Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (2022)

It's our biggest price drop ever!
Get Xstream Box at ₹1,500 ₹2,650

Get access to Amazon Prime,
Sony LIV & 10+ more top OTT apps

Enter your mobile number to buy now

It's our biggest price drop ever!
Get Xstream Box at ₹1,500 ₹2,650

Get access to Amazon Prime,
Sony LIV & 10+ more top OTT apps

Enter your mobile number to buy now

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (1)

It's our biggest price drop ever!
Get Xstream Box at ₹1,500 ₹2,650

Get access to Amazon Prime,
Sony LIV & 10+ more top OTT apps

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (2)

Enter your mobile number to buy now

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (3)

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (4)

5000+ Apps

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (5)

500+ TV Channels

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (6)

Built-in Chromecast

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (7)

Search with Google Assistant

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (8)

Runs on latest Android 9.0

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Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (9)

Binge big
on the Big screen

Loads of blockbuster movies and web shows across 13 languages built-in with Airtel Xstream App.

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Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (10)

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (13)

Your Apps now on your TV

Access over 5000 Apps with the Google Play Store – games, music, content and much more!

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Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (14)

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (15) Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (16)

4K picture quality

Watch 500+ TV channels in 4K resolution for amazing clarity, realistic colours and vibrant images.

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Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (17)

Chromecast built-in

Cast your favourite content from smartphone to your TV with the Google Chromecast built-in.

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Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (18)

Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (19) Buy Android TV Box - Smart TV Set Top Box with Price (20)

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Fueled with the power of Google

Powered by the latest Android Pie, your entertainment will always be ahead of the curve.

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Airtel Xstream FAQ's

What is Airtel Xstream Box?

Airtel Xstream Box is a 4K Android box. It is an affordable alternative to Smart TVs. Users can use the set top box to stream OTT channels and TV channels both on their regular TV with an in-built Chromecast. The box comes with its own remote that can be used to give voice commands. It is powered by Google Assistant.

How to get new Airtel smart set top box connection?

You can get the new Airtel smart box either from the Airtel website or from the Airtel Thanks app.

Submit your mobile number and installation city in the form mentioned at the start of this page and click on submit button. Our executive will reach out you with the installation process.

Or download the Airtel Thanks app. Find ‘Buy’ tab on the ‘Manage’ page of the app. Tap on Xstream, fill relevant details, and place the order.

You can buy the smart Xstream box for just Rs. 1500.

Which OTT apps are available with Airtel android box?

There are 10+ OTT apps available with the Airtel android box.

  • Amazon Prime
  • Sony Liv
  • Lionsgate
  • Eros Now
  • Manorama TV
  • Hungama Play
  • Hoichoi
  • Shemaroo
  • Dollywood
  • Divo
  • Epic On
  • Docubay
  • Flix
  • Klikk
  • Ultra
What are the installation charges for Airtel Xstream Box?

The Airtel Xstream box originals costs Rs. 2650. As per the current offer, you can buy it for Rs. 1500. The installation charges are included in the price.
You will get the Airtel Xstream box and a remote along with a few free OTT subscriptions.
Note: DTH recharge and OTT subscription charges are not included in the price.

Difference between DTH set top box and Xstream android tv box?

The Airtel DTH set top box is your standard HD box that comes equipped with record & play features, premium video quality and Dolby Digital sound. On the other hand, Xstream box converts your TV into an Android TV. You get Android TV features like built-in Chromecast, voice search and many more.

What are the key features of Airtel Xstream smart tv box?

The key features of Airtel Xstream Smart TV box are:

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a. Xstream box lets you do voice search with Google Assistant

b. You get built-in Chromecast with your Xstream box

c. You get access to more than 500 TV channels and 5000 apps, made specifically for your Android TV

d. Xstream box runs on the latest Android version

Do you need internet connection to use android box?

Yes, you will need to have a broadband connection to be able to use your Airtel Xstream Android box. The internet connection will also help you to watch OTT content on your Android box, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar and more.

What TV channel packs available on Airtel Xstream box?

There are multiple TV channel packs that are available in the Airtel Xstream Android box. The channels packs have been designed keeping your interests in mind. In addition, you can also choose from the list of a-la-carte channels available

Can we replace normal dth set top box with Xstream android tv box?

Of course! You can replace your normal DTH set top box with the Xstream Android TV box for a far superior experience. With Airtel Xstream, you get a smart Android TV, with the very latest features, thousands of apps, and incredible picture quality.

Are there additional charges for using entertainment apps on Xstream box?

Not at all! There are no additional charges for downloading entertainment apps on your Airtel Xstream smart Android TV. You can let go of your worries and download as many entertainment apps from the Google Play Store as you want. However, you may have to pay for some paid apps on the Play Store.

