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The synthesizer pop, shortly called as Synth-pop. It is also known as the techno-pop. It is one of the new wave's subgenre. During the 1970s, the synth pop rose to prominence, which used the synthesizer as the major instrument in music. It was estimated during the dawn of the 1970s that the dominance of synth-pop in disco, art rock, electronic and progressive rock. It is also majorly used in the band Kraftwerk, which is a Krautrock band. In many other countries like United Kingdom and Japan, the synth-pop was widely used genre of music. IN the mid-1970s and later, the Electronic synthesizers were used in recording studio practically, during this period that the musicians of electronic art began to rise. In 1979, Gary Numan found his place in the UK Singles Chart, taking this as an inspiration, many artists began their journey with the synth-pop sound during the start of 1980s. The Yellow Magic Orchestra in Japan started using the TR-808, which is basically a rhythm machine to produce pop music. The band has taken its impulse from the British acts of Synth-pop.

In early 1982 synthesizers were so dominant that the Musicians' Union attempted to limit their use. By the end of 1982, these acts had been joined in the charts by synth-based singles from Thomas Dolby, Blancmange, and Tears for Fears. Dutch entertainer Taco, who has a background in musical theatre, released his own synth-driven re-imagining of Irving Berlin's "Puttin' On the Ritz"; resulting in a subsequent long-play, After Eight, a concept album that takes music of 1930s sensibilities as informed by the soundscape of 1980s technology. The proliferation of acts led to an anti-synth backlash, with groups including Spandau Ballet, Human League, Soft Cell and ABC incorporating more conventional influences and instruments into their sounds. Let us now discuss about some of the best Synthesizer songs

Blade Runner Main Titles by Vangelis

10+ Best Synthesizer Songs in History (2022 UPDATED) - Gemtracks Beats (1)

It would be an overstatement to say the success of the song 'Blade Runner' was only because of the usage of the synthesizer 'Yamaha CS80'. But it is evident that the instrument was specially identified within the soundtrack of the song.Vangelis is Greek Music artist, who had a long career path before he met with Blade Runner. He started as a keyboard player for Aphrodite's Child rock band. He was best known for recording a classical form of psychedelic art rock, which is named as LP, 666. He has also worked some of the film scores which were most unforgettable piece of art in the 1970s as a solo artist.He has won an Oscar in the 1980s for his music on 'Chariots of Fire'.Vangelis has created a masterpiece through 'Blade Runner' for Ridley Scott. The song best explains the best of loneliness one could experience.

To bring out the deep emotions, Vangelis, heavily depended on the CS80, which was most expressive and expressive instrument. The song was also nominated for a Golden Globe and a BAFTA award. The musicians group called 'New American Orchestra' recreated the song which gained popularity among the fans. The song was also made its appearance in film in 1994, when the deal was finalized. But the song was missing the originality of the song, leaving it to be incomplete. Vangelis continued to use his CS80, which almost featured in all his works thereafter.

Blue Monday By New Order

10+ Best Synthesizer Songs in History (2022 UPDATED) - Gemtracks Beats (2)

After Ian Curtis passed away in 1980, the surviving Joy Division band members created New Order. The band consisted of Stephen Morris (Drummer), Bernard Sumner (Guitarist) and Peter Hook (Bassist), who decided to stop using the name Joy Division. They also added a new member named Gillian Gilbert, girlfriend of Morris to the band, who was a second guitar. Sumner was alternating between playing guitar and singing. 'Ceremony' was the first single of the band, was released during the end of Joy Division. The song still holds on the post punk style of the band, like the band's other new songs. The band also had an opportunity to learn various music forms like Italian disco, a dance music, during the band's trip to New York. On the successive releases, the dance features and the electronic music began to gain interest.

