15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (2023)

Updated: November 13, 2020

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (1)

Last month we posted an article about the Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Bloggers, Startups.

This time is all about the best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast.

I'll start by posting out some ideas in case you're a first timer here or in case you don't know that much about Facebook Groups. We wrote about this, so sure to check our category.

How to behave in a Facebook Group

Each Facebook Group has its own rules. Most of the time, they are clearly written in the About section. You don't have to join the group to see them. In this way, you'll be able to decide quickly if you want to be a part of that Facebook community or not. But don't be scared! These rules are not uncommon or hard to *obey*.

If the group doesn't have its rules clearly stated, then you should have in mind these next ones. They are also good examples to make an idea about what Facebook Group rules are about:

  • don't be rude, offensive or have other similar attitudes – a Facebook Group is a community where people gather to share ideas, advice and ask questions. They clearly don't want to take part of any type of rudeness. They are there because they know they'll find fellows who share the same ideas. Nobody in that group will laugh if they post a question or ask for some advice, because people are there to help each other.
  • don't promote yourself/your company – again, people gather in a Facebook Group community because they know its a “safe”. Ads don't show up, so why would you become an ad? If it's really valuable to share something from your blog/your website, make sure to ask the admin first.
  • don't spam – being active in a Facebook Group is clearly something not that easy to do. Why? There are two possibilities. First, the group can be a bit crowded so having 100% chances that your post will be seen by everyone in the group it's kind of a fairy tale. Secondly, you might be a bit shy to actually post something you thought of. Having these said, it can be easier to just constantly post random links without explanations or any kind of personalization, but don't do it! Spam is something everyone hates. Admins usually help new members being welcomed in the group, so take that opportunity – get rid of that shyness and make yourself visible!
  • answer questions publicly – this is a rule that is applied to admins, too. I wrote about it here. As you are in a community, others may find your answer useful. So why keep them away from this benefit? If you know the answer to a question or if you want to share a different view of an idea, do it publicly, in the group. Don't send private messages.

On a whole, these are the main rules every Facebook Group has, even if they are written or not.

Why should you join a Facebook Group and not just follow a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Page and a Facebook Group are totally different in terms of community. I like to say that a Facebook Page is mostly a monologue, while a Facebook Group is a dialogue.

If a company has a Facebook Page, the manager will focus on posting content that is 20-30% referring to them, to their products and so on. The other percentage will have content of other types. So there are some aspects here.

The first one is that now with the new Facebook algorithm, users will see more of their friends' post in their timeline. Posts from Facebook Group will not be that popular. I think you'd really have to have a history with a Facebook Page – liking, sharing, basically engaging a bit with it. Otherwise, as a user, you won't be seeing that much of it anymore.

Thus really creating a connection with your Facebook Page followers is harder to do that in a Facebook Group.

Secondly, every activity you might engage in as a user with a Facebook Page will appear in your friends' News Feed. Maybe you don't want everyone to know what you're thinking, what ideas do you have and so on. You want to be in a more private environment, where no one will judge you. Surprising or not, people do judge: “why does he/she like that book?”; “why is he trying to get attention from that company?”, and many more. This brings us to the third aspect.

Your Facebook Friends are almost all different. They might not like what you like and vice versa. The same applies to the followers of a Facebook Page. There is the possibility that some of them just liked your Page because you were holding a contest. Some might have liked it because their friend told them to, but they don't identify that much with the brand. Others might have been curious of the content at some point, but then they forgot to dislike the Page.

Continuing, there are many possibilities and reasons why a Facebook Page audience can be not that relevant to a company. This isn't always the case, of course. You can build a magnificent audience, that actually engages with your content. But it happens a lot for a company to post a question and have a small percentage of people actually answering to that. See the previous paragraph to understand why this might happen.

Finally getting to the Facebook Groups. Here you can build a truly relevant community; people who like the same things, who really want to share ideas with others. People from their friend's list won't see what are they doing in that group. They will see only that they joined a specific Facebook Group. Therefore, members of a Facebook Group won't be so shy or skeptical when posting.

It's easier for a company to build trust with the help of a Facebook Group. This is because it [the company] will be able to genuinely communicate with their actual/potential customers. The admins of the group will be able to find valuable knowledge about their customers' likes/dislikes and opinion regarding some products.

