTH is free in India? ›

DD Free Dish (previously known as DD Direct Plus) is an Indian free-to-air satellite television provider. DD Free Dish DTH service is owned and operated by Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati.

Which DTH best for rural areas? ›

Within the rural markets, it is Dish TV and DD Direct Plus DTH services that have the most penetration. Tata Sky, Dish TV and Sun Direct DTH services are preferred brands in top metros, the report says.

What is the price for Airtel 84 days plan? ›

Here's a list of Airtel 4G Plan 84 Days with offers along with prices ranging from Rs. 379 to Rs. 999. We have found 253 plans across 23 regions, updated on 14th December, 2022.
Airtel 4G Plan 84 Days List.
Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)
2.5 GB / Day Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack84 days999
4 more rows

Which DTH is best in monthly plan? ›

  • Dish TV High Definition Set top box with one month Budg... 4.2. (468) ₹1,115. ₹2,118. ...
  • Airtel Xstream Only Set Top Box | 1 Month Hindi Mega HD... ₹1,729. ₹2,729. 36% off.
  • Airtel Digital TV HD Set Top Box With 1 Month FTA Pack ... 4.2. (274) ₹1,118. ...
  • Airtel Xstream Box with 1 Month Family Dhamaka Pack + F... 3.8. (49) ₹1,864.


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