5 Tools to Check Your Sending Reputation | Twilio SendGrid (2023)

We always stress the importance of a strong sending reputation. Your sending reputation, or how mailbox providers judge your mail, is driven by how your subscribers react to your messages. If the messages you send generate a lot of spam complaints, your sending reputation will worsen and future messages will be harder to get to the inbox.

On the other hand, if recipients engage with your messages, your sending reputation will be stronger, and your messages will be more likely to make it to the inbox. Unfortunately, there’s no single value or score that describes your sending reputation across all mailbox providers. However, there are a few tools, stats, and tips you can use to monitor and better understand your sending reputation.

5 tools to check your sending reputation

While it’s true that there’s no singular score that all mailbox providers use to evaluate your sending, there are some third-party tools and even mailbox-specific tools to help you track your sending reputation. All these tools center on different data sources and attempt to score senders based on their practices and results. As single sources of truth, these scores don’t often tell the entire story, but when used in conjunction with other data points, these can be very helpful in identifying reputation issues. Some tools offering reputation scores are:

1. SenderScore.org

Like a credit score, a Sender Score is a measure of your reputation. Sender Score gives you a score from 0 to 100. The higher your score, the better your reputation and the higher your email deliverability rate. Numbers are calculated on a rolling 30-day average and illustrate where your IP address ranks against other IP addresses. Validity provides this service.

2. BarracudaCentral

Barracuda Networks provides both an IP reputation lookup and domain reputation lookup via their Barracuda Reputation System—a real-time database of IP addresses with “poor” or “good” reputations. You can check your IP score to see if you’ve made the nice or naughty list.

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3. TrustedSource

TrustedSource, run by McAfee, provides information on your domain’s email reputation and web reputations as well as affiliations, domain name system, and mail server information. It also provides details on the history, activation, and associations of your domain.

4. Google Postmaster Tools

Google offers Postmaster Tools to senders allowing you to track data on your high-volume sending into Gmail. The helpful data it provides includes IP reputation check, domain reputation check, Gmail delivery errors, and more.

5. Microsoft SNDS

Similar to Google’s Postmaster Tools, Microsoft offers a service called Smart Network Data Services (SDNS). Among the data provided by SNDS is insight into data points like your sending IP’s reputation, how many Microsoft spam traps you deliver to, and your spam complaint rate.

Not every mailbox provider gives you insight into how it views your sending reputation, but 2 of the largest mailbox providers do. Through Google Postmaster Tools and Microsoft SNDS, you can freely see a day-by-day evaluation of the reputation of the messages these major providers see from you. While Google’s and Microsoft’s view of your sending reputation has no impact on how other providers see your mail, it’s a good bet that troubles at these major providers will be accompanied by similar troubles elsewhere.

Reputation is one part of a healthy email program

While each of these data points is a great help in evaluating your sending reputation, none of them, singularly, tell a complete story. For example, it’s not uncommon to see email senders with Sender Scores around 98–99 still having inboxing problems.

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It’s important to know that just because you have a high reputation score from a third party or don’t have any deny listings, it doesn’t mean you won’t get throttled, sent to the spam folder, or blocked outright.

When considered together, the scores from the tools above and the insights and tips recommended below will give you a very good idea of how your current sending reputation stands with mailbox providers.

Review your statistics over time to identify trends

All senders’ reputations change over time.

Understanding how your statistics trend is critical to understanding how your overall reputation changes. Since sending reputation is all about how much of your email makes it to the inbox, seeing trends like decreasing open rates or increasing spam complaint rates tend to be the most reliable indicators of existing or pending reputation degradation.

Conversely, seeing improving delivery or open rates over time can indicate an improvement in your sending reputation. Since each mailbox provider operates a little bit differently, it’s even more helpful if you can keep an eye on these changes on a domain-by-domain basis to identify specific reputation issues at specific providers.

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Look for IP and domain deny listings regularly

When your email sending generates too many negative signals, such as spam complaints or delivery to spam traps or honeypot addresses, it’s likely you’ll see increased denylistings of your IP, your domain, or both. While not all denylists have a significant impact on your delivery rates, seeing increases in denylisting events for your sending is an indicator your sending reputation is suffering. A great, free tool to use to keep an eye out for denylistings is https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx.