The club is the origin of Blue Monday, quite literally. The band opening night payed 'New Order', with many new elements included in it to make it a lengthy song, which turned out to be a greatest hit. The Blue Monday was recorded in 1982. Blue Monday was propelled by a stomping kick drum from an Oberheim DMX drum machine, an out-of-sync sequencer line, and choirs (allegedly) sampled from a Kraftwerk album. A distinctive Moog Source bass snakes through the disparate elements. Sumner's purposely pallid croon drapes it all in a sepulchral shroud.Not that the listeners were paying attention to the lyrics - they were too busy dancing. It sold like mad, going on to become the biggest-selling 12" single of all time.

I Feel Love By Donna Summer

10+ Best Synthesizer Songs in History (2022 UPDATED) - Gemtracks Beats (3)

It is all but impossible to underestimate the impact of I Feel Love. Released in the summer of 1977, it was a seminal slab of electronic disco unlike anything that had come before it. Famously, one of David Bowie's sessions for the Low album was interrupted by a breathless Brian Eno who, having just heard I Feel Love, declared that it was going to change the sound of music for the next 15 years. He wasn't wrong, but he was guessing a bit short of the mark, as echoes of I Feel Love have never faded, with musicians today still trying to recapture the magic of the original.Ironically, the song's longevity was something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In order to create their prognostic platter, they chose to eschew the typical instrumentation of disco music - telegraph guitars, thick strings, electric bass, and horns - and bring in a massive Moog IIIP system. The bass sequence, the snares, hi-hats - all were products of the modular synth. The results were a clean, open mix that allowed Summer the freedom to lay down an astonishingly evocative vocal performance.

Jump by Van Halen

10+ Best Synthesizer Songs in History (2022 UPDATED) - Gemtracks Beats (4)

It seems quite hard to imagine today, but there was once a time when synthesizers were anathema to the rock 'n' roll cognoscenti. Yet that was precisely the case when hard rock legends Van Halen issued Jump at the tail-end of 1983.To understand its impact, one must consider the era into which it was released. This was a time when hard rock and heavy metal acts hid their synth players from audience view. Synths were seen as 'pop' instruments - preferred by purveyors of pop or 'New Wave', and hardly suitable for the macho posturing of the typical hirsute metal head. Bands like Rush and Asia were garnering airplay with synth-laden tracks, but they were intellectual outliers who took their cues from the long-dormant progressive rock movement. Van Halen, on the other hand, were rough 'n' ready rockers, more stomp than pomp.

Given the band's image-conscious attitudes, it's no surprise that Eddie Van Halen's now-classic synth riff was rejected by his bandmates when he first demoed it in 1981. Roth wisely reconsidered, and the lyrics became a joyous, jubilant invitation to embrace life's opportunities. This was much more in keeping with Van Halen's optimistic approach and in line with the buoyant backing tracks.Jump might have been one of the band's poppiest moments up to that point, but they were still rockers through and through, and a Van Halen synth riff needed to be big, brash, and bold. Their risk was rewarded. Jump topped the Billboard charts and was accompanied by an award-winning video.

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Oxygene IV By Jean-Michel Jarre

10+ Best Synthesizer Songs in History (2022 UPDATED) - Gemtracks Beats (5)

By 1976, the synthesizer had infiltrated the mainstream. Adopted and integrated by big-name rock and pop musicians, sounds once associated with the avant-garde were now sprinkled amongst the electric guitars, electric pianos, horns and strings that formed the backbone of most hit records of the day.And yet, the all-electronic album was a rarity. Jean-Michel Jarre changed all that with Oxygene IV. Like the rest of the Oxygene LP, Oxygene IV was recorded at home, in Jarre's kitchen. A handful of instruments were used, among them an EMS VCS3, and Eminent 310 organ/string machine, an RMI Harmonic Synthesizer, and an ARP 2600.These instruments were painstakingly overdubbed and layered onto an eight-track recorder. Most of the processing came in the form of tape echo and guitar pedals.

