5 Best Free Resources Music For Commercial Use On 2022 (2022)

You can dramatically change how you create online visual content for your brand with music. But where can you find free music for commercial use?

There are a number of websites that provide free music to use in your videos. These sites offer a wide range of genres, styles and moods of music that are suitable for any video project.

Before we get into what resources are available, let’s talk about their commercial use.

To determine if something is likely to be considered commercial use, ask yourself if you are using it for your business. Suppose the design is for your brand.

If it’s for direct profit, it’s almost undoubtedly commercial.

If you are spreading the word or marketing your business without making a direct profit from the content, it is best to be cautious and consider it commercial.

Using someone’s music or art without express permission can result in closure, forbearance, or worse.

Free music for commercial use can be found even on reputable websites.

Whether you’re looking for instrumental tracks to play in the background of your next explainer video or need hot sounds free for commercial use for your social media campaigns, there are many resources to choose from.

Why is it important to use free music in your videos?

You can use royalty-free music in your videos. It is free and legal to use as long as you credit the artist. You can find royalty-free music on websites such as YouTube, SoundCloud and Vimeo.

There are many reasons why it is important to use free music in your videos. Music sets the tone of a video and makes editing easier. It can also help with branding if you use an original song or background video music from a popular artist like Drake or Taylor Swift.

How can I use free music for commercial purposes?

While music can be a great addition to online marketing efforts, its use depends on who owns the tracks.

We’ll cover the differences below, but be sure to research the site you want to download music from to make sure you’re following their usage guidelines.

Free music does not mean there is no obligation to attribute. Attribution is a nod to the creators or distributors of that music. Look carefully at each site’s requirements for song attribution. This is often a link in the description or caption of your video.

Also, free does not necessarily mean unlimited use. For example, some sites may allow mixing or adding lyrics, while others do not. Check the licensing agreements on each website.

Comparing music royalty free for commercial and free commercial music to use: When looking for free commercial music to use, remember that “free” does not mean “music royalty free for commercial use”.

Free means that you don’t have to pay royalties to the music creators. However, use is always limited to specific formats, quantities of use, etc.

Where can I get Royalty Free Music for Commercial Use?

1. Bensound – license free music for commercial use

Bensound tracks are presented as royalty-free music, and they can be downloaded for free, but with certain conditions.

5 Best Free Resources Music For Commercial Use On 2022 (1)

If you want to use the free option, click on the black button to download the music of your choice. A window will appear, in which you can choose between free and subscription. You then download an Mp3 file.

You can use this file in various audio and video projects, respecting the license conditions described on the Bensound website.

For example, you can use them in your videos with a link giving credit to the Bensound website. However, you may not use the music in podcasts or audiobooks, record it as such, or remix it.

You can browse by genre, with tons of options to choose from. Or you can search by keyword.

For example: When you find a piece of music you’re interested in, click to find out more. You’ll be taken to a page with information about the composer, a description, keywords, etc.

Bensound offers free and paid subscription options, and free downloads are limited to a smaller music library than subscriptions.

The standard subscription plan allows for limited use, including online videos or music in your bar or restaurant.

The extended subscription allows for broader use, including movies, stage productions, and local TV and radio commercials.

Bensound has specific rules about how music can and cannot be used.

It does not allow you to remix or add lyrics to the music you use, whether it is downloaded for free or with a subscription.

Also, you may not use them for international television or radio commercials, podcasts or audiobooks, meditation projects, or resell them as music-only projects.

Create an account and download royalty free music for free.

2. Audionautix – free music for commercials

Audionautix is the result of the passion of its founder, Jason Shaw. He wanted to offer people a way to acquire good music for their projects, even commercial ones, without getting caught up in copyright issues.

5 Best Free Resources Music For Commercial Use On 2022 (2)

This website hosts mostly music created by Jason himself and music from different genres.

You can search by characteristics such as mood, genre, tempo, style, etc.

When you find something you’re interested in, click on “Listen Now” to hear it. If you want to hear more, you can click on the corresponding tags to discover other similar songs.

Click on the “Download MP3” button when you are ready to download.

The music is free to download, including commercial purposes, but attribution is required.

3. Free Music Archive – free music to use

5 Best Free Resources Music For Commercial Use On 2022 (3)

WMFU created the Free Music Archive, a radio station in New York and New Jersey, to provide original music to creators on the Internet.