What are the popular plans on airtel Xstream box?

When it comes to the Airtel Xstream box, there are multiple plans that are suited according to the needs of various users. However, to enjoy both DTH and OTT services without any hiccups on your Airtel Xstream Android box, you will have to pay a minimum amount of ₹153 each month.

Can we record tv shows & movies on android tv box?

Yes, if you want, you can even record the on-air TV shows and movies that are running on your Android box TV. Therefore, even when you miss out on your favourite serial or sports competition, you can simply play them once again.

Can you install Xstream Android box on a normal TV?

Definitely! The Airtel Xstream Android smart TV can be equipped to a normal TV as well. Hence, you do not have to spend any additional money on a new TV. Simply purchase our Android box and enjoy the very best of Android TV on your normal TV.

Can I connect a USB device in android set top box?

Sure, you can connect a USB device into the Android TV set top box quite easily. USB cables and their ports can be of different types, therefore ensure that you are using the correct USB port for the respective USB device.

How to recharge or update plans in airtel Xstream box?

Recharging or updating your Airtel Xstream box plans are very easy. You can visit the Airtel Xstream website on your computer or smartphone for changing the plans or to pay bills. You can also use the Airtel Thanks payment app for the same.

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What is the ideal internet speed required for android box?

For your Android box, it is best that you get a broadband connection that provides around 70-100 mbps speed. It will also work with a 40 mbps broadband network but a better plan means you get to stream content on OTT platforms at a much higher resolution

How to create user profile for airtel Xstream box?

Creating your user profile on Airtel Xstream Android smart TV is effortless. All you have to do is Sign in to your Google account on the TV. In case you do not have an account, you will have to create a new Google account before you can access all the features of the smart TV.

How to access apps and channels on airtel smart tv box?

As soon as you login to your Google account, you will be able to access all the channels and apps on your Airtel Smart TV box. Furthermore, if you wish to download more apps on your Android smart TV, simply go to the Google Play Store and download any app that want.

Buy Android TV Box Online – Airtel Xstream Box

With the help of an Android TV box, turn your regular TV into a smart TV and level up your lifestyle. After all, enjoying your favorite shows, watching LIVE matches, and relishing other infotainment programs is utmost fun on the big screen.

It’s time to take binge-watching to the next level. Ditch your mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, and switch on the streaming capability of your television with the Airtel Xstream Smart TV box.

Get Android Set Top Box at Best Price

Airtel Android box for TV is here to change the game. Avail yourself of a wide range of content, easy set-up, high-quality services, and reliable connectivity at the best price possible.

The Airtel Xstream Android box price is just Rs 1500; however, its original price is set at Rs 2650. Plug it in and get ready to step into a new world of technology. The Airtel Xstream Android box for TV is the perfect alternative if you don’t have a smart TV at home.

Enjoy OTT Apps on TV with Airtel Xstream Smart TV Box

Are you all in to revolutionize your TV hall? If yes, then buy Android TV box from Airtel right now and enjoy your favorite TV shows while lounging on your sofa. Along with 500+ TV channels, you get access to OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Sony Liv app with Airtel Xstream digital set-top box.

Our smart box Android also provides access to a number of other apps including Eros Now, Hungama Play, Shemaroo, Lionsgate, Manorama TV, Hoichoi, Dollywood, Divo, Epic On, and other such infotainment apps.

Explore High Quality 4K Content with Smart Set Top Box

Experience 4K picture quality in 13 languages as you watch superhit movies and web series on your TV. Open the Google Play Store on your TV set and you have more than 5000 apps including music apps, games, and a lot more to enjoy. Enrich your family for a top-notch experience. With Airtel Xstream Android TV box 4K, the future of entertainment is right here.

Explore additional benefits with Airtel Android Smart TV Box

Apart from giving access to 10+ OTT platforms and 5000+ Google Play store apps at no extra charge, Airtel smart TV box provides its users with several additional benefits. It runs on the latest Android 9.0 version and hence is extremely fast and secure to binge watch your favorite programs.

Capture the entertainment world right in your hands. Xstream android smart box comes with a voice-enabled remote that would help you search for anything on your TV with the help of Google Assistant.

Airtel Xstream Box – Enjoy OTT Apps & TV Channels in One Screen

Avail high-quality sound and pictures on your TV channels. You can also record on-air TV programs with our set top box and watch them later at your convenient time. The built-in Chromecast feature of the android smart TV box lets you cast your phone or tablet content on the television.

Doesn’t this Airtel android box sound like the perfect deal you are looking for? Well, sign up for the service today. The Airtel smart TV box price is just Rs 1500.

