Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (2023)

Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (1)

Choosing a new mobile network is not an easy task here in Italy. There are so many options that you even don’t know where to start. Every deal seems the same, so you may end up getting the wrong one. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you find the best provider for your needs.

So, what is the best mobile carrier in Italy?

  • Best Mobile Network for Coverage: Vodafone
  • Best Mobile Network for Speed: TIM
  • Best Trustworthiness: Wind
  • Best Value for Money: Iliad Italia
  • Best Customer Service: Tre
  • Best Virtual Network: PosteMobile

It is common for people to pick the wrong mobile provider in Italy. So, I advise you to keep reading if you want to make the best decision. There is still plenty of information that you should have in mind.

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Which Mobile Network Should You Choose?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to data. In fact, the best mobile network doesn’t really exist. Each provider has some pros and cons, so it entirely depends on you.

However, I have enough experience to give you some directions. My family and I have changed a lot of carriers in Italy. We jumped from provider to provider without any success at all. It seemed like no one could offer us what we were seeking.

You must identify what your needs are. It is essential to have clarity before buying a service. If you don’t have any idea, it can be hard to find the right one. But don’t worry, I will cover it as well.

What To Consider Before Choosing a Network

There are many aspects to consider before choosing a carrier. But the most important ones are coverage, speed, customer service, and prices. You should also review the terms and their transparency.

The best thing you can do is to know your behaviors. Ask yourself these questions: What do you do online regularly? What places do you plan to visit? How much are you willing to pay? Is it essential for you to have a good connection?

Don’t feel bad if you struggle to answer these questions. Here are some examples that will help you to do so:

When Do You Need The Best Coverage?

Probably, this is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a provider. It is useless to have the best speed if there is no signal in your zone. Always look if the operator offers reliable coverage in the area.

If you are going to the hills or beaches, then you will probably need the best coverage. Don’t risk choosing an operator that doesn’t have reliable coverage. It is best to pay a little bit more to ensure the provider works.

However, the cheaper operator sometimes works better in some places. The signal heavily depends on the area itself. But on average, the more expensive providers have better network quality.

When Do You Need The Best Speed?

Another thing you should have in mind is the speed. You are unlikely to have a slow connection in Italy. Most Italian carriers have a decent rate for the average customer. Usually, it will be at least 20mbps or more.

It makes sense to get a faster operator if you do heavy things online. But make sure you check out the other conditions.

When Do You Need The Best Price?

Most people are only looking for the best price and offer. There is nothing wrong with that, but I suggest you see all the terms. If you are going to save some money, make sure there isn’t any extra cost hidden.

If you travel on a budget or you just want an operator to stay connected, go for it. You won’t have any problem even with affordable carriers. Most of them offer great coverage and speed throughout Italy.

How Do Plans Work in Italy?

All plans will renew automatically the same day you activate it due to the Law N. 172/17. For example, if you enable your SIM card on the 10th of March, it will renew on 10th April.

Why Is It Important to Have Customer Service

There are situations that you may have to call your carrier. Many people ignore it, but it has the same importance as other factors. It is not fun to have a problem, and no one replies to you. It also happened to my father! He had to call many times to get his credit back. Every operator was saying a different thing, so we chose to switch to another carrier.

Only a few companies give excellent customer service in Italy. Most of the time, you will need to wait for a while to get answered. Also, you may have to call a lot of numbers before contacting the operator.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that every operator has lousy service. They will usually solve the problem as soon as possible. But it is stressful and time-consuming dealing with them, especially if you are not a native.

If you plan to visit Italy without speaking Italian, make sure to check out this post. You will find how to get around without being able to speak in Italian.

What About Unlimited Data?

There is no unlimited data in Italy for prices between €10 and €20. Most Italian providers only offer unlimited voice and SMS.

General View of Mobile Networks in Italy

All mobile networks are pretty similar in Italy, and the market is pretty broad. They offer almost the same costs, speeds, and coverage. There is a lot of competition, so the prices are decreasing every year.

The four largest mobile providers are Vodafone, TIM, Wind, and Tre Italia. They own an extensive infrastructure, so the quality is better compared to others. Also, there is Iliad, which is starting to build its own bases.

You will also findvirtual operators,which resell the signal of other networks. Usually, their plans are more convenient than the rest. But you could have issues with the coverage in specific zones. Some examples are ho. Mobile, Kena Mobile, Poste Mobile, and CoopVoce.

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According to the latest report of theItalian Communication Authority(AGCOM), mobile networks are increasing. The number of SIM cards rose by 0.5 million in 2019. Also, most people prefer prepaid contracts.

What Carrier Do People Prefer?

According to the Italian Communications Guarantees Authority (AGCOM), TIM is the most popular network in Italy. Then follow Vodafone, Fastweb, and Wind. However, more people are switching to Iliad and virtual operators every day.

Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (2)

I recently asked on social media what is the best mobile provider in Italy. I created a poll on an Italian group with 71.850 members. They only took part in 54 people, but it is enough to have an idea. As you can see in the picture, Vodafone won the first position. Then they follow TIM and Wind, respectively.

Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (3)


Overall, Vodafone is the best mobile network in Italy. It has one of the most reliable coverages in the entire market. Also, Vodafone has some of the best internet plans specifically designed for tourists starting from €14,99.