This creation stems from the belief that copyright laws can be outdated and thwart digital creativity.

They believe that providing a place where music creators can share their music with Creative Commons licenses helps musicians be heard by a wider audience while assisting other creatives to improve their work.

Like other free music sites, you can browse different genres for commercial use.

You can also click on the individual artist links to learn more or scroll through the artist list to see all the available creators.

To listen to a song or track, click on the play button. Click on the download icon (a button with a downward pointing arrow) to download a recording.

A small pop-up window appears with song information and licensing information if you click this button.

Since the website uses Creative Commons license definitions, be sure to check the pop-up icons to see how you are allowed to use the music.

You only need to pay attention to the crossed-out dollar sign. This sign means that you cannot use this free music for commercial purposes.

If this icon does not appear, you can use it for commercial purposes. Click on the icon to get more information about each Creative Commons use.

4. MusOpen – free copyright free music licensed

If you’re looking for free music for commercial use in the public domain, try MusOpen. This nonprofit is dedicated to music education and getting pieces into the public’s hands, or rather ears.

5 Best Free Resources Music For Commercial Use On 2022 (4)

Focusing on public domain music provides access to songs whose copyrights have expired, making them available for redistribution or reuse, including for commercial purposes.

Songs can be searched using unique categories such as romantic, happy, sad, relaxing, energetic, or fun. It is also possible to search by composer, instrument, or period.

You can listen to each song and see the licensing information next to each as you browse.

Look for ones that don’t have a crossed-out dollar sign – this symbol indicates that they are not for commercial use.

Songs that do not have this symbol may be used for commercial purposes with proper attribution.

To start downloading tracks, you need to create an account.

5. DL Sounds – sounds free for commercial use

DL Sounds are based in the Netherlands and run by a group that produces original music.

5 Best Free Resources Music For Commercial Use On 2022 (5)

Creators from all over the world can use it in their multimedia projects. Because their music is made by them and is not available anywhere else, they can provide fresh music for digital projects.

In addition to songs, they have sound effects and loops, which are short, repetitive sections.

You can search in the search bar or go to the Music tab to explore all the songs. You can also filter by genre, mood, file type, or even beats per minute.

Most of the music on DL Sounds is only available by subscription, and they offer a one or three-month subscription with unlimited downloads.

However, they also provide free music for commercial purposes. Look for the “free” icon at the bottom right of a song’s visual.

Music For Commercial Use – FAQs

what is commercial use of music?

Commercial use is when someone uses music in order to make money. Music is used in videos whose ultimate goal is to increase sales.

can i use royalty free music for commercial use?

Music licensing is when you pay money to use someone else’s song. You can listen to music in any genre from classical to heavy metal to country. But instead of paying for your own songs, you pay money to use other people’s songs.

Is there free music for commercial use?

In some cases, music for commercial use is entirely free. In other cases, you will have to pay a subscription fee to access some or all of the content. Subscriptions often offer more usage options or give you access to a more extensive library. Some sites offer truly free music, but the possibilities for use may be limited.

How to license music for commercial use?

To get permission to use music, you must first ask the copyright holder if you can use it. Then you must pay them money. After that, you can use the music without any problems.

How to find music used in commercials?

There are many different ways to download songs. You could search online using Google. Or you could use apps like Shazam or Songkick. But before these apps were available, people used to google lyrics.

How to buy music for commercial use?

Music libraries sell music for commercial use. Performers’ royalties are collected by performing rights organizations. Musicians who aren’t well known often pay less for licensing.


Music is an integral part of a video. It can be used to set the mood and give a sense of drama or nostalgia.While there are many paid options for commercial use music, it is also possible to find free commercial use music to use in your videos.

Once you find free music for commercial use, your creative ideas could indeed become a reality. Your thoughts are only limited by each website’s licensing agreements and attribution requirements.

5 Music free to use commercially ressources to use:

  1. Bensound – free music for commercial use
  2. Audionautix – free music for commercials
  3. Free Music Archive – free music to use
  4. MusOpen – free copyright free music licensed
  5. DL Sounds – sounds free for commercial use

Using the resources above, you could find inspiration in original tracks, public domain choices, and more when thinking about the videos and other marketing projects you want to create.

Finally, from explainer videos to quick posts on social media, all this music can enhance your marketing efforts.

What piece of free music inspires you to create something new?

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