Send yourself messages

It’s never a bad idea to send yourself messages as if you were a recipient.

If you have multiple email addresses at different mailbox providers, send to them all. While you can never make broad assumptions about how a mailbox provider treats all your mail based on results to a single address, seeing changes in how your emails land in your inboxes or spam folders can be a good indication that your reputation may be degrading, especially when combined with other data points. Just remember to do yourself a favor and positively engage with your messages. If they do land in your spam folder, pull them back into your inbox.

Improve your sending reputation proactively

While these tools help you check your sending reputation, domain reputation, IP reputation, spam score, and the like, senders typically only use them reactively. Once they notice a problem, that’s when they start getting concerned about reputation authority.

Regardless of your scores, be proactive about protecting your reputation. Follow email best practices to keep yourself on good terms with all the inbox providers.

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Twilio SendGrid also provides a few tools to help you take control of your sender reputation:

  • Email Testing
  • Email Address Validation API
  • Deliverability Insights

Email Testing

SendGrid’s Email Testing tool helps you send emails with confidence by catching errors before you press Send.

  • Spam score checker: We’ll analyze your emails and alert you to spammy-looking content that’s likely to trigger spam filters with this tool. We’ll also run your email through a few of the most popular spam check platforms to give you a good idea of how your content will perform.
  • Link checker: We’ll crawl your email to ensure you don’t send a message with broken links, checking every URL with a single link to ensure it goes to the right place. We’ll even make recommendations if your link directs to a site with a poor domain reputation or too many redirects.
  • Inbox render test: We’ll show you how your email will look across clients, browsers, and devices to ensure your message looks great no matter where it gets opened.

Email Address Validation API

SendGrid’s Email Address Validation IP helps improve your email deliverability by validating email addresses before you send. Our real-time API monitors your email list to ensure mistyped, inactive, nonexistent, and disposable emails don’t join.

A clean list reduces your bounce rates and improves your sending reputation with mailbox providers. And that means better delivery rates for you.

Deliverability Insights

SendGrid’s Deliverability Insights provides you with a single dashboard to monitor and improve your email program. You can check email deliverability metrics at a glance and see the data the matters most.

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It’s all packaged into an actionable and easy-to-digest format. That means you don’t have to waste time digging through menus and tabs to find the data you need.

Take control of your sending reputation with Twilio SendGrid

Your email reputation is always in your control. Take advantage of these tools and tactics to gain more accurate visibility into how the mailbox providers view your mail. These data points signal whether your mail gets to the intended recipients. So the more proactive you can be with your email deliverability, the better.

If you’re interested in having a partner to helpwith your sending reputation and email deliverability, check out Twilio SendGrid. Our Expert Services offer over 130 years of combined email industry experience to ensure your email program is set up for success.


How is SendGrid reputation calculated? ›

The SendGrid account reputation is computed based on a calculation of: The percentage of delivered requests out of the total amount requested (delivered / requests). This number takes into account bounces, invalid emails, and drops (repeat bounces, unsubscribes, etc.).

How do I fix sender reputation? ›

Steps to Repair Your Sender Reputation
  1. Perform damage control. ...
  2. Find and address problems with lead sources. ...
  3. Find and address issues with your existing list, content, and automation. ...
  4. If you're confident the root cause has been addressed, start repairing your reputation.

How can I check my domain reputation for free? ›

Now, let's go through some readily available tools that you can use to check your email server IP and domain reputation.
  1. 1) SenderScore.org.
  2. 2) TrustedSource.
  3. 3) BarracudaCentral.
  4. 4) MxToolbox.
  5. 5) Google Postmaster Tools.
  6. 6) Talos.
  7. 7) MailTester.
  8. 8) Ipvoid.

How do I increase my sender reputation score? ›

Boost Your Sender Reputation
  1. Clean your list by regularly removing unengaged contacts.
  2. Use double opt-in confirmation and/or an email verification tool to prevent misspelled addresses from winding up on your list.
  3. Never buy contacts – always use lists that are 100% opt-in.
25 Jan 2022

What is the reputation method? ›

Reputational Method. technique used to rank individuals according to social class. This is done by asking individuals in the community to rank other members based on what they know of their character and life style. Social Class. a group of people with similar backgrounds, income, and ways of living.