Vodafone is also one of the biggest mobile networks in all of Europe. It has more than 30,000,000 mobile clients only in Italy.

What defines Vodafone is the high-performance connection. You are unlikely to face slowing down with them. Its infrastructure is huge, and it covers most Italian cities.


As I already said, Vodafone’s coverage and speed are excellent. For many years, it has been the operator with the most coverage. It works in remote areas such as hills and small towns with consistency. Make sure to check how is the coverage in your area using the links below the images.

As for roaming, Vodafone works in almost all of the European countries. You will be able to use some of your data without additional charges.


The Internet speed of Vodafone is impressive. They offer 4G (LTE/LTE ADVANCE), 3G (HSDPA/UMTS/DC-HSPA+), 2G, and even 5G connection. It is possible to have a 4G+ rate in both rural and urban areas. You will be able to watch videos or series in Ultra HD without interruptions.

When it comes to 5G, it works only in specific areas. You can find it in Milan, Rome, Turin, and Naples. But you may have to buy special plans in order to get the highest speeds.

Vodafone average speeds (2G/3G/4G) according to independent testing and analytic agency nPerf:

  • Success Rate: 93.32%
  • Average Download Speed: 36.10 Mb/sec
  • Average Upload Speed: 12.47 MB/sec
  • Latency: 46.10 ms
  • Browsing Efficiency: 72.45%
  • YouTube Streaming Efficiency: 84.06%
Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (5)


Vodafone prices are very high, and bundles aren’t so convenient. However, the coverage and speed justify the costs. If you are on a tight budget, you may have to look further. Most plans give unlimited data for apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Spotify.

The main reason why I don’t choose Vodafone is for the terms. The deal conditions constantly change, and you end up paying more than you thought. Also, you will have to stay with them for many years if you sign a contract.

I did some research to see what plan is best for tourists. I picked up the only ones that I would recommend. These bundles don’t have any bond, so you can disable them when you want.

Plan NameDetailsEU CapPriceBonus
Dolce Vita30 GB, 600 Min (National and International *not everywhere*)15 GB (included in the 30 GB)€24,99Chat, Maps, Social & Music
Shake It Easy (under 30)60 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS10 GB (included in the 60 GB)€14,99Chat, Maps, Social & Music

Dolce Vitais an exclusive plan for tourists from any country. It automatically renews every month for €24,99. If you want to deactivate it, call42071or visit the Vodafone website. If you finish your GBs, the connection will stop working. The activation is free.

As forShake It Easy,the activation cost is €5,00 for the first month.They both support 5G.

Customer Service

Vodafone customer service is justokay. Call support does not have many positive reviews. But the app My Vodafone is complete, and you can do many tasks with it. Also, it has customer support on Facebook.

Some useful numbers:

  • 190: Contact number
  • 42010:Top-up service
  • 42070:Activate or change services
  • 42626:Vodafone Happy
  • 42246:Activate SMS services for a fee (quiz, ringtones, etc.)
  • 40333: Special Offers
  • 892000 (Charged):Traveling Information (Restaurants, Flights, Hotels, etc.)
  • 414 (Charged):Meter check
  • 41745:Telephone Directory Information


If coverage is a must-have for you, go for Vodafone. It offers the strongest connection across all of Italy. However, the prices are pretty high, and they might increase over time. The customer support is not the most reliable. Personally, I would go for the offerShake It Easy.


TIM is very similar to Vodafone in terms of speed and coverage. It is the greatest network in Italy. Also, TIM offers several bundles for all kinds of people and needs.

Some of the strengths of TIM are the ultra-fast speeds and solid coverage. TIM is expanding the coverture of 5G in all the territory. It promises to give the best 5G rates even in touristic areas.


Similarly to Vodafone, TIM has one of the best coverage in Italy. Most of the time, you will have full signal bars on your phone. You can’t get wrong with TIM if you are looking for reliable coverage. 4G connection works 96% of the time in all places.

If you are a TIM client, you can use some of your plans (voice calls, SMS, data) in Europe. There is an option called “Viaggio Pass” to use it in the USA and get extra GB.

Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (6)


TIM has one of the fastest networks in the Italian market. Right now, they offer 2G, 3G (UMTS/HSPA), and 4G (LTE/LTE ADVANCE). 5G connections work in Bari, Rome, Turin, Milan, Florence, and more. The speed limits can reach 2 Gbps so that you will have the latest speed technologies. It is comparable to Vodafone’s rates.

Tim average speeds (2G/3G/4G) according to nPerf:

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  • Success Rate: 93.57%
  • Average Download Speed: 29.70 Mb/sec
  • Average Upload Speed: 11.79 MB/sec
  • Latency: 46.89 ms
  • Browsing Efficiency: 73.19%
  • YouTube Streaming Efficiency: 84.25%

Remember that the speed limit depends on your plan. Some bundles such as TIM Mercury 50GB can reach only150Mbps. So, make sure your package covers it before making the deal.

Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (7)


TIM has different price ranges, but most of them are pretty expensive. Also, make sure you review the terms. They regularly change the conditions of the deal. Some people see an increase in prices after a few months. Remember to ask for how long the contract is valid as well.

