Medical conditions, disabilities and driving (2023)

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You’ll get a decision by letter. Your application may need further information from a healthcare professional, depending on your condition.

(Video) Medical Conditions in Older Drivers - DMV

DVLA might:

  • contact your doctor or consultant
  • arrange for you to be examined
  • ask you to take a driving assessment, or an eyesight or driving test

Your application may take longer than usual if it needs to be referred to a doctor (unless you’re applying for a bus or lorry licence).

(Video) Comparison of Unsafe Driving Across Medical Conditions

You can usually keep driving while DVLA are considering your application.

If you’ve told DVLA about a condition when applying to renew your licence, follow the guidance about driving that’s in the form.

(Video) What are the Social Security doctors looking for when reviewing your medical records?

Contact DVLA if you need advice or to check on your case.

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(Video) The California DMV and License Suspensions for Medical Conditions
(Video) When driving is impaired by illness or disability


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