What is a reputation search? ›

It is a professional service rendered to corporations with good SEOs and unique reputations on search engines. This service create search engine ranking awareness for businesses and also train them on activities that can give them well-ranked results.

What is the best reputation score? ›

The reputation score is calculated on a 1,000 point scale, where 1,000 is the highest possible rating on the scale and 0 is the lowest.

How is email reputation calculated? ›

To determine domain reputation, receivers keep track of ways your domain is used in a message and how that message ends up performing in the inbox. Based on this data, major ISPs use complex algorithms to ultimately “score” your domain, checking that score when scanning future messages to establish a level of trust.

How do I clean my domain reputation? ›

The best way to improve your domain reputation and keep it high is to send good emails that people will actually open and click on. Subscribers might even forward your emails, if they're really valuable. All the other email deliverability best practices are technical in nature.

How long does it take to fix email reputation? ›

Sometimes, like when you're warming up or trying to change a bad reputation, it can take 3 – 4 weeks to see any direct progress. This is a screenshot of IP reputation on Google Postmaster Tools. The sender made some significant changes in mail sending on some of their IP addresses starting in mid to late December.

How can I improve my email deliverability? ›

How to improve email deliverability
  1. Authenticate your email domain.
  2. Maintain proper IP allocation.
  3. Perfect the opt-in process.
  4. Write non-spammy subject lines.
  5. Provide a preference center.
  6. Keep clean lists.
  7. Avoid spam traps.
  8. Send email that people love.
15 Aug 2017

What is a reputation dashboard? ›

The new reputation dashboard provides overall bounce and complaint rates for your entire account. This enables you to more closely monitor the health of your account and adjust your email sending practices as needed.

How do you evaluate online reputation? ›

Key Online Reputation Metrics You Should Track
  1. Online Reviews Volume and Quality. ...
  2. Web Traffic. ...
  3. Conversion Metrics. ...
  4. Google PageRank. ...
  5. Subscriptions + Bookmarks. ...
  6. Social Reach. ...
  7. Sentiment Analysis. ...
  8. Share of Voice.

How do you test email deliverability? ›

Email Deliverability
  1. Step 1: Send an email to ping@tools.mxtoolbox.com.
  2. Step 2: Once you have sent that message it will reply. Click the link: "View your full Deliverability Report"

Why do I have a low reputation score? ›

A low reputation score impacts your personal reputation based on what was used to get the result. Factors that generally pull your score down include the presence of negative articles, comments, images and reviews, where each ranks in Google and how often searchers interact with each negative link.

What determines your reputation score? ›

Your reputation score is calculated based on your business performance across the top social media and business review sites, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Tripadvisor.

What are the 7 dimensions of reputation? ›

Cognitive consideration of various stakeholder groups in a form of perceptions and attitude is constructed towards 7 corporate reputation dimensions: Products & Services, Innovation, Workplace, Governance, Citizenship, Leadership and Performance.

What are the types of reputation? ›

These are split into two broad categories: (a) outcome/capability reputation and (b) behavior/character reputation, which is intended to capture both the economic and sociological forms of reputation.

What are the examples of reputation? ›

Example Sentences

He has earned a reputation as a first-class playwright. a teacher with a reputation for patience Poor customer service has ruined the company's reputation.

How do you do a reputation analysis? ›

A step-by-step guide to nailing your brand reputation analysis
  1. Step 1: Identify primary sources where the talk happens. ...
  2. Step 2: Track your brand's mentions over time. ...
  3. Step 3: Conduct sentiment analysis. ...
  4. Step 4: Keep an eye out for your brand's share of voice.

What is a reputation index? ›

The reputation index should measure the quality of the suppliers and even the suppliers' suppliers. Similarly, the corporate reputation of any strategic alliance or joint venture partner can have an impact on reputation.