Another thing you must consider is the hidden cost. You may receive spamming messages about football, horoscopes, tests, etc. Make sure you deactivate all of them as soon as possible. They are futile, and you will never need these services. Also, you should disable some extra services like “LoSai and ChiamaOra di TIM.”

Some foreigner plans that I found:

Plan NameDetailsAbroad DetailsPriceBonus
TIM International Senza Limiti50 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS300 Minutes & 7.6 GB in EU cap€11,99Chats (Italy Only)
TIM International 30 GB30 GB6.6 GB EU cap€9,99Chats (Italy Only)

In order to get TIM International, you must confirm that you are not born in Italy. They will accept any document that shows your birthplace, such as a passport or driver’s license.

The activation for both plans cost €5,00, but it is free online. Also, the SIM costs an additional €20. The 300 minutes to call abroad are valid for the USA, Canada, Mexico, India, China, and more. You are limited to 150 Mbps in download.

Customer Service

TIM’s customer support is just fine, but it may be slow to get answered. The best way to contact them is through social media. They regularly reply after a few hours and in English. Don’t expect to get the fastest answer via the call center.

If it is not a critical problem, you can visit the FAQ section on the official website. Usually, you will find all the answers there. There is also the app MyTIM, which you can use to check your balance.

Some useful numbers:

  • 119: Contact number
  • 187: Toll-free number
  • 409169:Check your balance and manage active offers
  • 4088:PayForMe (Loan to call or send SMS)
  • 456:Check network provider of other numbers
  • 119 (SMS):Send “Ciao” to check your balance
  • 40916:Recharge your balance
  • 40920:Customize services


TIM is the best option for people who want the fastest network. Most bundles are not cheap, and you may have to sign a long term contract. Personally, I would go forTIM International Senza Limiti,but there are other options. Make sure to review all the termsin detail.


Wind is the network provider that I’m using right now. It doesn’t have the same coverage as TIM and Vodafone, but it covers most areas. What I like about Wind is its professional and clean service. I always feel confident when I’m making a deal with them.

I rarely had an issue with Wind, so they have built trust in me. This is why my family currently uses Wind too. In 2019, we bought four new SIM cards the same week since the old ones had expired. We got the same bundle; All-Inclusive Young, 30 GB, Unlimited Voice, 200 SMS for €11,99.


Wind has great coverage in most areas, including touristic locations. But it may don’t work in remote places such as hills or rural areas. If you are going to some of these places, Wind may isn’t the best option.

Wind’s coverage might not be the same as other big network providers. But remember that signal heavily relies on the location itself. Sometimes Wind gets more signal than Vodafone and TIM. As for roaming, you can use some of your data for free in the EU.


Currently, Wind is at a similar level as Vodafone and TIM in terms of speed. Wind offers 4G in 98.1% of the Italian territory. The limit speed is1Gbps, and it is available in many large cities. You are unlikely to feel a slow-down while browsing. Wind doesn’t offer 5G at the moment.

Wind average speeds (2G/3G/4G) according to nPerf:

  • Success Rate: 90.02%
  • Average Download Speed: 28.88 Mb/sec
  • Average Upload Speed: 10.01 MB/sec
  • Latency: 70.33 ms
  • Browsing Efficiency: 66.01%
  • YouTube Streaming Efficiency: 80.97%
Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (9)


Wind’s prices are quite affordable, and the bundles are attractive. Most plans have a decent amount of GB and unlimited voice. They offer packages for families, foreigners, and even for specific ages. The prices are fixed so that you won’t find any surprises on your bill.

Plan NameDetails (Auto-Renew)Details (Top-Up)PriceExtras
Wind All Inclusive Young Easy Pay (under 30)60 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS30 GB, Unlimited Voice & 200 SMS€11,99€10,00 SIM
Wind All Inclusive Easy Pay60 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS60 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS€16,99€10,00 SIM
Wind All-Digital40 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS 1Gbps40 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS 1Gbps€14,99€10,00 SIM

Customer Service

The customer service is pretty good, and the operators reply in a short time. However, you may need to wait for a few days to get your problem solved. You can contact Wind on social media or via the call center.Also, the app MyWind and the official website work fine on all platforms.

Some useful numbers:

  • 155: Call Center, check prices, offers, etc. (It works for everything)
  • 1928: Business queries


Wind is the ideal option if you want great bundles for an affordable price. For most people, speed and coverage won’t be an issue. The network quality is not the best (depending on the area), but it is very reliable and stable. Overall, it is a solid choice for everyone.

I recommend you pick the bundleWind All Inclusive Young Easy Pay (under 30). I find myself very comfortable with it. If you are over 30, you could pickWind All-Digitalfor the fastest speed.


Tre and Wind became the same company in 2016 and created the name “Wind Tre.” However, they work separately for now. I owned Tre for a couple of years, and I was happy with the service in general. I bought a SIM card for €15,00 with 30GB (1GB per day), unlimited voice & SMS.


Tre’s coverage has improved a lot since the agreement with Wind. Most of the time, you will get the same signal as Wind. But it may be a little bit worse in specific areas. You may have some problems in remote places, but you will be safe in the city.

