Over 250 Unusual Gifts for 8 Year Olds (2023)

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Amazing Magic Pens - Set of 25 The Upside Down Challenge - Very Funny! Gross Factopia - 400 Fun Foul Facts! Roadster Cabriolet - Meccano 5 Model Set Harry Potter Sorting Hat - Talking Magic! Xplode Reaxion - Stunt Domino Set We can gift wrap for you Smart Ball - Counts Keepy Uppys for you! Go Genius World - Play & Learn Game BrainBolt - Fast Light-up Memory Game Horrible Histories - The Board Game Walkie Talkies - National Geographic Sureshot Crossbow - Target Combo Pack Spirograph Animator - With light effects! Snow Ball - Squishy, Squeezy, Scrunchy! Fun Tape Measure - Filled with Silly Facts Vega 360 Telescope - Land & Sky Funky Arm Warmers Springy Thing - it's a Classic! 99% Positive Feedback! Magnificent Matchstick Puzzles - Bright Sparks! Paper Planes - Fold, Fling, Fly! Sonic Booma Boomerang - Returns Every Time! Little Pack of Optical Illusions - 50 Cards World's Smallest Voice Changer Spooky Sounds Machine - 16 Eerie Effects! Fart - Explosive Card Game! Game Controller - Milk Chocolate, Take a Break! Spy X - Night Mission Goggles Pac-Man - Handheld Game How To Draw Animals - Made Easy! Superhero Comic Book - Design Your Own Factopia - 400 Crazily Connected Facts Pink Snuggly Journal - Gift Set Pup Stars - Six Odd Socks at your Heel! Paper Fortune Tellers - With 144 Stickers Bath Bombs - Unicorn Poo! Unicorn Book-Tails - Cutest of Bookmarks! Disco 360 Ice - LED Lightshow 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit Infinity Loop Flow Rings - Kinetic Marvel! Mega Bounce XTR - Extreme Action Super Bendy Light - Strike a Pose! Style Your Horse - 310 Stickers Secret Lockable Diary - Friends Hide the Slug - Crazy Bluffing Card Game Unicorn Friendship Charm Bracelets Kit Ultralight Airplanes - Build & Fly GeoSafari SeaScope - See Underwater Quizzie - Squirts Water if you're wrong! Gooal - Magnetic Logic Puzzle Game Cat's Cradle - Made easy! Origami Animals - Beautiful Patterns Interactive Glow T-Shirt - Black age 7-8 Jumbo Octopus Kite - 4 Metres Long Stinky Pig Game - Pass him quickly! We have 12 types of gift wrap for you Chess Teacher - Learn to Play the Game Go Genius Football - Test your Knowledge Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks Bubble-Ology - Soapy Science Kit Rami Code - Logic Sorting Game Magical Unicorn Arm Warmers Origami Art & Creations - 10 Models Dragon Book-Tails - Cute Bookmark Glow Art - Neon Effect Drawing Board (Pink) Flip-Pix! - Twist 'n' Shout Card Game Dinosaur Tattoos - 50 Temporary Tattoos Love Our Planet - Letter Writing Set Hero Hockey - Fast Magnetic Game Guess Poo? Game - Flush Them Out! As Big As...Height Chart - 190 Wacky Comparisons! Classic Metal Puzzles - Set of 8 Giddy Up - Six Horsey Odd Socks! Top Model Make Up - Colouring Book Britannica - All New Children's Encyclopedia Timeline Card Game - Which came first? Waboba Wingman - Flying Silicone Disc Solar System Erasers - Out of this World Zzzopa Ball - Spin It, Bounce It, Throw It! Tetris Brain Teaser Puzzle Unicorn Scarf - So Magically Soft! Choices making you dizzy? Instant Table Tennis - Retractable Net Aquarellum Magic Painting - Sea Life Hand Jive - Fun Twist on Charades IQ Puzzler Pro - 2D & 3D Brain Teaser Kanoodle Fusion - Light-up Puzzle Thumb War - Wrestling in the Ring! Rabbit Book-Tails - Cute Bookmark Harmonica Set - Learning Music made Easy! Butterfly Pillowcase - Doodle your own! Flashing LED Baseball Cap UNICORN Poo - Rare, Magical & Sticky! IQ Stars - 120 Challenges Phone Escape Room - Crack the Code Flower Press DIY Kit - Make Art From Nature Young Survivor - Learn Survival through Science! Salt Water Engine Car Bamboo Wind Chimes - Nebulous Stars Fifty Pranks to Freak your Friends Headbanz Blast Off - What am I? Glitter Light - Colour Changing Mood Light In a hurry? We can gift wrap for you IQ Love - 120 Logic Challenges Sea Turtle - Crystal Art by numbers Party Unicorn - Crystal Art By Numbers Top Model Mini Colouring