The 9 Best Sheet Music Maker Apps for Writing Music (2023)

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Are you the next Mozart? Do you want to pen the next global hit for your band? Perhaps you're trying to get your head around music theory? If so, you need some sheet music maker apps to help you write sheet music anywhere and everywhere.

Things have moved on a bit since the days of Mozart. You no longer have to make your own sheet music by candlelight with a quill; you can create it all digitally using sheet music maker apps. And these are the best tools to write sheet music.

1. MuseScore

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Linux

MuseScore is a standalone app, which means you'll need to download and install the software. It's open-source and free to use. In our opinion, it's the best app on this list, but your perception may differ depending on your usage requirements.

The app possesses all the essential ingredients you'd want from sheet music software. There's support for unlimited staves, your compositions can have unlimited lengths, you can boost its power using plug-ins, and it all looks fantastic.

While it lacks some of the advanced features you'll find in paid apps like Sibelius and Finale, it is more than adequate for most users.

Additional features include user-defined keyboard shortcuts and the ability to drag note modifiers and performance markings.

2. BlankSheetMusic

The 9 Best Sheet Music Maker Apps for Writing Music (1)

Available on: Web

If MuseScore rivals expensive paid apps in terms of features, BlankSheetMusic is at the other end of the scale.

It's a simple sheet music writer that lets you add some basic musical symbols to blank sheets and print them. You cannot add your own notes. If you want to print off reams of music sheets to write on manually, this is the best tool.

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You do have some limited options to play with. You can add a range of clefs, tabs, and staffs, and adjust your paper size, margins, and orientation. When you're ready, just click the giant Print icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

3. LilyPond

The 9 Best Sheet Music Maker Apps for Writing Music (2)

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Linux

LilyPond is the brainchild of two musicians who wanted to create "beautiful" sheet music. As such, the app focuses on style as much as substance and has become one of the leading sheet music creators.

Unlike some of the other apps in this list, LilyPond does not rely on a drag-and-drop interface for adding notes and musical symbols. Instead, it uses text input; it's more akin to a programming language. The app might take some getting used to if you've spent a lot of time working with more traditional sheet music tools.

The best thing about using text files for your music is that they're future-proof. They're harder to corrupt, and you'll always be able to open them—even if the parent software eventually dies.

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4. Musink

The 9 Best Sheet Music Maker Apps for Writing Music (3)

Available on: Windows

Musink lets you create sheet music and MIDI files.

To use Musink, just click which note you want to add and where you want it to appear. The app automatically adjusts note and rest durations automatically. To make life easier for you, it also has a selection of free templates. The templates have pre-defined note-sizes, page margins, and title fonts.

Drummers will appreciate the app—it has tools specifically designed for the instrument. They include flams, sticking, and ghost notes, as well as special layout rules.

Musink also offers a paid version. It introduces the ability to import MIDI files, record from MIDI devices, a customizable metronome, music playback, advanced publishing options, and more. The paid version of Musink will set you back $60.

5. forScore

Available on: iOS

forScore is the best app to make your own sheet music on iOS. It lets you annotate your sheets, create setlists, rearrange pages, and more.

Because the app is iOS-only, it's been designed entirely with Apple's mobile operating system in mind. That means it scales perfectly between devices, supports split view, and supports slide-over multitasking.

forScore is also tightly integrated with the wider web. You can save music PDFs from any site, download files from your cloud storage straight into your forScore app, and find new music to play on the Musicnotes site.

There's even a practice tool that lets you set learning goals and track your progress. Check out our list of online music learning resources if you'd like more information.

6. EasyABC

The 9 Best Sheet Music Maker Apps for Writing Music (4)
(Video) How to Instantly Convert an mp3 Audio File into Sheet Music for Free! AnthemScore and MuseScore!

Available on: Windows and Mac

EasyABC is an open-source sheet music creation tool. The app is designed to work with ABC files that will play through your system's soundcard.

It covers both abcm2ps and abc2midi and lets you import MusicXML, MIDI, and Noteworthy Composer files. It also makes exporting a breeze, with MIDI, SVG, and PDF all supported.

On the Windows version, you can record songs from MIDI directly in the app. Sadly, the feature is not yet available on the Mac release.

Lastly, it has some tools that can help you create clean ABC code. They include fixing uppercase/lowercase notes, easily adding note durations, and an experimental "do-re-mi" mode.

7. Noteflight

Available on: Web

The Noteflight web app is split into three different tiers: Free, Premium, and Learn.

The free version lets you create up to 10 different scores which you can then share with friends and embed on web pages. You can print your creations, create music on mobile, and connect with other musicians and composers.

The Premium version lets you create unlimited scores, has support for 85 instruments, and offers real-time transcribing from MIDI instruments. It costs $49/year.

The Learn edition is aimed at schools. It costs from $69/year or $300 for lifetime access and adds activity templates, unlimited classes and groups, and content libraries.

8. Sibelius

Available on: Windows and Mac

Sibelius is one of the best sheet music writing apps for beginners. The software is available in three tiers—Sibelius First, Sibelius, and Sibelius Ultimate.

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The First package is free to download and use. You can compose simple scores with up to four staves, do some basic notation, add comments, and listen to MIDI playback.

The middle package costs $10/month and adds up to 16 instrument parts, an increased number of notation and playback features, and support for two devices.

The Ultimate package, which is aimed at music professionals, costs $20/month and allows for more bar line types, an unlimited number of staves, beams, customizable brackets and braces, and much more.