Roaming works perfectly fine in all of Europe. You can use some of your data without any additional charge. It is one of the few mobile networks that allows you to receive calls abroad. There are plans designed to travel in the European Union.

Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (10)


The network speeds of Tre are almost the same as Wind. You will have access to 4G/LTE (150Mbps max), and 4.5G in multiple cities. The 5G is called“Super Rete,”and it can reach 1000Mbps. But it is only available in large towns.

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Tre average speeds (2G/3G/4G) according to Nperf (the same as Wind):

  • Success Rate: 90.02%
  • Average Download Speed: 28.88 Mb/sec
  • Average Upload Speed: 10.01 MB/sec
  • Latency: 70.33 ms
  • Browsing Efficiency: 66.01%
  • YouTube Streaming Efficiency: 80.97%
Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (11)


Tre has pretty handy prices, and there are plans for all needs. The most popular bundle is called “All-IN,” which includes a bunch of data. Make sure you review the terms; some packages have daily or weekly limits. Also, there is “GIGA Bank,” which allows you to save GB that you didn’t use.

Tre has some extra services for a fee such as “Ti ho cercato.” So, remember to disable all of them after you make the deal. You will often receive promoting messages,

Interesting deals:

Plan NameDetailsPriceExtras
Tre Play Power30 GB (5,7 in the EU), Unlimited Voice & 200 SMS€11,99€9,99 Activation
Play Special 360360 GB (56,3 in the EU), Unlimited Voice & 2400 SMS€119,99 Annual (€10/Month)€9,99 Activation
Play Tourist20 GB, 500 National & 100 International Minutes€24,99None
Power Free60 GB, Unlimited Voice & 300 SMS (Change Phone Every Year)€17,98€5,99 for extra services
SuperInternet 30 GB30 GB (4,7 in the UE)€9,99None

I highly recommend Tre if you are going to buy a new phone in monthly fees. The plans for smartphones are flexible and handy. I purchased a midrange 2016 Samsung, and it is still working great! All Tre cell phones are unlocked.

Customer Service

From my experience, Tre has one of the best customer services on the market. The operators are super fast and efficient. Usually, they will solve your problem within one or two days. They are kind and helpful in most cases. I received a reply even when I was outside of Italy.

Some useful numbers:

  • 4030 (Prepaid Clients): Check balance, top-ups, and tariff options
  • 4034 (Subscription Clients): Check tariff plan status, the active payment method, and invoices
  • 4133:Telephone Answering Machine (from overseas+39 393 393 4133)
  • 4040:Manage services options individually
  • 803133:Offers and promotions information
  • 800832323:Suspend the SIM in case of loss


Tre is a valid option for people who want an acceptable quality for a low price. Coverage mostly works in the city and not in rural areas. Customer support is excellent, and they quickly answer you. It is the safest option if you are going to travel across Europe. Also, I recommend it if you want to buy a new phone with a plan.


Iliad is one of the newest mobile networks in Italy. It was officially launched in spring 2018 by the French operator “Free Mobile.” Iliad has completely changed the market in terms of prices. All operators had to reduce the price list for their services.


Iliad’s coverage is decent, and most of the time, it will work. The company is building its own network, but right now it is only available in some cities. Iliad uses WindTre signal in order to work in other areas. So, expect to have similar coverage as Tre and Wind. Don’t pick Iliad if you are looking for coverage or at least verify if it works in your zone.

When it comes to roaming, Iliad is not a great option. There are still a few operators who partner with the company. It doesn’t work even in France where there is the head office. Also, you will have the limitation of a 3G connection.

Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (12)


Iliad offers 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G+ without any speed limitations. You won’t have the same rates as Vodafone and TIM, but it isn’t a big deal. Most people won’t even notice the difference anyway. Iliad doesn’t give 5G speed, but it will be available soon.

Iliad average speeds (2G/3G/4G) according to nPerf:

  • Success Rate: 90.01%
  • Average Download Speed: 27.84 Mb/sec
  • Average Upload Speed: 9.93 MB/sec
  • Latency: 84.52 ms
  • Browsing Efficiency: 61.53%
  • YouTube Streaming Efficiency: 80.87%
Mobile SIM Networks in Italy: Which One Is Best For You? | Italian Viaggio (13)


Iliad’s prices are one of the best in the Italian network market. The bundles include unlimited voice & SMS and a bunch of data. Also, you won’t find any extra cost or price increase in your bill. Iliad is a sincere company with customers.

Currently, Iliad only has two offers, but they are both excellent:

Plan NameDetailsAbroad DetailsPriceExtras
GIGA 5050 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS4GB in the EU + Unlimited Voice for 60 Countries (USA and CA included)€7,99€9,99 SIM
VOCE40 MB, Unlimited Voice & SMS40 MB, Unlimited Voice & SMS in Europe€4,99€9,99 SIM

Customer Service

The operators are very kind, but often they strive with specific questions. Also, they are slow replying on social media. Iliad doesn’t have an app, but the official website is responsive for mobile.

Some useful numbers:

  • 177: Contact center (open Monday to Friday from 8.00 AM to 10:00 PM and the other days from 9:00 AM to 08:00 PM)


If you want to save money but still have an incredible bundle, Iliad is for you. It is a transparent company, and you won’t have any issues with prices. However, its coverage isn’t the best, and you may have some problems with it. Iliad has great potential to grow and become the best mobile network.