What is a reputation score mean? ›

What is a Reputation Score? Just like you have a credit score based on your financial credibility, your business has a Reputation Score. This reputation score measures how much customers trust your brand online on a scale, which is primarily based on your online listings and reviews.

What is a good reputation? ›

If you are considered trustworthy and kind, you have a good reputation. Reputation comes from the Latin word reputationem, which means "consideration." It's how people consider, or label, you — good or bad.

Which reputation type has a score of 3? ›

Score Types

What is a good email sender score? ›

If your score is over 80, congratulations! That's a very good Sender Score.

What is DNS reputation? ›

This free DNS reputation check tool lets you check if a domain name is blocked by DNS resolvers like Quad9, Neustar Recursive DNS, Comodo Secure DNS, CleanBrowsing, AdGuard DNS, Yandex. DNS, Strongarm and more.

How do I fix my domain reputation email? ›

Practical Steps to Improve your Domain Reputation
  1. Decrease your email sending frequency. ...
  2. Clean up your Email lists. ...
  3. An Unsubscribe Button. ...
  4. Send Really Good Emails. ...
  5. Catchy Subject Lines. ...
  6. Use Personalization.
31 May 2020

How do you know if your email campaign was successful? ›

Establishing a clear conversion rate is an important metric for evaluating the overall success of your email marketing activities. Return on investment (ROI) measures how cost-effective an email campaign is. The mathematical formula is: (profit minus cost) / cost.

Can email mistakes damage your professional reputation? ›

Email content can have legal repercussions. Be aware of what you send. Poor Grammar – Improper punctuations, incorrect word usage, never ending sentences, or poor sentence structure can quickly discredit your professional image.

Which SMTP is best for spamming? ›

You can set up SMTP.com in no time, as it easily integrates with popular platforms, including WordPress. It also provides secure sending through SSL encryption and blocks spam. Besides that, the service offers 24/7 customer support and detailed analytics reports that show email delivery and engagement performance.

How can email efficiency be improved? ›

  1. Schedule Specific Times for Checking Email. One of the best email productivity hacks is to limit the number of times you check email in a given day. ...
  2. Turn Off Your Email Notifications. ...
  3. Limit the Time Spent Handling Emails. ...
  4. Use Folders to Get to Inbox Zero. ...
  5. Set Up Rules to Filter Mail. ...
  6. Convert Emails into a Lists of To-Dos.
3 Mar 2021

How can I improve my email bounce rate? ›

How to Reduce Your Email Bounce Rate
  1. Double Opt-Ins. Getting subscribers to double opt-in is a solid measure even on its own. ...
  2. Clean Your List Regularly. ...
  3. Make Sure Your Emails Aren't Spammy. ...
  4. Segment Your List. ...
  5. Regularly Show Up. ...
  6. Don't Use Free Sender Domains. ...
  7. A/B Test Emails. ...
  8. Remove Hard Bounced Email Addresses From Your List.
31 Jan 2022

What is reputation management tools? ›

A reputation management tool allows business managers and owners to track their brand reputation across various sites by monitoring reviews, comments, and brand mentions. They make it easy to invite customers to fill out the reviews that a brand needs to keep its company in the spotlight.

What are the 3 categories of tactics for reputation management? ›

In the field of online reputation management, there are three main building materials — earned, paid, and owned content. Note: I've used the word “content” to describe each of these three. The word “media” is also interchangeable. Here is a helpful way to visualize them.

What are the best techniques used in online reputation management? ›

7 Online reputation management techniques for brands
  • Perform a brand audit. A brand audit is a critical first step in your online reputation management strategy. ...
  • Monitor brand mentions. ...
  • Respond to negative reviews. ...
  • Invest in SEO. ...
  • Leverage public relations. ...
  • Encourage customer reviews. ...
  • Promote positive content.
11 Mar 2022

Which techniques are using as online reputation techniques? ›

7 Secret Techniques to Improve Online Reputation Management
  • Capture Reviews from Your Previous Customers. ...
  • Expand Your Online Presence. ...
  • Ask Customers to Upload Their Pictures. ...
  • Respond to Customer Complaints and Queries Publicly. ...
  • Share User-Generated Content on Your Social Pages. ...
  • Work with Influencers of Your Business Genre.
17 Jan 2020

Why is it important to measure reputation? ›

Effective Reputation Measurement Creates Stakeholder Value

It's one of your most valuable and important business assets and a major factor in determining what your company is really worth.