Book - Plays Music Paint-By-Stickers - Nebulous Stars Dream Catchers - Glow-In-The-Dark Engenius Contraptions - Perpetual Marble Run Twistii - The Torch With A Twist Butterflies Tattoos - 81 Temporary Tattoos World Map Pillowcase - Doodle Your Own Magnetic Football Tables - Follow your Team The Fuzzies - Don't Topple the Tower! Human Body Cube Book - Clever! Mega-Tastic Challenges Game - David Walliams Vex Robotic Arm - DIY Construction Set Snow Days - Friendship Charm Bracelet Kit Mega Bounce H2O - Water Bouncing Ball Butterfly Crossbody Bag - Doodle your own! Space Race Pinball Game Digital Hands Percussion - Remix Drums Over the Rainbow - Lovely Writing Set Magic Notebook - Wand Pencil Loud Mouth Voice Changer - Chatty! Unicorn Pearl Gift Set - Real Pearl in Clam Window Charms - Nebulous Stars Pixicade Mobile Game Maker - Create 1200 Games Children's Yoga Dice - Happy Posing! The Magic Of Science - Marvin's Magic Giant Gooey Chocolate Eyeballs - Tasteful! Atlantis Escape - 60 logic challenges Unicorn Sparkle - Luxury Bath Set Mini Erupting Volcano - Mood Light True Balance - 8 Spinning Discs to stack! Mini HORNIT - For Bikes & Scooters to Sound Lights from Anywhere - Illuminating Magic! Fifty Greatest Card Tricks - Marvin's Magic Galileo Thermometer - Science with Style The Style Queen Creativity Book Kids Charades - Fun Acting Game Mega Jump Rope - High Performance Fun! White Chocolate Smartphone - Truly Tasty Tech! Hexbug Fire Ant - with Mini Remote Control Rock Painting - Hide & Seek Fun to Share Secret Diary Set - Pens, Stickers & Padlock Amazing Balancing Unicorn - Defy Gravity! Make Dangly Charms - Six Fab Creations Rubber Band Racers - Build 5 Models Pink Hair Wrap - Dry Your Locks in Style! Chocolate Nail Polish Trio - Delicious! Dynamic Coins - Now you see them! Zombie Popper - Shoot his brains out! Rainbow Cake - Baking Kit Air Square - Ultra Long Range Flights! Minions Milkshake Maker - Totally Bananas! Monsters Hide & Seek - 60 Logic Challenges Grow It - Rainbow Veg Mini Molecube - Brainteaser on the Go Shut the Box - Classic Wooden Numbers Game Pink Charm Stretch Bracelet Kit Zzzopa Ace - Spin It, Bounce It, Throw It! HORNIT, Turquoise & Pink - For Bikes & Scooters to Sound Harry Potter Super 3D Puzzle - Magical! Create your FANTASY Face Ginger Bread House Baking Kit Asteroid Escape - Logic Puzzle Game Silver Mini-Pak - Space For Smaller Things Robotics Hook Shot - 250 piece Build set Mini Retro Arcade Machine - 200 Multi-level Games Seahorse Pearl Gift Set - Real pearl in clam Hearts Mini-Pak - Space For Smaller Things Create Your Own 3D Van Gogh - Super Dough Avengers 3D Puzzle - Magical Motion HD! Necklace & Bracelet Making Kit - Sky Blue Lemelia Mood Light - Colour Changing Iron Man Helmet - 3D Marvel Model Puzzle Roald Dahl's Beastly Brutes & Heroic Human Beans Harry Potter 9 Card Challenge - Head 2 Toe Purple Charm Stretch Bracelet Kit Blue Hair Wrap - Dry Your Locks in Style! Hair Flair Deluxe - Change your Style! Walk the Dog - Logic Puzzle Game Grey Twistii - The Torch With A Twist Turtle Pearl Gift Set - Real Pearl in Clam Foooty - Create your own football Origami Lanterns - Create your own Who's In The Bag? - Name Guessing Game Red Twistii - The Torch With A Twist XL Mega Bounce - Giant Inflatable Ball Zensu - Game of Stealth & Strategy True Balance Mini - Spinning discs to stack £20 Gift Card - Choose your own Fun! Push-n-Popz - Bubble Fidget Toy, Just Pop it! Scorpion Anatomy 3D Model - 29 Pieces Temple Trap - Logic Puzzle Game Crystal Art Sticker Set - Owl Life Raspberry Bead Friendship Bracelet Kit Bead Friendship Bracelet Kit - Blackberry IQ Puzzler Pro XXL - Jumbo 2D & 3D Brain Teaser Batman 3D Puzzle - Magical Motion HD! Aqua Charm Stretch Bracelet Kit SpokeRimz - Alloy effect for bikes Bead Friendship Bracelet Kit - Blueberry £40 Gift Card - Choose Your Own Fun! Unicorn Handbag - So Magically Soft! £50 Gift Card - Choose Your Own Fun! Tough Choice To Make? Videos

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