Asking members about what they think will make them [the members] feel included and important in the eyes of the company. Valuable content will actually be valuable, as promotional posts will be rare.

Nonetheless, not everything is about businesses. There are also Facebook Groups and Pages that simply share resources, content and other similar things. Still, there are a lot of Facebook Groups that focus on just sharing content and on helping each other, but which are linked to an entrepreneur or a website or a company. I believe this is the right thing to: have a Facebook Page where you promote whatever you want, and link it to a Facebook Group where you really communicate with your audience.

Why should you join a Facebook Group for Design Enthusiasts?

Among other websites you can use for inspiration (dribble, Piktab etc.), you can always find a niche Facebook Group; one that gathers only the designer interested in a specific topic (logos, graphics, typography etc.).

Joining a Facebook Group will help you connect with other experts in your domain, make connections and friends.

A Facebook Group it's a great professional resource.

This is because you can also find out about various events related to your domain (events that are small, with only a few people). Finding of trends and news it's also one of the things you can benefit from.

Besides, it's hard sometimes to really find an answer or an advice on something you are struggling with. It's also difficult to scrape the exact information you want, due to the vast pool of websites and links regarding design.

That is why I tried to collect some of the best Facebook Groups for design enthusiast. I split them into categories so that it'll be easier for you to find what you need.

Let me explain: an admin can post an invitation in its current group (which has to have a large audience) for members to choose if they want to join a more specific Facebook Group. I'll give you a basic example: if the original group is about Cooking, the new subscription one can be for New Recipes. In the invitation, members will see exactly their benefits, with the help of cards that outline them. You can find more information about this subject, here.

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So hurry up! Choose a group which relates to your domain and interests. You'll then be sure that if the new Facebook Group feature rolls out, you'll be able to see an invitation to a Facebook Subscription Group.

Facebook Groups for Graphic Designers

The Facebook Groups that you'll find in this category are:

  • Get Back to Design
  • Elevate & Cultivate Design Collaborative
  • Dribble Pro
  • Behance Club

Here are a few details about each of them.

Get Back to Design

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (2)

Get Back to Design is a Closed Group. It was created about 2 years ago. It's a small to medium group as it has about 600 members. Regarding activity, it's safe to say that they are at a medium level.

This group states right from the beginning that it's intended strictly for designers. It's linked to the Facebook Page Get Back to Design, which is managed by the same two girls. They basically nurtured a small community that listens to their podcast episodes, based on design as a whole: from creating designs to managing clients and so on. You can listen to their podcasts for free on their website, or check them on iTunes or on Stitcher.

Their Facebook Group is based on getting feedback on your work, sharing accomplishments, asking questions. They even support you with tips and advice regarding some coding. They don't allow promotion or affiliate links and you can't discuss pricing; all you can do is to ask or share referrals.

As a freebie, they offer a free course with the same name (Get Back to Design).

Bonus point if you noticed: they don't have a personalized URL, as I wrote you should have in this article. Still, it's their choice to do so.

Elevate & Cultivate Design Collaborative

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (3)

Triple the community, this Facebook Group is also a Closed one. It has around 1900 members and it was created about 2 years ago. Regarding the activity, they post more than the previous group.

It is an organized and it states from the beginning that you have to answer three questions if you want to be approved. Also, they check your profile to see if you've listed a graphic/web position; those who don't do these 2 things, won't be accepted in the group.

E&C Facebook Group is linked to the Elevate&Cultivate Facebook Page, and you can check their website here. They are focusing on helping other designers with design tips, job postings, getting feedback, and much more.

They don't encourage UpWork or Fiverr, and they allow job postings as long as they are for paid positions. You shouldn't post promo links or disguised self-promotion; they will tell you when it's THAT day, thus when you'll be allowed to promote yourself.

Another cool thing about this Facebook Group is that you can ask for feedback regarding your work projects (be careful to your clients' privacy).

Dribbble Pro

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (4)

Being a Public group, Dribble Pro has way more members than the previous ones. It has around 4800 members. Their activity is at a high level. It was created 3 years ago, and it's linked to Pixaroma.

Pixaromais a Facebook Page that I mentioned in this article quite a lot. It wasn't on purpose, they just created some great Facebook Groups for Designer Enthusiasts. They have a big audience, to which they share design resources, tips&tricks, freebie and much more.