PosteMobile is the most popular virtual network in Italy, with over 4,2 million SIMs. It is from the group “Poste Italiane,” which is the largest Italian mail. Also, it offers services for companies and public administration.


Poste Mobile used to rely on the Vodafone network, but then it switched to Wind Tre. The coverage is great in most areas, but it could suffer. You will always have coverage if you stay in the city. Remember, it is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), so it doesn’t own infrastructures. In European countries, you can use your package, but it may be a bit slow.


The speed is average, with 42,2Mpbs in 3G and 150Mbps in 4G/LTE. It has the same rate as Wind, so it is enough for most people. You can use 4G in 99% of the Italian population. Poste Mobile doesn’t allow 4.5G and 5G.


Poste Mobile plans are cheap compared to other networks. The prices include all the services like “Call Back Now.” Also, you are free to leave when you want without paying charges. There are no contractual obligations.

Plan NameDetailsPrice
PosteMobile CREAMI WeBack50 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS€9,99
PosteMobile CREAMI RELAX100100 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS (After 1 Year)€9,99
PosteMobile PostePay Connect20 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS€70,00/Year
PosteMobile Super Ricarica1 GB€1,99
PosteMobile Mobile 3GB3 GB€4,99
PosteMobile Mobile 10GB10 GB€9,99
PosteMobile Mobile 15GB30 GB€14,99

Every 10GB that you don’t use, you will get €1,00 back with CREAMI offers.

Customer Service

PosteMobile’s customer service is excellent in all means. You can go to Poste Italiane offices and solve your problem personally. Usually, the offices are very crowded, but the staff is competent.

Some useful numbers and contacts:

  • 160: Call center
  • +39 371 1000 160:Customer service from overseas.
  • 401214 (or from overseas +39 371 1000 214): Check your roaming tariff balance.
  • 401212:Free Do-It-Yourself service, active 24/7 only for Poste Mobile SIM cards.
  • FAX:800242626
  • E-mail:


Poste Mobile is the perfect option if you want a flexible plan. Most prices are lower than €10, and they are very convenient. Go for it if you don’t have many holds in terms of speed and coverage. It is the best MVNO for quality right now. Personally, I would go forPosteMobile CREAMI RELAX100.

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Ho. Mobile

Ho. Mobile is the cheaper brand of Vodafone and arises to overcome Iliad’s prices. This virtual network has nearly 20 million customers in Italy. The slogan “ho tutto chiaro” means “I have everything clear,” referrer to its plans.


Ho. Mobile has exceptional coverage since it relies on the Vodafone network. There are no coverage differences betweenhoand Vodafone. They both work amazingly, even in remote and rural zones. You will be able to use your phone all most everywhere. You can use your package in the EU on roaming.


Unlike Vodafone, ho. Mobile speed isn’t that great. Even though it has the same coverage, the rates will be so much slower in 99% of cases. You have a limit of 30Mbps with most plans, and the connection doesn’t exactly run in 4G.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that Ho’s speed is unusable. For most people, 30Mbps will be enough with regular usage. But you could feel the difference when watching videos or streamings in high definition.


Ho. Mobile prices are competitive and without hidden costs. You don’t have to stay with them, and you can pay as you wish. Also, there is the option “Restart,” which allows you to buy GB a month in advance.Some offers are not fixed.

Most bundles are specifically for Iliad’s clients and other virtual operators. There aren’t many offers for new customers. Also, there is a daily limitation to buy a SIM online, and often it is confusing.

DetailsPriceAvailable For Clients FromExtras
70 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS€5,99Iliad & Most MVNO€0,99 SIM
50 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS (30Mbps)€9,99Kena Mobile & Daily Telecom€0,99 SIM & €9,00 Activation
50 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS€12,99TIM, Wind, Vodafone & Tre€0,99 SIM & €9,00 Activation

Customer Service

Ho. Mobile’s customer service is not complete. It is difficult to contact an operator, and they don’t answer directly. However, there is a community called “Hofficina”, where members can help each other. The mobile app is probably the best that you will find.

  • 192121: Contact service
  • 800688788: Call center for no Iliad numbers (free)
  • 421111: Portability status information
  • 42121: Check balance, top-ups, and tariff options
  • +39 346 4448 421:Check balance, top-ups, and tariff options abroad
  • +39 346 4448 921: Abroad contact service


If you want the same coverage as Vodafone for a lower price, go for ho. But remember that you will have limitations in speed and support. You will have to pay €9,00 to create a new phone number with them. It is only convenient if you already have a network and you want to change it.

Coop Voce

CoopVoce is the first MVNO in Italy, and it is one of the most famous as well. It is a brand from the supermarket “Coop,” which is one of the biggest in Italy. CoopVoce currently has more than 1,3 million customers.


CoopVoce works with the TIM network, so it is reliable in most zones. However, it may don’t work in many isolated places like hills or rural areas. Don’t expect to have the same coverage as TIM. When it comes to roaming, it works just fine in European countries.


CoopVoce has decent speed, and you won’t notice any slowdown when browsing. The network allows rates up to about 150 Mbps/Download and up to 50 Mbps/Upload in 4G. In most places, you will have a 4G connection.