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Which is better smart TV or Android box? ›

You can also install third-party apps on your Android TV set-top box. Therefore, it is much more upgradeable than smart TVs. So, the main advantage of a smart TV would be its simplicity—only one remote is needed. To watch something via a set-top box, you will need two—that of the TV, and that of the media player.

Is Android TV box a set-top box? ›

Android TV box is basically a set-top box. It allows the users to watch on-demand videos, video content sites, play games, and watch regular network shows on big screen. All you need is a good internet connection and a TV that supports Android operating system.

What is the price of Android set-top box? ›

Get Android Set Top Box at Best Price

The Airtel Xstream Android box price is just Rs 1500; however, its original price is set at Rs 2650.

Which TV box is better? ›

Xiaomi Mi Box S

The NVIDIA Shield TV is undoubtedly one of the best Android streaming devices you can buy right now with its Pro model being more suitable for power users. Chromecast with Google TV is clearly one of the best value streaming devices out there going head-to-head with TiVo's Stream 4K.

Which Android TV is best for home? ›

  • Kodak 40 Inches Full HD Certified Android LED TV. ...
  • Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV. ...
  • Sansui 32 inches HD Ready Certified Android LED TV. ...
  • Samsung 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. ...
  • TCL 40 inches Full HD Certified Android R Smart LED TV. ...
  • AmazonBasics 32 inches HD Ready Smart LED Fire TV.
14 Oct 2022

Can I use Android TV without internet? ›

Yes, it's possible to use the basic TV functions without having an Internet connection. However, to get the most out of your Sony Android TV, we recommend you connect your TV to the Internet.

What is the disadvantage of Android TV? ›

  • Android TV Won't Connect via Wi-Fi. ...
  • Android TV Streams Pixelated Videos. ...
  • Google Play Store Crashes During App Installation. ...
  • Netflix Won't Stream in 4k. ...
  • Android TV is Slow. ...
  • Android TV Turns Off at Random. ...
  • Poor or No Audio.

Can I use smart TV without internet? ›

A smart TV can be used without an internet connection; however, without the internet, you lose access to all the device's advanced smart features, like connecting to your favorite streaming apps. In other words, smart TVs will function like a standard TV when it is not connected to the internet.

Is there a monthly fee for Android box? ›

Customers attach the loaded box to their TV and stream whatever they want, with no commercials. There are no monthly fees, just the up-front cost of the device. The device could be a threat not only to cable companies but also to video streaming services.

Can I use Android box with smart TV? ›

You can connect your Android TV Box to your smart TV through any vacant HDMI port on your TV. Android TV Boxes must be connected to the Internet to work.

What channels are free on Android TV box? ›

How to Watch Free Live TV on Android TV
  • Pluto TV. Pluto TV provides more than 100 TV channels across several categories. News, sports, movies, viral videos, and cartoons are all well-represented. ...
  • Bloomberg TV. ...
  • JioTV. ...
  • NBC. ...
  • Plex. ...
  • TVPlayer. ...
  • BBC iPlayer. ...
  • Tivimate.

Which top box is best? ›

10 Best Set Top Boxes in India for Uninterrupted Entertainment
Our Top RecommendationsBest Prices on Amazon
Tata SkyCheck Prices
AirtelCheck Prices
Dish TVCheck Prices
15 Sept 2022

Can I buy my own set-top box? ›

As it turns out, it's 100 percent OK to supply your OWN cable box or DVR and eliminate those expenses! At sites like, you can buy your own replacement cable box for $120, which pays for itself in 16 months. Or a combination cable box/DVR for $200.

Is set-top box better than smart TV? ›

Overall, the advantages of a set-top-box over a Smart TV are flexibility, hardware speed, app compatibility and user-friendly interfaces. Set-top-box technology is evolving VERY quickly and new devices are coming on the market all the time.

Which set-top box is best for 4K Android TV? ›

Ultra Hd 4k Selector & Smart Box
  • Mi TV Stick with Built in Chromecast. Black. 4.2. (60,623) ₹2,399. ₹3,499. ...
  • Mi Box 4k Media Streaming Device. Black. 4.4. (74,304) ₹3,399. ₹4,999. ...
  • Best Value. Google Chromecast 3 Media Streaming Device. Black. 4.5. (24,513) ₹1,899. ...
  • MOTOROLA DVM4KA01 Media Streaming Device. Black. 4.4. (2,488) ₹2,699. ₹5,999.

Can we use DTH in Android TV? ›

You can watch TV channels and OTT apps seamlessly on your TV with a smart Android set top box. To watch your conventional TV channels, you need the dish on your roof and a cable connecting the box to the dish. For watching OTT apps, you need to have an internet connection.


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