It's a great group for inspiration, for seeing what others are designing. It's main and only rule is that you should post only dribble links; otherwise, you'll be removed. Therefore, it's a great addition to Dribble the website, because here you can be constantly up to date with some new designs. It's also easier to make connections and to communicate with each other, giving and receiving feedback.

Behance Club

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (5)

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Similar to the Dribble Pro Facebook Group, this group focuses on sharing Behance links.

It's a rather new group, created 9 months ago. Although it's a closed group, it already reached to a community of 1800 members. It's quite an active group, and it's also linked to Pixaroma.

If it's similar to Dribble Pro, then it means that you'll find great constant inspiration from here. Activate your notifications, and you'll be among the firsts who will see the new designs. Definitely a bit easier to do this than actually going on the Behance website and searching for the new.

Facebook Groups for Web Designers

The Facebook Groups that you'll find in this category are:

  • Web Design: WP Innovator
  • Web Designer
  • Grow Your Web Design Business
  • Advanced WordPress

Here are a few details about each of them.

Web Designer

Web Designer is a public one and it has almost 60.000 members. Yes, you read that right. Although I advise you to look for closed groups, it doesn't do you harm to join some public ones as well. You don't know what treasure you'll find.

They don't mention any rule, but that doesn't mean you should go wild. They are asking you to share whatever idea, resource or question about Web Design.

Being such a large community can be a minus as if you'd like to post something that will stick to other members' minds', can be quite difficult. On the other hand, this vast community can be filled with great inspiration, great answers and valuable knowledge about web design.

Advanced WordPress

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (6)

Another big and quite an old group, Advanced WordPress has 31.300 members, and it is a closed group. It was created 7 years ago! Who would have thought back then that Facebook Groups will be so useful?

Even though the name and they personally say that this group is for Advanced users of WordPress, they still welcome anyone. They say you have to post only things related to WordPress.

Since is an advanced group, they also state that you should do some research before posting a question about, for example, the best plugin; better have 3-4 choices and present them to the group, so that people will share their feedback on them.

As it's a group with history, you'll find many social media communities they've created (Facebook, meetup, Reddit, Google+). Feel free to follow them all; you'll find them in the about section of the group.

Grow Your Web Design Business

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (7)

This is a bonus group - Grow Your Web Design Business. There are people that are creating their web design businesses. This group is a perfect fit for them. They say you'll learn how to get more clients, where to find resources, and much more.

They set a day, Wednesday when you can post your projects. Otherwise, you are not allowed to promote yourself. Other rules include not being rude, and to always provide value.

This group is managed by a team from Content Snare. Check their website here if you are interested in a better communication with your clients. If you have a project, they will help to get from your client all that you need, in the right format, without hassle.

Facebook Groups for Photoshop and Illustrator Fans

The Facebook Groups that you'll find in this category are:

  • Photoshop Users Group
  • Photoshop Love
  • Adobe Illustrator Tips, Tricks and Tutorials
  • Illustrator Love

Here are a few details about each of them.

Photoshop Users Group

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (8)

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Photoshop Users Group also has a bit of a history, as it was created 5 years ago. It's a closed group with a community of 26.300 members, and it is quite active.

They have a big list of rules, but they are not hard to follow. You have to bring value to the group (even posting a question falls in this category). It's not a group where you can offer your work or where you can find work, so don't do that. If you download someone's photos or edits you'll get banned.

The creators wanted to build a community where people would learn from each other's mistakes or successes. They encourage feedback and reviews, so it's a great group for you to improve your skills and knowledge.

Photoshop Love

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (9)

Another Facebook Group linked,Photoshop Love, to Pixaroma is this one. It is a public group, created 3 years ago. It has 4000 members and it's not overly active.

As rules, they strongly ask you to not post anything unrelated to Photoshop. They want to see your questions, tutorial, graphic, resources, all related to Photoshop. Still, you should keep in mind the unwritten rules. Asking for help/advice and giving help is a great way to improve your skills. And this is exactly what the group is about.

Illustrator Love

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (10)

Photoshop and Illustrator are like brothers. So why shouldn't they both have its own Facebook Group? Illustrator Love is similar to Photoshop Love, but it's about Illustrator (who would have guessed?).

It is a public group and has 3200members, It was also created 3 years ago, and it's also linked to Pixaroma. There are no main differences between these two groups. They work exactly the same, only the software is changed. Even though you may find a bit of Spam and promotion posts, it's still excellent for finding tips, advice, and help.