CoopVoce’s bundles are complete and without compromises. However, they are a bit more expensive compared to other MVNOs. All packages are fixed, and there isn’t any hidden cost. Coop is always crystal clear with prices.

Some bundles:

Plan NameDetailsPrice
CoopVoce TOP 1010 GB, Unlimited Voice & 1000 SMS€9,99
CoopVoce Smart 1515 GB, 1000 Voice & 1000 SMS€7,50
CoopVoce Web 20 Giga20 GB€11,99
CoopVoce Web 10 Giga10 GB€7,99

Customer Service

Customer support is fast, and the operators are always ready to help you. It is easy to contact the call center, and they quickly answer to you. Also, there is an online chat, which is very efficient if you don’t have much time. CoopVoce has one a complete customer service.

Some useful numbers:

  • 188: Contact service
  • +39 334 4188 188: Abroad contact service
  • 4243688: Auto contact service
  • 4244320: Service management


If you are looking for a reliable company, CoopVoce is for you. However, the prices are not competitive, and rivals have better bundles. It is an excellent option if you regularly shop in Coop grocery stores. Foreigners may not have permission to make the deal. The best pick overall isCoopVoce Smart 15.

Kena Mobile

Kena Mobile is a budget brand of TIM, and it is the direct competitor of ho. Mobile. However, TIM is not giving so much attention to the trademark. Many people define it as an “unfinished project.”


Kena Mobile runs with TIM’s signal, so expect to havesimilarcoverage. However, it has some data connectivity issues. The coverage is great, but it is not the same as TIM. This is because TIM gives more interest to its main customers. Also, you will have to configure the APN manually when introducing the SIM.

Kena is not recommendable for roaming in Europe. You may have a hard time trying to connect to the network. It will work for some minutes, but then you will need to restart your phone. If you are going to visit more countries, it isn’t a good option. But you are unlikely to face coverage issues in Italy.


Kena Mobile’s speeds are weak and very limited. Similarly to ho, you will have a rate limit of 30Mbps in download. However, the maximum upload speed is only 5.76Mbps, and it could be a problem for some people. You won’t feel any difference when scrolling on social media, but when watching videos. For most people, it isn’t a huge problem.


When it comes to prices, Kena has very aggressive offers. Many packages include more than 50 GB. But the most suitable bundles are only for people coming from another carrier. There isn’t any hidden cost, the prices are fixed, and you can leave when you want.

Plan NameDetailsPriceOpen ForExtras
Kena Voce 4,9950 MB 4G, Unlimited Voice & SMS (30Mbps)€4,99Customers From other CarriersNone
Kena Flash 5,9950 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS (30Mbps)€5,99Customers From other CarriersNone
Kena 8,9950 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS (30Mbps)€8,99New NumbersNone
Kena 13,9970 GB, Unlimited Voice & SMS (30Mbps)€13,99EveryoneNone

Customer Service

Sometimes it is challenging to contact Kena Mobile’s customer service. But usually, operators are timely to fix the problem. Plus, its Facebook page has a high response rate, and it is very useful. Kena’s website is simple to use, and you can do many tasks with it.

Some useful numbers and contacts:

  • 181: Contact number
  • 40181: Check the balance recharge your credit
  • 800181181: Fax for specific requests
  • +39 350 5999 181: Abroad customer service
  • E-mail:


Kena Mobile is the mobile network with the best prices on the market. But remember that you will get modest speeds and coverage. Also, you won’t be able to use it outside Italy. I would buy it as a second SIM since it isn’t very stable. Kena always stays a decent choice to consider. No doubt, the best bundles areKena Flash 5,99andKena 8,99for new numbers.

Very Mobile

Very Mobile is the newest Wind Tre’s brand, similarly to what TIM and Vodafone did. It was officially launched on February 20th, 2020, and it has really good support. Very Mobile promises to give affordable prices with transparency and decent quality.


Very Mobile has the same coverage as Wind Tre, so it should work in most situations. However, it is still a really new company, and we can’t conclude without first having enough data. You shouldn’t have any problem with coverage since Wind Tre has a secure connection. Roaming works in all Europe with zero extra costs, but you can only use 2.4GB.


You will have some limitations if you decide to buy a Very Mobile SIM card. The maximum speed is 30Mbps in download and 30Mbps in the upload. If you don’t do heavy works online, you will probably be okay. Sometimes it even exceeds the speed limits, but it is rare.


Currently, Very Mobile doesn’t have a great variety of bundles. There is only a package for the first 20,000 people, which includes 30GB, unlimited data, and SMS for €4,99 without bonds. The price includes everything except the activation cost, which is €25.

Customer Service

Very Mobile is at the same level as Wind Tre when it comes to customer support. You can get assistance through the call center and Facebook page. Finally, the mobile app has a user-friendly design, and it is easy to use.

(Video) How To Use Your Cell Phone Internationally | Travel Tips & Advice

Some useful numbers:

  • 1929: Contact number
  • 800 99 4444: Toll-free number


Very Mobile offers similar prices, speeds, and coverage as other cheap options such as ho and Kena. If you want the same reliability as Wind Tre for a lower price, go for it. But Iliad remains the best value for the money network.