While ambient at times - even psychedelic - Oxygene's signature quality is its tunefulness. Jarre is a master of melody and arrangement. Oxygene IV is ever so slightly mysterious, but entirely optimistic.An unlikely hit, Oxygene IV climbed to number 4 in the UK single chart, and is arguably Jarre's most recognizable composition. Both the single and the LP from which it was drawn made an indelible impression on generations of would-be electronic musicians. Today, Jarre's once unusual approach - a lone artist composing and recording at home with a handful of electronic instruments - has become commonplace, as easy for us as it was difficult for Jarre.

The Model By Kraftwerk

10+ Best Synthesizer Songs in History (2022 UPDATED) - Gemtracks Beats (6)

We've no doubt that there are few Music Radar users who are unfamiliar with the name Kraftwerk. Moreover, it'd be a fairly safe assumption that most of you already have an idea of what they sounded like.Yet it may come as something of a surprise to learn that the smartly-dressed synth-pop pioneers only achieved their signature sound after years of evolution. Even the band's breakthrough, 1974's Autobahn, retained such conventional instrumentation as guitar, flute, and violin and, though now seen as a seminal electronic album, Autobahn also contains elements of ambience and kosmischemusik. Still, the repetitious rhythms of the title track were a taste of things to come. By the time The Man-Machine was released in 1978, the transformation was complete - Kraftwerk were dedicated to creating their signature brand of electronic pop music.

This seminal synth-pop sound was best exemplified by The Model. Overlooked at the time of its release, The Model would belatedly find favor in 1981, when it was re-issued as the b-side to the band's then-current single, Computer Love. Re-re-issued as an A-side, The Model topped the UK singles chart in 1982.An exercise in minimalism, The Model is a near-perfect pop construct, with a simple progression, spare percussion, and a pretty much instantly memorable melody played in octaves throughout.

West End Girls By Pet Shop Boys

10+ Best Synthesizer Songs in History (2022 UPDATED) - Gemtracks Beats (7)

The formation of Pet Shop Boys was a largely unremarkable tale. The story of how their smash hit single, West End Girls, came to be, on the other hand, is a bit more convoluted.The single was recorded and released not once, but twice, and both versions were successful, one as an underground club 12", the other as a worldwide smash. Released in 1984, this comparatively stripped-down, minimal version of the tune was a hit with DJs in San Francisco and LA and charted in Europe.Eventually, the duo extracted themselves from their contract with Orlando and signed with EMI, for whom they re-recorded the song with Stephen Hague in the role of producer.

This time around, they tracked their synth-pop/hip-hop mashup at London's Advision Studios, making use of the facility's 24-track deck and SSL console while there. Kicking off with the instantly recognizable Oberheim DMX drum machine and layered string samples from both E-mu Emulator I and Emulator II, the meticulously-programmed rhythm parts are driven along by a thick, analogue bass line.The layered bass propels the tune along, from start to finish, the perfect underpinning for the laidback spoken word lyric.This time, the song was a worldwide smash, rising to the top of both US and UK charts.

It's My Life By Talk Talk

10+ Best Synthesizer Songs in History (2022 UPDATED) - Gemtracks Beats (8)

Released in 1984, the title cut from Talk Talk's second LP wasn't a big hit… initially. Though it reached the Top 40 in the US, it stalled at number 46 in the UK.A subsequent re-release fared even worse, barely entering the Top 100. However, after being re-reissued alongside an anthology LP in 1990, it reached number 13, the best the band ever managed at home.Buoyed by the success of their new wave and synthpop records, Talk Talk would eventually shift toward a more experimental, arty sound, exemplified by their critically-lauded and influential fourth LP, Spirit of Eden.It's My Life would once again enter the charts (and win a Grammy) when covered by American group No Doubt, as sung by Gwen Stefani.

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    Which synthesizer keyboard is best? ›

    Which are the most popular Synthesizers?
    • Roland XPS-30 Expandable Synthesizer.
    • Nord Lead 4 Performance Synthesizer.
    • Moog Matriarch 4.
    • Korg Kronos-2 73 Key Workstation Keyboard Synthesizer.
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