What is SMTP test tool? ›

SMTP Diag Tool is used to identify and troubleshoot SMTP server problems by trying to send message to SMTP server and display all trial log in the log window. The log windows will display all sending steps, error messages and last result (success or fail). Snapshots.

How do I check SMTP issues? ›

  1. Check the SMTP server settings. SMTP server address—Check the host name or network address of the SMTP e-mail server. ...
  2. Check the SMTP authentication settings. Check whether the e-mail server requires authentication. ...
  3. Test SMTP settings by sending a test e-mail. If you are unable to send a test e-mail:

How is domain reputation calculated? ›

To determine domain reputation, receivers keep track of ways your domain is used in a message and how that message ends up performing in the inbox. Based on this data, major ISPs use complex algorithms to ultimately “score” your domain, checking that score when scanning future messages to establish a level of trust.

What is a sender reputation score? ›

An email sender reputation is a score that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to an organization that sends email. It's a crucial component of your email deliverability. The higher the score, the more likely an ISP will deliver emails to the inboxes of recipients on their network.

How does SendGrid email validation work? ›

Twilio SendGrid's Email Validation API

When you send email through Twilio SendGrid, you can validate email addresses in your contact list by using our Email Validation API. Using machine learning, the API identifies common misspellings, inactive addresses, and shared email addresses (like team@company.com).

What is the SendGrid SPF record? ›

SPF overview

SPF attempts to prevent email sending abuse by ensuring that the IP address from which a message was sent is authorized to send mail on behalf of the domain in the email's Envelope From or return-path .

What is a good domain reputation score? ›

What is domain reputation? Your domain reputation is like a credit score for your sending email domain. Email service providers calculate your domain reputation on a scale of 0 to 100. The closer to 100 your domain score is, the more receiving email servers will trust your emails.

How do I check my email score? ›

It's a 10-point scale where the higher the score, the less likely your mailing will be filtered as spam.
  1. Head to www.mail-tester.com and copy the email address in the white box.
  2. Go back to your mailing draft and send a test mailing to this email address.
  3. Navigate back to Mail Tester and click “Then check your score”

How do I verify my SendGrid email? ›

Send Email Verifications with Verify and Twilio SendGrid
  1. [SendGrid] Create or log in to your SendGrid account.
  2. [SendGrid] Create a SendGrid API Key.
  3. [SendGrid] Set up domain authentication.
  4. [SendGrid] Create an email template.
  5. [Verify] Create a Verify service.

How do I check my SendGrid email status? ›

You can check email delivery status by using the Email Activity page, or by using the Event Webhook. For a successful delivery, the Email Activity page, or the Event Webhook shows a delivered event - expanding it shows a reason code of 250 OK. This means the receiving server has accepted the message.

How do I check my SendGrid email? ›

The Email Validation dashboard will appear in the SendGrid UI for the user that creates the Email Validation API Key.
  1. Navigate to Settings, and then select API Keys. ...
  2. Name your new key and select the Email Address Validation Access permission.
  3. Select Full Access to the left of Validation.

Is SPF enough DMARC? ›


SPF works without DMARC. But it will not be sufficient to rely just on SPF because it may have various flaws. DMARC validates the sender of an email using either DKIM or SPF records. SPF doesn't provide domain owners with a mechanism to send reports of failed deliveries.

How do I create an SPF record? ›

How to Build Your SPF Record in 5 Simple Steps
  1. Step 1: Gather IP addresses used to send email. The first step to implement SPF is to identify which mail servers you use to send email from your domain. ...
  2. Step 2: Make a list of your sending domains. ...
  3. Step 3: Create your SPF record. ...
  4. Step 4: Publish your SPF to DNS. ...
  5. Step 5: Test!

How many emails can you send per day with SendGrid? ›

Once you create a sender identity a, you can send 100 emails per day. If you need to send more than that, complete your account setup to upgrade to a paid plan!


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