What is the best SIM card to use in Italy? ›

If you want to buy the best SIM card in Italy, I recommend going with Wind Tre (formerly Wind and Tre), TIM, Vodafone, or Iliad. TIM has the best coverage with Vodafone. The latter also has the best overall network and the fastest 5G NR speeds. Wind Tre has the fastest 4G/LTE network.

Which is the best mobile network in Italy? ›

Vodafone leads across most mobile experience categories in Italy based on Opensignal's awards table as it wins six awards outright — four awards in the Overall Experience section, as well as both Consistent Quality awards.

Is Vodafone good in Italy? ›

29.36 Mbps with Vodafone Italy), making it the third-fastest mobile operator in Italy. What is this? According to Opensignal, Vodafone Italy has the second-best 5G NR download and upload speeds (146.7 Mbps download and 18.1 Mbps upload). Only TIM Italy is significantly faster (271.7 Mbps download and 25.1 Mbps upload).

Can I buy an Italian SIM card online? ›

E-sim cards for Italy

The most convenient way to stay connected in 2022 is an e-sim card for Italy. In short: you order an e-sim card online, receive a code, you enter this code on your mobile and you will get access to a network provider in Italy.

Does WhatsApp work in Italy? ›

WhatsApp reigns supreme in Italy, and virtually all Italians use it to text and call as it costs less than SMS text messages or regular phone calls. Many businesses like hotels and tour companies also use WhatsApp, even if they have a landline, to accept bookings or send confirmations.

Which is better WindTre or Vodafone? ›

Vodafone edges out WindTre to win the Video Experience award

Vodafone wins the Video Experience award, scoring 72 points. It achieved a 0.3 points lead on second-placed WindTre — which previously won the award in our November report.

Is there 5G network in Italy? ›

TIM reported it will expand its 5G offering to more than 20 cities by the end of 2021. On the other hand, Iliad claims its 5G is now available in parts of 27 cities.
Opensignal Awards Table.
Mobile Experience Awards WinnersNovember 2021, Italy
5G ReachW WindTre
5G Download SpeedT TIM
5G Upload SpeedT TIM
1 more row

Is Italy using 5G? ›

TIM users enjoyed the fastest 5G download and upload speeds in Italy. Our TIM users experienced the fastest average 5G Download Speed of 271.7 Mbps, meaning that TIM wins the 5G Download Speed award outright.

Does Vodafone have 5G in Italy? ›

Vodafone Italia launched the Vodafone 5G Network in June 2019.

Is Windtre good in Italy? ›

What is this? In fact, Wind Tre is the fastest mobile operator in Bologna (48.40 Mbps), Florence (44.03 Mbps) & Naples (35.33 Mbps). But even when we look at the numbers on a national level, Wind Tre is still the fastest (37.11 Mbps), ahead of Iliad (31.94), Vodafone Italy (29.36 Mbps) & TIM Italy (25.62 Mbps).

How do I buy data in Italy? ›

You simply pop the SIM card into your phone once you're in Italy and it will automatically connect to a local mobile data provider—the European Union banned data roaming charges so any European data plan will work in any EU country.

How do I get an international SIM card in Italy? ›

You can purchase a sim card easily from a number of places in Italy – airports, cell phone shops, and online (for multinational companies like Vodafone, but not the small, local providers).

Do you need a passport to get a SIM card? ›

To purchase a local SIM card, you'll need: A passport. An unlocked phone. A local address (sometimes)

How do I get an Italian phone number? ›

If you are a foreign citizen who intends to stay in Italy for a short vacation or for a longer period of time, you can get an Italian mobile phone number just by going to one of the mobile phone company stores (e.g. Tim, Vodafone, Wind, Tre, Fastweb), which you can find almost anywhere throughout the city, and asking ...

Is there free Wi-Fi in Italy? ›

Italy offers wifi in most places, but the free wifi is not always quick or suitable for social media or video calls. Hotels and Airbnbs are the safest place to guarantee a free, fast internet. Some restaurants and cafes have free wifi that is good, but probably not as fast as what you are used to at home.

Can I use WhatsApp for free in Italy? ›

You can use WhatsApp internationally for free with Wi-Fi; depending on your cellular plan, you may incur international charges for using cellular data on WhatsApp. To preclude international data fees, you can turn roaming off on your phone and still use Wi-Fi.

Is WhatsApp free in Italy? ›

It's mainly an instant messaging software, if you have access to the internet you can chat for free with all those who installed whatsapp on their phones.

Is there a SIM card that covers all of Europe? ›

Eurolink Prepaid Regional eSIM

That gives you the most flexibility to choose the amount of data you want to pay for (and it's all easy to top up). With 39 countries covered, you'll also have just one plan and the freedom to go practically anywhere. It's the ultimate European adventure data plan.

Is there a SIM card that works all over Europe? ›

The Orange Holiday Europe Prepaid SIM Card is probably the best all-around option for SIM cards that can be purchased abroad because it offers a lot of data for a good price — and it includes a lot of worldwide calls and text.

How can I get unlimited data in Europe? ›

Holafly is an international esim store, which offers economical travel eSIMs for unlimited internet data to use while you're abroad. These eSIMs with unlimited data can be used while traveling to Europe and are also available for other destinations such as the USA and Asian countries such as Japan, China, etc.