Facebook Groups for Logo Design Inspiration

The Facebook Groups that you'll find in this category are:

  • Logo Design: Logo Designer Expert Team
  • Logo Geek Community
  • Logo Design Club

Here are a few details about each of them.

Logo Design: Logo Designer Expert Team

Logo Design: Logo Designer Expert Team is a closed group created 4 months ago. It already has 13.400 members, and it is quite active.

The main idea of this group is that you will find resources, job projects, inspiration, collaborations. They don't encourage rudeness and spam. As a guideline, they say that new members should post a bit about themselves and share what are they hoping to get from this group.

It is a group great for both newbies and advanced people. If you are seeking someone to make you a logo, this group can also help you.

Logo Geek Community

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (12)

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Another fairly new group is Logo Geek Community, created about 1 year ago. It now has 4600 members and it's quite an active group. It is closed and admins ask you a few questions. They say that this group is for designers only. Keep in mind that they will ask you for a portfolio and for a description of yourself, before approving you.

This group is linked to the Logo Geek Facebook page. Logo Geek is a website where Ian Paget (the owner) sells his logo design services. Besides this, he offers a great podcast and great blog articles. You can check the website here.

Regarding the group's rules, you can find a complete list here. To sum them up, you are now allowed to sell or to promote on this group. Plagiarism and rudeness are forbidden. You can ask questions about your designs, ask for feedback, but with some context regarding the specific designs. You can share news and resources, and you can have fun and make friends!

Logo Design Club

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (13)

Hey, guess which page is linked to Logo Design Club?! Pixaroma, of course. It was created 3 years ago, it's public and it has almost 50.000 members!.

Even though it's a public group, they still have rules. This group is not the place for finding or posting job positions (regarding logos, of course). You can only post original logos, not any other type of graphic design. Ask for advice only regarding logo design, not regarding clients or any other private professional thing. If someone sees the work you posted and they like it, they can contact you via a private message. There are a few more rules and you can see the whole set here.

This is that type of well-organized public Facebook group. I think it's among exceptions. Just scrolling a bit you'll see that there are only logo photos created by members that are asking for advice. Therefore, this group is a tremendous source of inspiration. Besides, they also offer some tutorial which you can find in the rules page.

Facebook Groups for Typography and Fonts

I also thought that I should look for some of these kinds of Facebook Groups. Picking the right fonts and choosing great pairs is also an important thing that designers are thinking about.

So the Facebook Groups that you'll find in this category are:

  • Typography: Fonts • Lettering • Design
  • Type & Typography
  • What Font Is This?
  • GP Calligraphers

Here are a few details about each of them.

Typography: Fonts • Lettering • Design

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (14)

Typography: Fonts • Lettering • Design is a public group. Although it was created 5 years ago, it doesn't have such a big community – it has around 11.000 members and they are fairly active.

They don't have many rules, but you don't see so much spam. In fact, you'll find posts about asking for feedback, sharing new or interesting fonts and nice resources/articles. You can also post a font and ask what's its name. You will also find some graphic design posts.

They ask you not to post any other kind of content that is not related to the group. I think this Facebook Group is a great inspiration for you guys because it is packed with a lot of articles and photos.

What Font Is This?

15 Best Facebook Groups for Design Enthusiast (15)

Is a Closed group, created 3 years ago. It now has more than 80.000 members and it's extremely active.

What Font Is This? is linked to the FontBundles.net Facebook Page, which is connected to the fontbundles.net website. There you can find free fonts, and bundles along with other font offers.

You are not allowed to sell, to spam or to steal designs. You can showcase your work, ask for feedback and suggestions. It's also a great way to see what others are creating and using in terms of fonts. Like in the previous group, you can also ask for help in finding the name of a font.

You can also check these two other public groups, for some inspiration. Maybe you can find something useful here. They are not well organized, people are writing in their own language, but you can still check them out: GP Calligraphers andType & Typography.

So that's all for this article. Which one did you choose? Feel free to let us know what other Facebook Group for Design you found. There's always room for more!

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Are Facebook private groups really private? ›

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10 Sept 2014

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In 2014, we launched the Facebook Groups app for iOS and Android to help people access and share more easily with all of their groups.

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