9. Musicnotes

The 9 Best Sheet Music Maker Apps for Writing Music (5)

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Musicnotes is a sheet music app for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. It offers a vast repo of sheet music for you to dig into. Indeed, it claims to be the largest such collection anywhere on the web.

Some of the app's standout features include instant transposition, playback with tempo control, in-line annotation, and an easy-to-use printing option. The music itself is divided into Piano, Guitar, Voice, Woodwind, Brass, and String sections, with further subcategorization by styles also available.

Use the Web to Refine Your Skills

Any budding musician needs to understand how to read and write sheet music. But that's only part of the story; if you want to become a musician, you're going to need a much broader skillset.

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Thankfully, music writing apps aren't the only part of the music world that has gone digital. The web is full of awesome resources to help you refine your craft; with a bit of learning, you really can be the next Mozart!


Is there an app where I can write sheet music? ›

StaffPad is an award-winning music composition app, designed for pen and touch, and built for composers. StaffPad lets you write music notation in your own handwriting; record and import audio; edit with the convenience of touch, and hear your composition played back with breathtakingly realistic sounds.

Is there a free app that writes music as you play? ›

ScoreCloud turns your songs into sheet music. As simple as that!

What is the best sheet music maker? ›

The Best Music Writing Software on the Market
  1. Notion 6 (Windows / Mac / iOS) ...
  2. MuseScore 2 (Windows / Mac) ...
  3. Sibelius First (Windows / Mac) ...
  4. Finale PrintMusic (Windows) ...
  5. MagicScore Maestro 8 (Windows) ...
  6. QuickScore Elite Level II (Windows / Mac) ...
  7. Noteflight (online only)

Where can I write music notes? ›

The 4 Best Online Tools to Write Musical Notation
  • Soundslice.
  • Noteflight.
  • Flat.
May 18, 2022

How can I force myself to write music? ›

Songwriting Tip: 6 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Write Songs
  1. Set Up a Place at Home to Write. ...
  2. Set Up a Time of Day to Write. ...
  3. Keep a File of Unfinished Songs. ...
  4. Find a Co-Writer. ...
  5. Give Yourself an Assignment. ...
  6. Tell Yourself You'll Only Write for Five Minutes.

Is it free to write music on MuseScore? ›

Free music composition and notation software.

What writing app is free? ›

Google Docs is the best free writing app on Android and iOS. If you're on a budget, Google Docs is the perfect app for everything except proofreading, novel writing, or writing without the Internet. It lets you customize headers, spacing, fonts — all the things you expect from a professional word processor.

What app does musicians use? ›

Here are the indispensable apps covering each area of music career, from composition and production to touring and live performance: Garage Band. iMachine 2. Korg Gadget 2.

What is the best song maker app? ›

The best music-making apps for Android in 2023 are:
  • Roland Zenbeats.
  • BandLab.
  • FL Studio Mobile.
  • N-Track Studio 9.1.
  • Caustic 3.
  • Audio Evolution Mobile.
  • Cubasis 3.
  • Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker.
Nov 30, 2022

What is the most used music maker? ›

Best Music Making Software of 2022
  1. Ableton. Based in Germany and California, Ableton is an industry stalwart that's extremely popular with recording artists. ...
  2. Avid Pro Tools. ...
  3. PreSonus Studio One. ...
  4. Audacity. ...
  5. Waveform Pro & Free. ...
  6. Steinberg Cubase. ...
  7. Reaper. ...
  8. iZotope Music Production Suite.
Mar 28, 2022

What should I use to compose music? ›

Materials Needed
  • Something to record your ideas, such as a cassette tape recorder, minidisc recorder, or internal mic on your computer.
  • Something to notate your composition, like music paper and a pencil or a notation program such as Sibelius or Finale.
  • A musical instrument (optional)

How do I get into writing for a song? ›

10 tips for getting started as a songwriter
  1. Let life be your muse. Inspiration is everywhere. ...
  2. Write it down. ...
  3. Plan your song first. ...
  4. There are no rules when it comes to order. ...
  5. Play around with some basic chords. ...
  6. Don't give in to writer's block. ...
  7. Be universally creative. ...
  8. Songwriting is the business.
Mar 19, 2017

Can everyone write a song? ›

Anyone can write a song! All you really need is some basic knowledge of a melody instrument like a guitar or a piano, an idea, and the proper methodology. As long as you know how to brainstorm ideas for your song, how to write lyrics, and how to put a song together, you can call yourself a songwriter.

Where is the best place to get free sheet music from? ›

The IMSLP (Petrucci Music Library) website houses a collection of public domain scores and Creative Commons licensed scores from a range of composers. There are more than 110,400 works by more than 14,400 composers and the site also includes some MP3 recordings of performances that are available to download.

Is there a free sheet music site? › The world's largest free sheet music catalog and community.

How good is MuseScore? ›

MuseScore has an intuitive layout which is great if you're new to music notation software. With visible sidebars and all the standard music and note input symbols right there on the screen it is surprisingly easy to pick up. However, inputting notes with a mouse can be time consuming.

Can you write sheet music in Garageband? ›

You can print music notation for a software instrument track. All the notes and any pedal markings in the track's regions are included in the printout.

Is it free to write music on Musescore? ›

Free music composition and notation software.

Can you write sheet music in Google Docs? ›

VexTab Music Notation​​is a Google Docs Add-on that lets you write music notation in Google Documents. With the Add-on installed you can write standard music notation, drum notation, and guitar tablature in a Google Document.


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