Does Windtre work in the UK? ›


See conditions of use and countries of validity. For the United Kingdom, at the moment and until expressly stated otherwise, WINDTRE applies the same pricing as for countries within the European Union.

How do I get the best mobile signal in my area? ›

The Mobile Signal Finder is a free app, providing users with the ability to track and find the best cell coverage in their area.

Does 4G work in Italy? ›

Most service providers have good 4G coverage in the main cities as well as the countryside, however coverage in the Alps to the north, rural areas to the south and some parts of Sicily may be patchy at times.

Does Italy have LTE? ›

It's a time of great uncertainty for Italy's mobile operators. OpenSignal is seeing signs of improvement in LTE availability in the country in our measurements, but 4G download speeds have somewhat stalled.
Download Speed: 4GV
Latency: 4GT
Availability: 4GV
9 more columns

Does 3G work in Italy? ›

The networks in Italy are 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, so you shouldn't have any connection problems.

Does Rome have 5G? ›

Italy is a 5G pioneer as the fourth European country to commercially launch 5G services; it is also a highly competitive market. TIM recently announced a 5G cloud network and WindTre extended 5G dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) to 93% of the country.

Does 2G work in Italy? ›

There are four network providers currently operating in Italy, with one merger and one new entrant scheduled: TIM 2G, 4G and 5G. Vodafone 2G, 4G and 5G.

How do I buy mobile data in Italy? ›

You simply pop the SIM card into your phone once you're in Italy and it will automatically connect to a local mobile data provider—the European Union banned data roaming charges so any European data plan will work in any EU country.

Do you tip in Italy? ›

First off, tipping in Italy is neither mandatory nor expected, but if you do decide to do so, the gesture is a very clear indicator that you appreciated the service provided.

Can I use data in Italy? ›

Italy is a Go Roam in Europe destination which means you can use your data here at no extra cost.

Is there a lot of WiFi in Italy? ›

Italy offers wifi in most places, but the free wifi is not always quick or suitable for social media or video calls. Hotels and Airbnbs are the safest place to guarantee a free, fast internet. Some restaurants and cafes have free wifi that is good, but probably not as fast as what you are used to at home.

How do I get WiFi in Italy mobile? ›

Unlimited data eSIM for Italy

One of the quickest and easiest ways to connect to the internet is to buy an eSIM for Italy. These are cards that work completely virtually and the favorite smartphones for these virtual chips are iPhones, as most of these devices are compatible with eSIMs.

How much data do I need in Italy? ›

How much data do I need for Italy?
Mobile data usageMaps and research
LOW - Less than 200MB per dayHappy to use physical or offline maps. Have everything written down and planned. Minimal on the go research required
MEDIUM - Around 500MB per dayPrefer to use live maps and will do some research on the go
1 more row
20 May 2021

How much is Italy internet? ›

The average fee for new customer offers is currently around 27.36 euros per month (328.34 euros per year). “Old customers" who choose to switch operators can save on average 13.29 euros per month (159.49 euros per year).

Can I wear jeans in Italy? ›

Are jeans appropriate to wear in Italy? While Europeans tend to dress up more than Americans, you still can wear jeans in Italy. However, avoid acid wash and extremely distressed denim and opt for medium-dark blues and blacks. Black skinny jeans always look chic in Europe!

Can you drink tap water in Italy? ›

The short answer is yes. Drinking water from the tap in Italy is considered safe. Tap water in the major cities and towns around Italy is safe for consumption, and there are thousands of old-style water fountains dotted around cities, like Rome, where you can fill up water bottles.

Is it OK to wear shorts in Italy? ›

You can wear shorts in Italy and look perfectly normal.

How do I avoid roaming charges? ›

Airplane Mode/Flight mode stops your device from receiving any calls, texts and using any data — allowing you to prevent roaming charges.
AndroidOS 5.0 or newer
  1. From your home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Cellular.
  3. Tap Cellular Data Options.
  4. Next to Data Roaming, toggle roaming on.
28 Oct 2021

Is Vodafone free in Italy? ›

Vodafone also offers 5G roaming in Spain, Germany, and Italy (see the full list of 5G cities on the Vodafone 5G hub). If you're travelling to any of the 51 roam-free European countries and have a qualifying n Unlimited data Xtra Plan, you won't be charged anything additional.

Do I get charged for using data roaming? ›

Roaming allows you to make calls, send texts, and use wireless data even when you're outside of your network's boundaries. The downside, of course, is that roaming data usually comes with extra charges to your account.

Where is the best internet in Italy? ›

The best internet service providers in Italy are:
  • Colt.
  • Intred S.P.A.
  • Libero.
  • Tiscali.
  • Telecom Italia.
  • FastWeb.
21 Jun 2022

Where can I get internet in Italy? ›

There are plenty of internet providers in Italy but the market is dominated by Telecom Italia (TIM). The other major players in the market include Fastweb, Tiscali, Vodafone and Windtre.

Can I use my mobile data in Italy? ›

Almost all phones should work in Italy. Just check to see if your mobile phone supports GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequencies. If travelling from outside the EU, it is worth making sure you have an international call package with your mobile phone provider before visiting Italy.


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